First it was 20 people.  Now it’s over 100.  And counting!

Cook County has dismissed gun possession charges against 103 individuals and counting, thanks to the 9-0 Aguilar decision last week were the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that Illinoisans have a right to bear arms outside the four corners of their homes.

These releases in Chicago include a man with a FOID card and a South Dakota carry permit who spent 14 months in jail because he wouldn’t take a plea deal for a felony.

Hope you enjoyed your stay in Chicago, sir.



CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) – Prosecutors say they’ve dismissed all charges against at least 103 defendants arrested for illegal gun possession in Chicago.

The State Supreme Court recently ruled that part of local gun laws to be unconstitutional. Still, a spokeswoman for State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez said that anyone found carrying a firearm could still be charged with a crime.

Since FOX 32 News first reported last Thursday on the Illinois Supreme Court ruling, we’ve been pressing Alvarez and Chicago Police to explain their policy. On Wednesday night, a spokesperson said, “It would not be prudent for citizens to carry loaded firearms in public, whether they possess a valid Firearm Owners ID card or not. As for whether these cases would result in criminal charges…I would only say that we would evaluate any individual incident on a case-by-case basis.”

One of those watching closely is Edward Hambrick.

“Just being in my own bed, in my own family home, the house I grew up in, it feels great!” Hambrick said after being freed from Cook County Jail.

Edward Hambrick also enjoyed choosing his own clothing Wednesday, something he could not do in 14 months at the Cook County Jail. He was locked up longer than some convicted of violent crimes, though authorities said the 40-year-old computer programmer’s record is completely clean. He was among four defendants freed from the jail overnight.

State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez dropped gun possession charges against 103 defendants Tuesday. The Illinois Supreme Court last week ruled the gun possession charges they all faced were based on a law that is unconstitutional.

“Everything is pretty much destroyed,” Hambrick said of being locked up. “But that’s — I can rebuild the financial stuff and make arrangements to make payments on my debt. But one thing I can’t recover is the time I spent in jail.”


Also, over at Capital Fax, Todd Vandermyde posted:

the number we are hearing is closer to 2000 cases. SAs across the state are bracing for a slew of motions to vacate and to nullify plea deals.

The story on Fox last night was illuminating. And at the same time, you have a charge against a man in Lake county.

its going to get interesting.


And one of the many gun haters there posted:

– Lobo Y Olla – Tuesday, Sep 17, 13 @ 12:45 pm:

“the number we are hearing is closer to 2000 cases.”

If Cook dismisses more than 100 cases, I’ll donate $100 to Rich’s favorite charity.

Your number is ridiculous.


No word from Rich Miller on seeing a copy of a receipt for a donation to Lutheran Social Services of Illinois.

Of note, Ron Oglesby donated $100 to the same charity to get Miller to call out Mr. Lobo y Olla on his boast.

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