Thanks to the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Hawaii is now shall-issue.

The Ninth Circuit has ruled:

In light of our holding in Peruta, the district court made an error of law when it concluded that the Hawaii statues did not implicate protected Second Amendment activity. Accordingly, we vacate the district court’s decision denying Baker’s motion for a preliminary injunction and remand for further proceedings consistent with Peruta.

Let’s see how long it will be before licenses are issued.

I’m predicting a lot of games just as in California, with application “appointments” scheduled for 2015 and 2016.

It’s incredible news.

For Shannon Watts and her Moms Demanding Sex legion?

Not so much.


6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Hawaii now shall-issue”
  1. Now that the last holdout has gone down anmd concealed carry is law in all the 50 states, it is time to push for national resiprosity so all states honor CCW licenses as they do driving licenses from other states.

  2. Is the wrong way to be heading. It is not progress, it is going backward and it is not helping it is indeed harming. This is not to be celebrated. It is to be shunned.

    Unless if course you advocate government control over inalienable, enumerated, fundamental, individual RIGHTS, that is. THEN it is something to cheer.

    Choices have consequences. Permit appointments ya say? Uh huh. That’s a product of a permit PROCESS. Decrying that which you support is ummmm…

    Hypocrisy much?

    1. Baby steps, man, baby steps. It took us 245 years to get to this point. Give it a chance to work. And as all shall-carry states illustrate that crime DROPS, even the brain dead liberals may come around to our way.

      It took how long to recognize that slaves were people too?

      I mean, it’s not like it happened overnight!

      We’ll erode the libs antigun legislation just like they’ve eroded God, morality, decency, economic independence and lastly but not leastly, American GREATNESS!

      As O’BLowme picks who’s going to win basketball games here in the U.S. in March, Vlad Putin takes over the old Soviet Republics – Republics which the U.S. swore to defend the sovereignty of. Remember the breakup of the soviet union? They had military bases, nukes, etc. in Ukraine. We signed a treaty to protect them in exchange for their disarming. Our international reputation is in the toilet. As well it should be.

      It’s almost over. STock up on the ammo, boys.

    2. In most “shall issue” jurisdictions, the process doesn’t burden the right to carry to an unacceptable level.

      Unless you are a purist.

      But I’ve been carrying for 32 years on permits, and it hasn’t cramped my style any.

    3. When you sign up for bible carry permits or BETTER YET how about you post your position on the current event known as the senate having the votes to decide “who” is an “actual journalist” allocated 1st amendment protections of press freedom. You gonna advocate that permission slip too? Well jeez I guess you would HAVE to you know cuz it wouldn’t cramp your style or anything.

    4. No, he’s right. A permit to carry means that you’ve been given government permission. If you carried without that permission you’d go to jail. If I can go to jail for doing it without government papers saying it’s ok, then by definition, that means it’s being treated like a privilege, not a right.

      Whether or not you find it difficult to get that permission is irrelevant. There is still a difference between a privilege, even a shall-issue one that’s easy to get permission for, and a right. If it’s a right, then I can do it without the government’s permission and paperwork proving I have it.

      However, the “tiny-steps” argument is somewhat valid. Years ago there was only 1 constitutional carry state, and almost all states were no-carry or may-issue. Now 5 states (10% of them) are constitutional carry, zero states are no-carry, and only a few are may-issue. Incremental changes might win where big ones wouldn’t.

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