If you had a son, would he look like Shaaliver Douse, Mr. President?

by Bob Owens

Shaaliver Douse was a predator and died as one, bleeding out from a well-earned bullet to the jaw that ripped open his jugular. Douse was shot by a cop as Douse was attempting to murder a man for the second time this year.

Shaaliver Douse’s gun, decorated with his own bodily fluids.

This is the gun that he used in his second—and final—attempted murder.

While a NYPD officer’s bullet to the head was the direct cause of his death, the indirect cause of his death was just as important. Just 14 years old, Shaaliver Douse, was an alleged gang-banger out at 3:00 AM attempting to murder a member of a rival gang when he ran into a pair of NYPD officers and fired his gun again, for the final time.

I’m waiting for Barack Obama to tell us whether it was Shaaliver Douse or the other thug he was chasing that looked more like his son. The fact remains that both young criminals are a result of the culture excused and encouraged by the sort of social destruction created by 50 years of the progressive “Great Society.”

Douse’s family, of course, denies any sort of responsibility for his actions:

Despite this show of evidence, his family has denied that the 14-year-old boy was involved in gangs and said the NYPD is trying to whitewash the killing.
‘They’re making it all up. There was no gun. It’s all a cover-up. It’s what the police do. They kill us and cover it up,’ the boy’s aunt Quwana Barcene told the Post.

‘It’s not fair. It was my sister’s only child. You shouldn’t have to bury your child. My beautiful nephew got shot in the head. A mother of one now has to bury her only child.’

Aunt Quwana is full of crap, but what do you expect from a 35-year-old who is herself a drain on society, including her assured voting for Democrats, if she votes at all.

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3 thoughts on “OWENS: If you had a son, would he look like Shaaliver Douse, Mr. President?”
  1. There are millions of punks like this guy. Who can be blamed for this turd turning out like he did? It was a mathematical certainty, but the family wants to place blame elsewhere? Where were you when he was skipping school? Stealing? Shooting people? Sadly the best thing for the rest of us was he met his destiny early, rather than victimizing other black people for decades.

  2. 14 years old….3 am??? Explain what a “good boy” was doing out on the streets at 3am.

  3. and how much is the “wrongful death” law suit going to cost the taxpayers? Bad cop kills honor student

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