BET (Black Entertainment Television) posted this photo along with a story that began:  “Labor Day weekend ended with a string of shootings on the streets of south and west side Chicago that left eight people dead and 23 wounded, according to Chicago Sun Times.”  Safe city, right?    WRONG!


We at Guns Save Life have long said that Chicago isn’t safe, in large part because of the strict gun control.  It seems as though the rest of America is catching up with our assessment of the city by the lake.

53% of Americans say Chicago isn’t safe, according to a poll commissioned by

Even worse for Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Democrats running things, barely a quarter of those polled considered Chicago “fairly safe”. 

Amazingly enough, they managed to find 6% who viewed Chicago as “very safe”.  They obviously haven’t experienced inner-city culture in Chicago or read the newspaper.

There are always a few fringe kooks out there.  To put that 6% number into perspective, more people believe that the moon landing was faked than believe Chicago is “very safe”.  Also, almost as many people believe that “lizard people” control our society.




5 thoughts on “CHICAGO ISN’T SAFE: Windy City America’s “Most Dangerous””
  1. Mike Madigan’s a lot of things, but I’m not ready to say he’s a lizard.

    Once again, it seems as though Guns Save Life is on the leading edge. Thanks for what you guys and gals do!


  2. Blame the politicians who have pissed away your money and their desire to keep felons OUT of jail!
    They currently believe electronic monitoring of felons will solve the jail problem. It won’t work!

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