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St. Louis Mayor Frank Slay has a simple idea to prevent people scumbags like Vonderritt Myers, Jr. from getting shot to death by police:  Pass another law to ban guns in big cities!

From the low-information mayor’s blog:

I especially wanted to ask you to take a message back home to your constituents and to those who represent us in state capitols and in Congress. There are too many guns in our cities. The man who was killed was reportedly carrying a gun that he could not legally be carrying while on bail for a previous felony gun charge. It is as unlikely that he acquired the gun legally, as it is likely that gun was originally acquired legally by someone. Our neighborhoods will not be safe until there is federal – or, failing that, state – action to stop the flow of handguns through our cities. I have repeatedly called for that in St. Louis. Please lend your voice to mine.

Dear Mayor Slay:  Marijuana is not legal in Missouri.

So, we have an 18-year-old gang-banging turd, who was supposed to be at home with an ankle monitoring bracelet, out playing hood rat (illegal while he’s under house arrest), carrying a concealed firearm (illegal without a license) when a cop makes contact with him.  He takes off running (illegal) and eventually pulls out a stolen (illegal) handgun, pointing it at the officer (illegal), then firing it multiple times (illegal) in an attempt to kill (illegal) the pursuing police officer.

Is Mayor Slay really so simple as to believe that one more simple-minded law will put turds like Vonderritt Myers, Jr. on the path to productive lives?




15 thoughts on “SIMPLE MINDS: St. Louis Mayor wants big-city gun bans”
  1. “Is Mayor Slay really so simple as to believe that one more simple-minded law will put turds like Vonderritt Myers, Jr. on the path to productive lives?”

    You betcha! He is stupid incarnate. Liberals keep doing the same failed thing over and over again hoping for different results, but always ending up with the same old failures. They will NEVER learn and, unfortunately, will bring the rest of us down with them.

    1. Lets see how well gun control works, lets go to a large city and lets impose the most stringent gun laws in the nation, Lets call this city CHICAGO

      OK folks, Chicago now has some very very tough gun laws.

      It is a city now without crime, without murder, and is safe for you and your child to walk the streets at night,

      What ?? You don’t beleive me ?? But, but they do have lots of gun laws, very very strict gun laws.

      Oh well, good try huh ??

  2. He’s just playing up to try and get some Bloomberg money for the next election. He doesn’t give a crap about some thug getting ventilated.

  3. I believe you will soon see a major push for gun control by the libs. There are many reasons for this call for gun control including fear of people rising up once people realize that the ebola threat is in multiple states and its far worse than is being reported.

    1. Ding, ding, ding!!!!! We have a winner!!! Remember those FEMA camps, 6 million (or is it billion) rounds of hollow point ammunition for DHS, militarized police, MRAPS, martial law stuff that individuals like Alex Jones talk about?? And everyone thinking he is a crazy, conspiracy theory nut job!!?! I wonder if he is so crazy now! It’s coming folks! You will either be prepared and ready to fight, or you WILL die! It’s that simple!

    2. I have never won anything my whole life but this is one thing that I wish I was wrong about. Ebola is now in 9 states. According to the border patrol HLS is hiding sick illegal Aliens nation wide. Plus if that’s not bad enough we have a financial collapse biting at our rears. Yes we will see a push for gun control. The clowns in power will want to stay in power regardless of the situation

    3. I know the feeling Bill. I wish you were wrong too. Sadly though, it looks like we are on the path to destruction. Good luck and stay strong brother!

  4. I think that Mayor Slat is really that Stupid.
    I can not think of any other reason that would make any sense.

  5. I wonder if he has seen the crime data comming out of California since they crammed through more anti legal gun laws. Crimes have had a substantial jump, inclusing ones using weapons. Keep blaming the NRA for your own failed policies, easier than looking in the mirror.

  6. If they ban guns, they will end up with the exact same result they had in Connecticut. Most will not comply and it will expose them as powerless.

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