Champaign, IL (Guns Save Life) – Four attacks in forty minutes.

A group of black males attacked five pedestrians in four separate attacks on the University of Illinois campus in Champaign early Saturday morning.

The unprovoked attacks on pedestrians on the University of Illinois campus in Champaign, IL weren’t even mentioned on the local News-Gazette newspaper’s website, but they were mentioned at the Daily Illini, the student newspaper.

Five attacked in four incidents Saturday

(Daily Illini) – Four incidents of mob action, battery and strong armed robbery that occurred in the early morning hours Saturday caused the University Police Department to issue a public safety advisory.

The four incidents occurred between 3:30 a.m. and 4:10 a.m.  The five victims were walking in the campus area and were battered by a group of six to eight men for seemingly no reason, according to the advisory.

In one incident the offenders exited two vehicles, battered the victims and then left in the vehicles. In the other incidents, it appears that the offenders were walking in a group before the attack.

As the Daily Illini article states, the attacks were also enough for the U of I police department to send out a public safety advisory to students and staff.

Here’s the details from the UIPD email:

OCCURRED:   Saturday, October 11, 2014 between 3:30 a.m. and 4:10 a.m.

LOCATION:     600 S. Fifth St., Champaign <map>

200 E. Chalmers St., Champaign <map>

Chalmers and Locust Streets, Champaign <map>

and 100 E. Chalmers St., Champaign <map>


The Champaign Police Department is investigating a string of batteries that occurred at various locations (see above) in the campus area on Saturday, October 11, 2014.

Between 3:30 a.m. and 4:10 a.m. there were four similar incidents where individuals (5 victims) who were walking in the campus area were approached and battered for no apparent reason. Based on the circumstances, it is possible that all victims were battered by the same group of suspects. In one incident, the suspects exited two vehicles, battered the victim and left the area in the vehicles. In the other cases it appears the suspects were walking together in a group just prior to battering the victims. During some of these encounters, the suspects would ask the victim for an item or verbalize general threats just prior to the battery.  One victim had a cell phone taken. None of the victims sustained major injuries, but some did seek medical treatment for cuts and bruises.

Translation:  Polar bear hunting has returned to the University of Illinois campus.

Polar bear hunting was how local black youths described the random, unprovoked attacks on non-blacks in Champaign-Urbana in 2010.  It’s the local version of the nationally-known “Knockout Game” attacks.

Here’s a photo from a surge of attacks in 2010 from the News-Gazette:

Former WCIA and WILL weatherman Mike Sola shows the injuries he received as the latest victim in a string of beatings in Champaign of white men by young black men that has been dubbed ‘polar bear hunting.’ Caption/Photo via News-Gazette. 9/28/2010.

More from the University Public Safety Department advisory email:


In all the cases, the victims described the suspects as a group of black males. The number in the group ranged from 6 to 8. One victim stated the suspects appeared around 25 years old and were dressed in tee shirts and jeans. Another victim stated the suspects exited two vehicles prior to the battery and described the vehicles as a SUV and a passenger car.

Information about the race or ethnicity of alleged offenders is provided only to aid detailed descriptions that include physical stature, clothing or unusual characteristics.  Racial descriptions do not, by themselves, offer a meaningful picture of an individual’s appearance.

We love the political correctness of the University of Illinois officials.  Heaven forbid they simply note race and ethnicity of an attacker and leave it at that.  Racial descriptions are indeed a meaningful detail of a description of any individual.

Let’s hope the University Police spend more time coming up with the offenders and less time offering silly disclaimers about their adding racial descriptors to violent attackers hunting U of I students.

Furthermore, unlike in 2010, Illinois now has concealed carry.

One of these days, a group of polar bear hunters will discover first-hand that polar bears can truly be dangerous game.

As for our Guns Save Life members and friends:  Don’t leave your gun at home!  These attacks simply illustrate that so-called “random” violence isn’t always random, but frequently it is senseless and brutal.

14 thoughts on “POLAR BEAR HUNTING REDUX: Four unprovoked attacks in forty minutes by black males at the University of Illinois”
  1. Yes, but also UIUC campus is the largest concealed-carry free zone in the area. I’m sure those perps know about it all too well. I guess we all have to make choices in this case…

  2. Cambridge, MA is a “hate free zone”. We all know how that worked out a few years back. Denial has no survival value.

    UIUC’s gun free zone is forcing people to go unprotected – and we are seing the logical outcome. There is simply no way for the police to respond fast enough.

    Looks like the basis for a legal challenge (and one or more civil suits).

  3. I painfully aware of how the right likes to frighten their followers. But, IF this is true, and I doubt it’s as simplistic as it states, then it satisfies the elements of a hate crime, and should be investigated and prosecuted as such.

    1. …. meaning that the laws where created by liberals to prosecute whites for crimes that are already covered by other laws. Assault and Battery is Assault and Battery, no matter the color of the individual committing the crime.

    2. “IF this is true, and I doubt it’s as simplistic as it states”

      Chris, are you suggesting that the UIUC Police are distorting or exaggerating what happened?

    3. Hey Chris, how about you go down on campus and do your own investigation, walking around dressed as a white guy, if you are not white or caucasion, the next few Saturday night/Sunday mornings and report back to us at a later date about your experiences. Double dare ya’! Notice the black thugs prey on only one or two prople at a time and they need 6 to 8 thugs because they truely are cowards that gain “courage” in a pack!

  4. The MSM censors news like this. The discerning citizen has to dig deep for the truth. These sites tell the truth on what goes on in the US: topconservativenews, newnation and American renaissance. Everytime you visit these sites, it’s an act of rebellion against America’s corrupt media, academic and political elite. Also, all patriots have to vote against the evil demRATS in November. They make sure “polar bear hunting” continues.

  5. If i were a little younger i might think about taking my dog out for and early morning walk. My dog and a Glock. Lol. I dont look like a college student any longer though. Prof maybe.

  6. My son, who is black, was one of the young men attacked on Saturday morning. He is a junior at U of I and was coming back from a friend’s house when he was punched in the face and lost consciousness for a few minutes. When he regained consciousness he was able to run away without being further harmed. I am both very disturbed by what happened and relieved that it wasn’t more serious. I am trying to follow up on what the University will do to protect students in the future. However, despite the fact that my family has been personally affected by this senseless act, I am very concerned about two things: 1) that the violence will escalate and young men like my son will be killed, if this happens again, because a few think carrying guns will solve the problem; and 2) that young black men, like my son, will continue to be unfairly profiled. My son has been approached by campus police on a few occasions during his over two years at the University and questioned, solely because he is black, about anything and everything. This does not happen to his predominantly white friends. I wish I knew how to resolve these two very troubling problems. While I don’t have the answer to either, I do know that carrying guns is not it.

    1. You are right, your black son will be targeted by white gun toting reactionaries if this black thuggery continues. I would have no problem in shooting and killing any one (including and especially black thugs) should they threaten to harm me or anyone near me. I will be out there on Friday and Saturday in waiting for the moment when I can LEGALLY shoot to kill what the police are politically afraid to do.

    2. Jena:

      Sorry to hear your son was victimized by these monsters.

      As for him being contacted by police, there’s always two sides to every story. Does he dress and act like a clean-cut university student or does he look like he just stepped out of a Source or Hip Hop magazine? Is he respectful or does he have a chip on his shoulder? Does he hang around with the wrong crowd?

      Irrespective if he does any or all of these things, he and other good people have got nothing to worry about from law-abiding gun owners.

      Local hoodlums are a different story.


    3. ….and just what was he doing walking around at 3:00am – 5:00am? Generally someone out at that time of “day” are out for mischief or criminal activity. I know, it is “campus life” staying up all night to sleap all day.

  7. If police won’t protect us from roving gangs of hoodlums, you can expect law abiding citizens to take action.

    Worth a read:


    In the absence of an effective official police response to the exploding levels of violence, suburbanites will first hastily form self-defense forces to guard their neighborhoods—especially ones located near ethnic borders. These ubiquitous neighborhood armed defense teams will often have a deep and talented bench from which to select members, and they will not lack for volunteers.



    When word is received that a flash mob is forming at one of their pre-reconnoitered intersections or highway interchanges, the SAV team will assemble. Sometimes cooperating police will pass tactical intel to their civilian friends on the outside. Some clever individuals will have exploited their technical know-how and military experience to build real-time intel collection tools, such as private UAVs. Police will have access to urban security camera footage showing MUYs moving barricade materials into position—a normal prerequisite to a flash mob riot intended to stop traffic. Tip-offs to the vigilantes will be common, and where the networks are still functioning, citizens may still be able to access some video feeds. Sometimes, police will even join the SAV teams, incognito and off-duty, blurring the teams into so-called “death squads.”

    The operation I will describe (and it’s only one of dozens that will be tried) uses two ordinary pickup trucks and eight fighters. Two riflemen are lying prone in the back of each truck, facing rearward, with removable canvas covers concealing their presence. Their semi-automatic, scoped rifles are supported at their front ends on bipods for very accurate shooting. A row of protective sandbags a foot high is between them and the raised tailgate.

    In the cab are a driver and a spotter in the passenger seat who also serves as the vehicle’s 360-degree security. The two trucks don’t ever appear on the same stretch of road, but coordinate their movements using one-word brevity codes over small FRS walkie-talkie radios. Each truck has a series of predetermined elevated locations where the intersection in question will lie between 200 and 500 yards away. Each truck is totally nondescript and forgettable, the only detail perhaps being the non-MUY ethnicity of the suburbanite driver and spotter driving relatively near to a riot in progress.

    By the time the two SAV pickup trucks arrive at their firing positions on different streets and oriented ninety degrees to one another, the flash mob riot is in full swing. A hundred or more of the rampaging youths are posturing and throwing debris into traffic in order to intimidate some cars into stopping. The riflemen in the backs of the pickups are waiting for this moment and know what to expect, trusting their spotters and drivers to give them a good firing lane. The spotters in each truck issue a code word on their radios when they are in final position. The tailgates are swung down, and the leader among the riflemen initiates the firing. All-around security is provided by the driver and spotter.

    Lying prone and using their bipods for support, the shooters have five to ten degrees of pan or traverse across the entire intersection. Individual rioters are clearly visible in the shooters’ magnified optical scopes. Each of the four snipers has a plan to shoot from the outside of the mob toward the middle, driving participants into a panicked mass. The left-side shooters start on the left side and work to the middle, engaging targets with rapid fire, about one aimed shot per two seconds. Since the two trucks are set at ninety degrees to one another, very complete coverage will be obtained, even among and between the stopped vehicles.

    The result is a turkey shoot. One magazine of thirty aimed shots per rifle is expended in under a minute, a coded cease-fire is called on the walkie-talkies, and the trucks drive away at the speed limit. The canvas covering the truck beds contains the shooters’ spent brass. If the trucks are attacked from medium or close range, the canvas can be thrown back and the two snipers with their semi-automatic rifles or carbines will add their firepower to that of the driver and spotter.

    Back at the intersection, complete panic breaks out among the rioters as a great number of bullets have landed in human flesh. Over a score have been killed outright, and many more scream in pain for medical attention they will not receive in time. The sniper ambush stops the flash mob cold in its tracks as the uninjured flee in terror, leaving their erstwhile comrades back on the ground bleeding. The commuters trapped in their vehicles may have an opportunity to escape.

    The money shot:

    This type of sniper ambush and a hundred variations on the theme will finally accomplish what the police could not: put an end to mobs of violent rioters making the cities through-streets and highways impassible killing zones. Would-be rioters will soon understand it to be suicidal to cluster in easily visible groups and engage in mob violence, as the immediate response could come at any time in the form of aimed fire from hundreds of yards away. Even one rifleman with a scoped semi-auto can break up a medium-sized riot.

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