Poor Garry McCarthy.

He’s nicknamed “Streetlight Assassin” by some of us for his inglorious reputation as the guy who shot out street lights in Jersey outside a neighborhood bar with his State Cop brother while drunk one evening many years ago (while shouting racial epithets at nearby neighbors coming out of their homes to see what was going on).

Is this Kyla McCarthy the same Kyla McCarthy who calls her daddy when she gets ticketed?
Photo by TalentJug.com.

That was before he was arrested trying to throw his weight around after his daughter called him because she didn’t want to take a citation like a good girl, but instead played the “do you know who I am?” card rather poorly.

She does make a cute model though  (see photo).

Anyway, the gun must have made him shoot out those street lights that one night, just like it was the fault of the gun allegedly used by gang members to shoot up that public park last week, wounding about a dozen people including critically wounding a three-year-old.

“A military-grade weapon on the streets of Chicago is simply unacceptable,” the hard-drinking, skirt-chasing Police Chief said at a presser Friday, before cracking open his first cold one of the evening.  “This kind of shocks the consciousness just like the other high-profile incidents that happen across this country.”

Hey, jackwagon:  What shocks the consciousness is the insane levels of violence in your fair city, sir.  It’s not the gun…  military-grade or not.  It’s the lack of effective guns – military or otherwise – in the hands of good, law-abiding residents.  Guns in the hands of good people are the only thing that stops evil people intent on hurting innocents.

And there were almost two dozen people shot (and three killed) Wednesday evening/Thursday, less than 24 hours after Chicago being named the nation’s new murder capital in 2012.

7 thoughts on “Garry needs a drink: Chicago Police Chief blames a gun, not gang violence”
  1. Maybe could have used that $ 1 million dollars given to street thug negoiators for more active police intervention vs crime data collection after the act.

  2. This got me thinking witch is usually ok lol. If the rocket scientist McCarthy knows what type of gun it was then he must know the bad guy. Since it is the gang bangers and not the guns doing the killing (as all intelligent people know) then maybe Chicago should take a different approach to the problem. They should have a GANG BANGER TURN IN. Turn In your unwanted or in most cases wanted gang banger and get a new pair of running shoes or a bullet proof back pack. No questions asked. Should work better than a gun buyback.

  3. Why does this keep happening? The technology of these guns is well over a century old, its nothing new. This sort of crap did not happen years ago. Why does it happen in the SAME places over and over? BECAUSE THE PEOPLE THERE TOLERATE IT!
    These guns don’t shoot up basketball courts in McHenry, or Naperville, or even Peotone. The gun is not responsible, the jackass who has watched ‘Scarface’ a hundred times IS!!
    Cook County does not want to punish or lock up any of these punks because they have already squandered the tax money….they cant afford to lock up all that need it… their daddies can’t be found, and their mommas REFUSE to believe what criminals they are. Moms, girlfriends and others who allow these $hitheads to live with them and commit these acts are nearly as much to blame as the shooters. Someone else knew these idiots had this gun. NOBODY tried to stop them? Spoke up? Its a simple fact that the number one killer of young black males is OTHER black males!!

    And for that discussion on race that Eric Holder wants us to have… bring it on. As a white guy who deals with people of every color on a daily basis in a very large city, I see it all. Racism is not the problem, education is not the problem, jobs are not the problem. Mexicans, asians, Ghanians, every other group comes here to work and seems to find jobs and success… The black culture of willful ignorance, violence, misogyny, and tolerance of drugs, violence, and illegitimacy are. Until this black culture decides to no longer tolerate this, nothing will change….

  4. I no longer feel sorry for the people of Chicago after these horrible shooting events.
    Chicago refuses to accept responsiblity for the problems of violence that they created.
    After every shooting Chicago wants to blame others for their problems by supporting or passing laws that effect people that werent even there.

    Prior to the passage of the FOID card Chicago had 200 gun shops in the city and except for certain periods like the 1930’s beer wars crime was low.
    Some may listen but not Chicago!

  5. I found it intersting that our state leader pat quinn stated on tv news at 5 pm that it was time for the army to move into chicago to retake the streets and neighborhhoods and of course downtown too to establish peace and safety given the chicago police department etc. are unable to control the gangs who shoot anybody and anything for any reason….sadly the chicago street- drug gangs are in champaign- urbana too.

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