Some serious pranksters over at “Model Pranksters TV” posted a YouTube video of them scaring unsuspecting pedestrians into condition brown by popping out in a mask, holding a toy that looks like a shotgun.

The scare folks in a number of locations, including one case where a guy and his girl appear to be on a date and he takes off running, but the girlfriend, wearing heels, can’t run.  (Girl, give him his walking papers!)

The “Model Pranksters” people have a good time laughing at other people’s raw fear seeing a crazed lunatic wearing a mask and wielding a shotgun coming after the unsuspecting and unwitting participants.

In the final scene, the person they are “pranking” pulls a pistol.  Suddenly the tables were turned.

Luckily for the masked jokester, the guy with the real gun retreats and then runs away without shooting.

It was only a matter of time before they ran across someone carrying a gun, either legally or not so much.

Darwin must have been busy elsewhere, because if they pulled that stunt with gun aficionados, it probably would have ended very badly for the pretend bad guy.


8 thoughts on “WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Masked prankster with toy gun terrorizes people for laughs”
  1. I can only hope these “people” are reproducing in the DNA gene pool. But, with government’s Obamacare we are safe.

  2. I don’t run as fast as I used to when I was in my twenties. Neither does my wife.

    I would have found the nearest cover and shot him down.

    If cover wasn’t available, I would probably have just drawn and fired.

    Repeatedly. Bang bang bang.


  3. Brandishing is a crime – even if it is a toy gun. Why aren’t these twits in jail?

  4. These pranksters are brainless jelly heads. Eventually they will no longer be able to laugh.

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