So, I’m reading through my personal email today and came across this gem from a special fan of Guns Save Life:


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Let me first say I find you both to be a discrace to Americans everywhere. You take a sacred day where 20 first grade children and 6 proud educators lost there lives to gun violence, ill say it again, lost there lives to gun violence, and try to turn it around and celebrate weapons and put a message out that fire arms save lives. How many lives were saved on December 14th 2012 in Sandy Hook? What right do you have to celebrate? On 9/11 anniversarys do we as Americans celebrate “Military action saves lives day”? No, and simply because it would be nothing but disrespectful to the families of nearly 3,000 Americans who lost brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandmothers, grandfathers, friends, as well as a utterly preposterous idea. You should be ashamed of yourselves. As a young man after 9/11(I was 17 at the time) I joined the United States Marine Corps to help provide the blanket of freedom that you men and your families sleep under on a nightly basis. I carried the assault weapon that has been used in so many tragedys that have taken innocent lives in this country. It is a weapon system that has no place in the hands of civilians or in a civilized society. An assault weapon is exactly that, a weapon designed to assault, not protect, not to hunt, designed to take lives, which those of us in the military and law enforcement have to do from time to time to protect the innocent, to provide the blanket. It has no practical civilian use and I would challenge anyone to tell me different. Fire arms shouldnt be seen as something “cool” to have. I respect the right for gun ownership, this is America after all, but where do we draw the line in the sand. Did our founding fathers have any idea of the weapons systems we would have now a days? I can’t believe they did. What do you think they would say to a “Guns Save Lives Day”? I think they would be ashamed of us all. Especially trying to celbrate such a message on a day when “Guns Took Lives”. Childrens lives, children gentlemen. And educators, the sacred profession of those who help to mold and teach our children. They didn’t get to decide there own lives. The rehtoric will be that it was a maniac who took there lives. A maniac with a weapon that no civilian should have access to. Wouldn’t you agree? I’ve never written something like this, I guess this is the straw that broke the camels back for me. Celebrating on a day when 26 innocent Americans lost there lives to gun violence. It’s just flat out not right. How do you explain yourself to those children and educators families? You can’t. And you won’t. Which is cowardly. I hope you and your families are never visited by the gun violence that so many in this country have been visited by. I wonder if you men have ever been in a fire fight or shoot out, could you do what you think you would do? It’s not an easily answered question. I’ve seen many freeze up when it came down to it, takeing a life, any life, regardless of if their a maniac domestic terrorist or an enemy combatant is a fragile thing. It’s not something to celebrate, it is a life altering thing that will stick with you for your entire life. You will never forget it. Regardless of the evil intent that someone has, when you take a life, you take someones son, someones daughter, mother, father etc etc. There will be an empty place in someone’s life forever, and if you take a life, regardless of circumstance, there will be an empty place inside you forever. I read a quote from your ally Alan Gottlieb today “We dont want pro-gun control groups to own that day, we are going to be there first.” December 14th is not a day to be owned sirs. Not for your message, not for pro gun control messages, not for any messages. It is a day that we should all
remember in solemn. Wouldn’t you agree? Own the day, where do you get off? It is quite sickening. I liken it to the Westboro Baptist Church, who protest at my brothers and sisters in arms funerals. How do you feel about that? I respect your right you have your day, but pick another one. Its really as simple as that. It’s not a cop out, it’s the respectful right thing to do. You don’t protest against airline security on 9/11 right? Your better then this I hope, and I beleive if you truly cared about your message you’d see that it would be taken much better if not celebrated on a day when the gun took lives. Good day to you sirs.

Orin Madden

CPL/USMC 2002-2006,

2008-2009 American Citizen

Bless his little heart.

30 thoughts on “A nasty email from a special fan of Guns Save Life”
  1. I was drafted in 1967, I, also served my Country. Guns do
    save life. An AR-15 is not the weapon I was issued.
    I used to respect the USMC, I still do, just not this guy

  2. John, you didn’t waste mroe than a minute reading all that insane rambling, did you? I shore didn’t~!

    1. I confess. I didn’t read the whole thing.

      It took longer to find a suitable picture than it took to post this.

      This guy is clearly beyond logic and reason.


    2. Hmm, not very intelligent responses. Not that I expected much. And don’t lie to yourself about not reading it. Thats just weak of you. You couldn’t even answer the questions John. Or write me back personally. Obviously because you have no rebuttal. Your entitled to your opinion and I respect that. But John you cant make me famous by posting my email on your website that all of a dozen people see. Good day to you.

    3. So Orin, can you tell me unit you were in that issued you AR-15’s instead of M-16’s/M-4’s?

    4. Mr. Madden,
      If true – thank you for your service to the Country, Sir! You are entitled to you opinion. However, I stopped reading your words when you mention the “assault rifle” you say you carried. A real Marine would be very aware that an “Assault Rifle” (a name in the media’s mind only) is a select fire combat weapon, capable of fully automatic fire (one trigger pull = many shots fired), and also semi-automatic fire (one trigger pull – one shot fired) and its possession is restricted by Federal law and some State’s laws. The weapon system you say should not be in the hand of civilians, is not in their hands at all! The AR platform “civilians” use is capable of semiautomatic fire only. This AR platform, are in common use around the country by target shooters, sportsmen, and as a home defense weapon of choice for some. A real Marine would know this.
      You may be a troll!
      Too bad.


    5. Sir, look at my last post. You are attack GSL.COM. It was GSL.NET who was “apparently” taking the action you are so hostile about. I as a Retired US Army NCO would ask that before you attack someone or some group, Get it straight. When you desire to attack a group then make sure you go after the correct one. I’m certain you will be sending the group GSL.COM an APOLOGY.

  3. I hear that the “supreme court” ruled that the police was not there to PROTECT you. They are there for crime data collection. The purple kool aid of the perfect world of LIBERAL CONTROL never gives it take away. Enough proven facts from numerous unbiased sources proved the “GUN FREE ZONE” is just big words for unguarded SHEEP PEN. Responsible people take responsibility for themselves, their family, their community and don’t surrender that responsiblity to political party comrade hacks to keeps them “SAFE” The school system agenda based on mind control of fear and shock towards guns/adversarity in their life is progamimg the next generation of sheeple.

  4. Just getting through all of the awful grammar was a challenge, let alone the nonsense it contains. The short bus is a very appropriate picture.
    If an “assault weapon” is designed to assault, not protect, then just what is it called when our military use it to kill the scumbags that are trying to kill them? Aren’t they using it to protect themselves, as well as all of us?
    Orin needs to go back to his Obama altar and light a few more candles.

  5. I forgot, just what is meant by “American Citizen 2008-2009?” Is he telling us that he was not one before that, or since?

  6. Orin:

    You didn’t merit the time for reading that wall of semi-literate text, much less a carefully and thoughtfully crafted reply.

    Obviously, R. Lee Ermey wasn’t your drill sergeant, because I’m sure he would have stomped you into a mud puddle with your bigoted thinking.


  7. John,
    Just what is a “guns save life day”?, as a GSL member for close to 10 years, I have never heard of any “day” designated as a “GSL day”, let alone 12-14-2012. I have always heard the denigration of those who would take innocent life by whatever means (gun, knife, baseball bat) and the inspiration to those of us frail, handicapped, or aged who would be at the mercy of typical thuggs, to take up arms and training to save our own lives or those around us susseptible to thuggish behaviour, from those that would be so inclined criminally.

    Your grammar and ideas are far from “educated”. Please, for your own sake, take a couple high school grammar and composition classes, and take some American History classes from somewhere that is NOT politikly “correct”, I would suggest going to an “Appleseed” shoot to learn marksmanship and Revolutionary history in a FUN way.

    Long live the Second Amendment to the US Constitution and may God Bless America, again!

    Dave M.

  8. I think Orin is a liar, who was an American citizen from 2008 thru 2009, and since then has been a citizen of Pluto, and I not talking Mickey’s dog.

  9. First, as those above have stated, your email was very hard to read, the grammar was horrific and the message a bit disjointed. Yes, I read it all, some parts twice trying to follow your logic. My response is this.
    1. Do your homework. Guns Save Life has never had such a day. If another group is promoting this, then maybe your diatribe should be directed at them.
    2. We have many members who themselves are Veterans. Some as far back as WWII. They believe in still fighting for what they fought for some 70+ years ago.
    3. Trust me when I say we have more than 12 readers of our web site. It’s closer to 12000 a day.
    4. While you are completely entitled to your opinion and even given that right by the US Constitution, I am also entitled to own, use, and train others in the practices of safe gun ownership.

    I am not going to berate you and call you names, I just don’t have that kind of time. What I would suggest is that you place the blame where it is deserved. No good guy owners caused or even in any way wanted Sandy Hook to happen. It’s an utter travesty. However, had there (not their) been one good guy with a gun in that school, maybe 26 lives would not have been lost. We all know even 1 life is too many but as studies and history have shown, when faced with resistance, these maniacs will take their (yes the correct usage) own life before facing a competent threat.

    So Orin, please next time do your homework, proof read your work, and educate your self about a group or organization before you decide to publicly chastise them.

  10. Uh did anyone stop to think this guy had it all wrong. We are, He was attacking the other organization gee whiz. I saw the article on line thinking at first we as were being attacked but they were in fact going after

    1. Steve,

      Actually, I think we (I) own Why it’s not heading to I need to check.


  11. C’mon Orin!

    Is that the best you got?

    If so, you climb this little blog like old people fornicate.

    Oh, on second thought, just get off our blog, scumbag.

  12. Orin, I hope you go to Chicago or Washington DC and spend as much time as you can in Gun Free zones. Comprehensive gun control and gun free zones are really working out well in reducing homicides by both crazy people and thugs. Go for it and maybe you will get the security you deserve.

  13. CPL/USMC 2002-2006,

    2008-2009 American Citizen

    … what was he in 2007?

    (Never trust a man that can’t manage paragraphs.

    On the plus side, at least he’s not an ellipsis abuser.)

  14. That’s the level of logic, reason, syntax and grammar that I expect from the anti-self-defense left.

  15. Orin , How your brain has received this much damage I do not know. But as a corpsman who has served with 2nd Marine div. I find that you have some how been misguided to come to your conclusions. Did you forget your oath to uphold and defend the constitution ? The second amendment is very clear on our rights as law abiding citizens. Your fellow marines would be ashamed of you for not understanding the differences between the two weapons systems you are discussing. No one is doing what you are accusing them of in your message. Loss of life and taking a life is a terrible thing. But my dear boy you cannot seriously feel that the rights of law abiding citizens should be infringed upon. Please seek the council of your brother and sister veterans because something is bothering you and you need help. Sincerley

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