Joline Gutierrez Krueger. And her cat.


In her “Some people are just too dumb to have a gun” screed published in the Albuquerque Journal,  Joline Gutierrez Krueger successfully puts her foot entirely in her mouth portraying gun owners as dim-witted, high-school dropouts who start to have kids in junior high school.

Yeah, you know the type because you are one after all, just like me, right?  We have a few teeth left, smoke cheap cigarettes, drink cheap beer and play the Deliverance tunes on our banjos when we’re not workin’ on the car under the shade tree – or one of the three other vehicles on blocks in front of our broken down trailer.

Our kids are barefoot and running around in diapers and our little girls are often barefoot and pregnant, especially if they can’t outrun their brothers.

You know, Joline Gutierrez Krueger, it’s better to the thought a simple-minded bigot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Here’s some of what this single-mom (who would have guessed?) cat woman wrote, summed up in a couple of sentences:

James Brady died this week, leaving behind an unmatched legacy of sensible gun control… But their efforts, and the efforts of many others, have largely gone nowhere.

If anything, the reverse is true.

Guns don’t kill people – stupid people kill people. But they kill them quickly, efficiently and in greater numbers with guns.


You can’t fix stupid. We know this.

Maybe it’s time to admit that we’re just not sensible enough to figure it out.


You know, honey, we’re intelligent humans and we make and use tools.  Some of us anyway.

While guns can be used as weapons, so too can explosives and airplanes make very effective, and fast, killing mechanisms.


The only thing this insipid woman got right was the fact that you can’t fix stupid.

Some people are just too stupid, or too bigoted, to recognize and accept the proven benefits of firearm ownership.

They’d rather call a good guy with a gun than be a good guy with a gun.

After all, when seconds count, police are just minutes away.


2 thoughts on “SIMPLE: Too dumb to have a gun or too dumb to understand?”
  1. After being shown that she is a member of the “too stupid” club, she must then have her First Amendment rights stripped away as if they aren’t there. Right, cat lady? After all, SCOTUS has admitted that the Second Amendment is no different from the First……

    Boy how her position would change if she had to apply it to First Amendment rights. Of course she would say “that’s different” – to which we counter -no it isn’t different and SCOTUS already disregarded your claim that it is.

    Cruz shut down Feinstein instantly with that approach, literally killed her gun control bill immediately. The question I have is why that approach is not more common? Why okay the derision game when there is much better “ammo”?

  2. I am a Board Certified ER Physician, married man, Mexican-American (not a Red neck as these people speak about, btw sorry if I disrespected my white brothers) law abiding gun owner and take offense to people who speak with their emotions. They have NO clue what can happen when civilians have NO means of protection.

    Few Examples:

    1) Christian Kurds in Iraq

    2) Mexicans in the middle of corrupt police, government, and cartels members.

    3) Venezuela: extreme gun control, full goverment control, high violence.

    4) El Salvador: extreme gun control. Corrupt government, gang members are only armed.

    5) California: where due to prison overcrowding and high paroloee to parole officer ratios, the california public are on their own to defend themselves until police arrive at your home.

    6) I see on a daily basis in the ER department, violent unstable drugged up people that will kill you or harm you in a second for more drug money.

    This is America. Stop comparing this great nation to other Countrys. We are free gor a reason and its called the bill of rights. I respect your right to free speech and to NOT be armed, and I respect your wishes ( yes, I can respect others). But, please stop posting fear tactics to dissuade honest lawbiding civilians who wish to live not to be able to defend themselves or their love ones.


    CA ER Doctor

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