Starbucks folds to the antis.

Even after the “buycott” gun owners helped to buoy the store not so long ago, completely blowing up in the face of antis who thought they were going to punish the company for not prohibiting lawful carry of firearms by customers.

I think I’ve had my last cup of Starbucks product.


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No, it’s not a hard ban on guns.

However, when they write “Everyone is welcome in our stores, but weapons are not”, that tells me everything I need to know about how welcome I am.

17 thoughts on “STARBUCKS FOLDS: Starbucks bans guns in stores, effective immediately.”
  1. I think their coffee tastes like mud. And getting a plain ice tea there takes a whole conversation. I’m off to McDonald’s for my ice tea.

  2. That place is now a hunting preserve since its’ a “gun free zone”. Another example waiting to happen. But elites don’t hunt each other do they ?

  3. Let’s not get too worked up about this, he is not banning guns in his store. He has told his employees to serve somebody open carrying just like any other customer. He doesn’t want to be in the middle of the gun debate, and quite frankly I can’t blame him.

  4. We’ve asked companies not to get in the middle of political debates, that is all he is doing.
    It was never a good idea to have the Starbucks appreciation days carrying long guns in the stores.
    Any sensible CEO would probably have the same reaction if their company was suddenly thrust into the middle of a firestorm debate.
    Guys, he is not posting no weapons concealed or otherwise.

    1. Nuts!!!. Since when is a long gun concealed carry. God forbid the next headline:” bad guy enters Starbucks with long gun. No good guys with open carry or conceal carry to protect and defend other customers before cops show up to clean scene up.”

  5. Dixie Chicks is a good example of an entertainer or business taking sides. They paid a price for getting involved. Howard doesn’t want to be involved..good for business. I will still visit carrying concealed like I always do. Like I said, he is not posting.
    If they post like Buffalo Wild Wings, then we have a problem.

  6. Highly recommended, Hills Bros. coffee from Rural King. Cheap, but excellent coffee, from a vendor that supports the gun community. Support those that support you.

  7. Too expensive for my taste and McDonalds is better. But if I want good coffee I brew a cup at home on my Keurig. Everything at Starbucks is overpriced anyway.

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