Mathew Miller tore up his tourist visa once he made it to North Korea, intent on learning more about North Korea’s prisons. He’s getting his wish. (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E, File)


Sometimes we joke here at Guns Save Life about how you can’t fix stupid.   Especially when it comes to the true fringe-left believers of gun control.

We know that this isn’t completely true, but it takes a great deal of work and re-education to overcome years of brainwashing.

As young, idealistic Mathew Miller is about to find out.

This 24-year-old social justice warrior from California entered North Korea intent on investigating human rights conditions in North Korean prisons.

The North Koreans could have expelled him from their country, but instead decided to keep him around and let him do some research.

A North Korean court today sentenced him to six years of hard labor.

If he makes it out, we predict he’ll have a new appreciation for the freedom and liberty America has for its citizens and not take that for granted any longer.

He might even appreciate the benefits of gun ownership after all of this.

4 thoughts on “YOU *CAN* FIX STUPID: American social justice warrior will be staying in North Korea for a while”
  1. One less Obama voter to worry about, at least for awhile.
    Maybe the head idiot will do everything he can to bring this guy home, after having done nothing to get our Marine out of the Mexican prison.

  2. Some items to consider, he still will be voting by absentee ballot in the four other states he is residing in and he is from “california”. You can change from that brainwashing ?

  3. (Voice from the Simpsons): ha ha.

    Simpsons… something this “warrior” won’t be watching anytime soon!

  4. Guess there was no social justice warrior gigs in california, because everything is dandy there. I hope he rots with no public outcry. He did this ON PURPOSE, not accidentally crossing a border. Eff him..

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