G2 Research's new "Radically Invasive Projectile".

What a farce.

In short:  When you can duplicate the G2 RIP's performance with a half-assed .22 long rifle round meant for prairie dogs and squirrels, you're going to be in for a world of hurt if you think this projectile is going to save the day for you in a self-defense shooting.

If you're going to shoot small watermelons and water balloons, then great.  Have at it.

If you're going to shoot bad men with evil in their hearts and weapons in their hands, that's another story entirely.

Shooting the Bull 41o has gotten his hands on this stuff and tested it in ballistic gelatin.  Here are his findings.  They are golden:

And now we’ve conducted the world’s first independent review of the ammo’s actual performance. That means that you, dear reader, are about to find out what really happens when you fire G2 R.I.P. ammo in the real world in controlled testing scenarios.

We conducted testing in two phases – basic gel testing and more advanced testing for claims on barrier penetration, and against conventional rounds. The results are still being compiled on the rest of the tests, but we can reveal the results from the first phase of testing.

I could say a lot about this – such as that it’s irresponsible, or even offensive to the very essence of self defense (which is about stopping an attack, not about killing the attacker)…

Second, it’s a scary looking round. … It’s performance that matters.

Third, it’s expen$ive. It will run you $50 for 20 rounds — that’s $2.50 per bullet…

Fourth, you have to wonder if it will it feed.

For those who’d rather read than watch, here’s the gist: G2′s R.I.P. a bit of a mixed bag. In terms of velocity, I was surprised to see that R.I.P. actually exceeded the manufacturer’s rating. They list it at 1265 feet per second, but the observed performance from the GLOCK 19 was a little higher at 1313 fps. So that’s a good sign.

Next, I had an issue with feeding. I fired five rounds in this initial test and one of them refused to feed from the magazine. Sorry for the fuzzy picture, but you get the idea. The slide locked back, and the round hadn’t left the mag.  That’s really not something you want to have happen with your self defense ammo….

G2 claimed a 6” spread for the trocars, but in my test the spread was 4.5” wide x 3.5” tall, so – it missed that one by a mile.  As for penetration, on the back of the box they claim 15” to 17”.  It didn’t reach that level, in my test the base penetrated to 12.75” and came to a stop.


One thought on “G2 Research’s RIP 9mm: All the performance of a .22 long rifle”
  1. I agree the FTF is a great concern considering this is suppose to be a self defense round. I am not to concerned of the penetration of only 12.75″ in gelatin. I would like to see the damage to a more realistic target like a pig carcass. You don’t want over penetration for a self defense round anyway and persons heart is less than 6″ from the chest wall. I would like to see the damage of a double tap (if it feeds).

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