GSL’s Hope Betley engaging targets at the first annual Brownell’s Lady 3-Gun match in Georgia last weekend.   Note that GSL logo on her shoulder.  Photo by Becky Yackley.


This was the Brownell’s Lady 3-Gun ProAm Challenge held in Covington, Georgia held last Friday (Halloween) and Saturday.  One hundred sixty-four ladies turned out for the first-ever all-female 3-gun match.  Among the participants was Guns Save Life’s own 14-year-old Hope Betley competing among the ladies.

Three gun is using rifles, pistols and shotguns in a series of “stages” or scenarios, shooting for time and score.  It’s a lot of fun and requires a substantial amount of gun-handling skills to shoot at the level these ladies are competing.

Women from all walks of life were there, ranging from teenage girls to more mature ladies and everything in between.  It wasn’t all just shooting either as there seems to have been a Halloween Party and maybe even a dinner as well in the evenings.

There was over a quarter-million in goodies on the prize table for the winners.

We salute Brownell’s for sponsoring this event for women to explore the fun and excitement of the shooting sports.

For some great photos from the event, visit the following pages:


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  1. Always nice to see young people enjoying their rights and carrying on the sport. Good luck Hope !!!

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