Mom finds a strange man in her home in the middle of the night.

She thinks he’s a burglar until the 15-year-old daughter says it’s her “boyfriend” that she met via social media.

Mom calls the police and holds the 23-year-old so-called “boyfriend” for police – at gunpoint until five-oh arrived.   Police then promptly arrest him for their equivalent of statutory rape.

Deputies: Fort Mill mom held man at gunpoint after he had sex with her teen daughter

FORT MILL, SC (WBTV) – A Fort Mill mom wants to send a message to parents after she caught her 15-year-old daughter having sex with a man who she met on a popular social media site.

The man claimed to be a teenager.

The mother held him at gunpoint until Sheriff’s Deputies arrived.

To protect the identity of the daughter, the mother’s name won’t be mentioned in this article.

The Fort Mill mother describes the emotional and terrifying moments after she saw a strange man in her home early Sunday morning.

“If he tried to escape, I would have shot him,” she said.

Around 3:30 Sunday morning, she noticed an unfamiliar car in her driveway off of Munn Road.

She says she sent her oldest daughter to check the home and when she did, she found Addison Pittman in one of her bathrooms.

If you find this guy in bed with your 15-year-old daughter, do the world a favor and bring something bigger than a BB gun.


3 thoughts on “Mom holds statutory rapist for police with her gun”
  1. Wow, a BB gun? I guess you gotta use what you got. Still, takes guts to confront an intruder with a BB gun!

  2. Well, we don’t need the AP to tell us his complexion tone, do we!? We have the picture which ‘splains all. And, oh, by the way, mom, slap the beejeezus out of your idiot daughter, who thinks this is cool!

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