Harvey Weinstein at some Hollywood fete. Weinstein is far outside mainstream America in the make-believe world of Hollywood.  He doesn’t associate with real Americans (see above), so it’s not surprising his beliefs would be so far out-of-touch with America.

A fabulous commentary piece by Jonathon Tobin at Commentary Magazine entitled Guns, Hollywood Hypocrisy, and the NRA.

Here’s the money quote:

As we have seen in the last year, grass roots support for the rights of gun owners has repeatedly trumped big-money campaigns funded by people such as former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and others who agree with Weinstein. As long as the political left and its Hollywood ATM machines keep showing their contempt for the Constitution, the NRA has little to fear from Harvey Weinstein or Meryl Streep.

Tobin’s piece is spot on.  GunNews just went to press or I would have used it in this issue.

I’m predicting Rush Limbaugh mentions this piece in his show today.

3 thoughts on “NRA has little to fear from an out-of-touch Harvey Weinstein”
  1. Like most Gun Control freaks who are out of work! they have to drum up business so they can make money just like the Snake oil Salesman!
    If you hate our Constitution son much because of its freedoms go too Syria and convert them to Anti-gun

  2. He has one thing in his favor, Hollywood-type productions do not have to stick to facts. He is free to fantasize all he wants knowing there will be a large segment of movie goers that will accept his message as gospel. Anti groups will jump on board as if he were the truth guru.
    Reminds me of “the emperor has a new suit”.

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