Illinois’ anti-gun U.S. Senator Dick Durbin.

Last year, the U.S. Senate held a roll-call vote on a bill to ban *all* semi-auto firearms, and prohibit the transfer of existing guns once they were registered.  Furthermore, upon the death of the owner, the guns would be confiscated by police.

Dick Durbin not only voted for the bill, he was a co-sponsor.

Think about that when you go to the polls in November to cast you vote between Durbin and Oberweis.

10 thoughts on “REMINDER: IL’s US Senator Dick Durbin voted to ban semi-autos, confiscation of existing guns”

    o_O wait….I think I need to rethink that motto….

  2. His open disrepect in senate chambers against the military overseas hot zones gets him “Dirtbag Durbin ” label forever.

    1. Amen! to tha sir, “littleDick” who got this “handle” when he was second to Dick Gebhart(?) when he was Senate pres., is as much a Marxist as 0bama.
      DUMP DURBIN!!!

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