So, we’re treated to more blood-dancing from gun control advocates following a real-life Hollywood Psycho incident late last week in California, where a notable director’s son escaped California’s aggressive laws which order the committal of lunatics (or insane, mentally unstable, or mentally ill or however the mental health profession labels the whack jobs today) and went on a murder rampage, killing six and injuring many more.

The talking points of the leftist, gun grabbers?

  • The “gunman” killed 7 people.  Reality – he killed six and then offed himself.  Him dying was a good thing, not a bad thing.
  • He killed sorority girls.  Reality – he killed four guys – three were his room-mates – and two women.
  • He shot everyone.  He stabbed half of his victims to death.
  • He needed psychiatric care.  What he needed was run through a wood chipper, but in any event, he was a patient of some of the best mental health professionals in all of California, thanks to dad’s connections and money.  He was brought in for commitment three times and released.
  • There were no warning signs.  Warning signs were everywhere.  Mom and dad even summoned the police to come to the house – but they didn’t think to secure his guns.

Oh yeah, he hated women.  He was on a jihad, especially against attractive women.

He was the pampered son of a wealthy Hollywood director, given everything his entire life.  He drove a nice BMW – and not the entry-level 3-series, either.  He wore the finest clothes and was a product of the very best of “everyone’s a winner” California educational system.  He was a narcissist of the highest order.

But in the end, he was really just a bitter loser who could never and would never amount to a hill of beans.

He wanted to be the Earth’s “Divine ruler”, whereupon he would intern women in concentration camps and starve them to death.  He thought “the ultimate evil behind sexuality is the human female” and women “think like beasts” and “should not have the right to choose who to mate and breed with.”

“I deserve girls much more than all those slobs,” and that after his rampage “you will finally see that I am, in truth, the superior one, the true alpha male.”

The true alpha male?  Okay now, beta boy.

Instead of asking girls out on a date, he spent his days playing violent video games.

His parents thought he might be a little too crazy, bordering on dangerous, and sought to have him evaluated for psychiatric commitment.  Three times, in fact.  The mental health “professionals” took a pass on committing the little scumbag each time.

Yes, California has some of the nation’s toughest gun laws – with background checks and long waiting periods, and a host of other arbitrary restrictions.  Our misogynistic loser bought some guns with daddy’s bottomless credit card.  He passed background checks each time.

He plotted and planned.  He wrote a manifesto (no, we’re not linking to it to give him any more notoriety) and published a YouTube video with his rants and his intentions weeks before he implemented his plan.  And nobody called the police.

And so, last week, he stabbed and slashed his three room-mates to death to start his rampage.

He then headed to the University of Santa Barbara – a gun-free zone – and attacked girls at the “hottest” sorority, and shot and killed a couple of women and wounded others.  He shot and killed a couple more before driving around trying to run people over with his car.

Finally, as almost always happens in these incidents, he offed himself as the good guys with guns were closing in.  Thank goodness we, as a nation, don’t have to pay to incarcerate this human turd for the rest of his pathetic life.

Frankly, if more folks had concealed carry licenses – especially women – this coward would have contemplated this for about two seconds being deterred by the possibility of a good guy or gal shooting him down.

Instead, the gun control proponents keep up the mantra – in 1984-style Newspeak – that more victim disarmament is the path to salvation, when in reality it’s only the path to tyranny.

In reality, more people – especially women – should acquire their carry licenses for the next hate-filled, bitter loser that decides he wants to try for the next high score in a macabre murder rampage.

You don’t have to be a helpless victim.

Empower yourself.
Become a gun owner.
Get training.  Get licensed to carry.





3 thoughts on “HOLLYWOOD’S DEADLY PSYCHO: Cowardly loser’s jihad against women turns deadly”
  1. I am sure the campus was a gun free zone. Wasn’t the gun free zone supposed to prevent this sort of tragedy? When will progressives learn the simple logic that gun free zones are killing zones and that designating an area as gun free is simply inviting this type of episode?

  2. Lt. Colonel Grossman is right. We have raised up a generation on violent video games, Tv and movies. Hollywood and video game makers make money off the violent content, but face no consequences for the damage they have caused. The very same people who profited from the destruction and corruption of this generation are out there screaming the loudest about gun violence – deflecting attention from their own responsibility and guilt.

  3. Bottom line…. there is no way to stop human waste piles like this pathetic loser from making their failures in life everyone’s problem, we can’t stop them but we can defend against them by staying aware and armed. this a**hole may have been stopped if not for Commiefornia’s victim disarmament laws.

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