Emily Miller, an editor with the Washington Times and award-winning journalist, tweets a stunning development in D.C. following the appellate court ruling invalidating the District’s ban on carrying firearms outside the home.

If this had happened on an April 1st in the past, we would all agree it was a joke.

It’s amazing how times are change for gun owners.

Looks like I’ll get to visit Washington D.C.’s memorials before I die after all.

6 thoughts on “D.C. STUNNER: Police chief orders officers to allow carry”
  1. John, better visit quick before they promulgate a carry law that will be as harsh as they can get away with, perhaps using Illinois as a model.

  2. Its not as if he had any choice in the matter. The Palmer v. DC ruling specifically enjoins the police from enforcing the unconstitutional total ban on carrying. You may have missed that on the news because NOBODY reported it. Not a peep from the media.

    If there was a total ban on carry outside the home prior to this ruling, how did all the armed bodyguards of the visiting dignitaries, celebrities and wealthy donors get away with it?

    1. Simple question to answer russ. They get away with it because they’re Democrats. Can’t have Obama putting his base in jail.

  3. Outdoor memorials would not be a problem, but any building that you would want to go into (Smithsonian, etc.) you probably would not be allowed to have it, then where are you going to put it?

  4. People exercising their Civil Rights in D.C.
    It is sad when that is actually ‘newsworthy’.
    The ‘Low-Info’ people who rely on their TVs for news will likely never learn of it, though.

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