We found this on MSN.

No, they haven’t adopted a freedom and liberty-loving bias of late, but instead are trying to cast gun owners like you and I as redneck hillbillies and domestic “extremists”.



  1. Those willing to defend private property are threatening to leftists because, at bottom, they feel entitled to your property.

  2. I love the sign, my nephew gave me one that reads the same several years ago, I have it hanging on a shed door, have thought of putting a few rounds through it for effect but have yet to do that. I get comments on it once in a while but have yet to actuaally have to shoot anyone, hope I never have to.

  3. “Incidiary”? Is this some type of pun? I don’t get it.

    If no pun, shouldn’t you use correct spellings?

    I am not a big fan of all the willful ignorance in the gun culture.

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