I would have written “congratulations”, but frankly it’s not a good bill by a long shot.

Illinois does have right to carry effective immediately.

Guess it’s time to de-gun as I was enjoying the “unregulated carry” cliff.

As for the petulant man-child governor…  he huffed and he puffed and he blew a bunch of hot air that was a LONG way from getting the votes he needed to sustain his lame veto.  Someone should have clued him in that you need to show up to have a showdown.

So, not only is he irrelevant, he’s impotent too.

Hey Pat, next time pop a couple of these before you try to show us how relevant you are.



SPRINGFIELD (Daily Herald) — Illinois lawmakers made quick work of overriding Gov. Pat Quinn’s veto and making law a plan to allow people to carry concealed weapons in public.

Now, Illinois State Police will take time to set up the program and Illinoisans can apply for permits to carry after that.

The House’s 77-31 vote and Senate’s 41-17 easily shunned Quinn’s rewrites. Suburban lawmakers largely supported the concealed carry plan, but Quinn rewrote the legislation to make it more restrictive.

The House vote to override him came without a single word of debate on the floor.

“Today’s vote and the lack of debate is a clear indicator of the ineptitude of the governor on this issue,” said state Rep. Ed Sullivan, a Mundelein Republican.

Before the vote, Quinn backers were trying to get lawmakers to change their minds and support his plan. Wheeling Township Democrats, for example, sent out messages early this morning urging people to call lawmakers and ask them to support Quinn’s side of one of the most controversial issues of the year.

26 thoughts on “HB-183 BECOMES LAW! The irrelevant governor proven to be impotent too.”
  1. I realize this is not an ideal law, and not the law we had hoped for. However, I would like to thank the ISRA, Todd V. and ever other involved person for getting us this far against a very powerful political machine.

    Multiple small victories eventually add up to a much larger victory. Look how far the other side has come with their issues. Their victories didn’t happen all at once.

    We just need to keep chipping away at it – and to enjoy our rights while we do it.

    1. I feel phone calls to Chicago democrats are order to thank them for putting so many places like mass transit among others off limits. So now the gangs will simply start attacking all those ccw off limit areas. Even mass transit cops can’t be everywhere. And of course here in Champaign County, julia is going to do her most to harass us till we get our permit. We now need a pro gun, pro 2nd Amendment someone to run and defeat her.

    2. … and remember, Julia Reitz ran unopposed last time. She is a set up for defeat.

  2. Transportation laws are as of now state wide. ” Container Transport ” is legal from Zion to Cairo on a FOID card. And, those prohibited places for future Illinois License to Carry holders like public transportation, for “Container Transport” not so much. Terrible concealed carry law, Great Container transport bill.

  3. like many others I also thank the GSL, ISRA, NRA persons and all the others who worked like hell on this issue. I hope that the scum mayor of chicago now doesn’t not begin to engage in the acts that Daley did…when his gun grabs failed he had his go betweens contact the drug distributing chicago gangs and had them pick one of theirs and that person grabbed an AK47 and then went down a street at night emptying clips all over then that failed and it began emptying clips while kids and people were around–this hard headed bagel just might begin doing the same, as his trying to have the gangs get so bad that he had the grounds to call in the domestic military–the intention of letting the gangs do all they are doing now. I came from certain I saw and heard how Daley contacted the gangs and had them pull off their ops I have no reason to think this asshole mayor won’t do the same…this ICCP isn’t the best but now we have to re-double and furiously work to get it better for us and not the communist league of chicago

  4. addon: don’t forget that history clearly has identified all those who were the leaders of the Stalin/Mao communists (external communism) and the nazis (internal communism) both modeled all they were after a well known “manual” for which those who understand what I just said know that answer….again thanks to all who were a part in getting what has been a foot in the door–a door that is crumbling to dust just as the vampire when the sun shinned in Nosferatu did–the same will happen to them also…and those who “protect and serve” had better sit down and realize what way the wind is blowing and act accordingly!

  5. 3rd addon: please excuse all this: history also showed time after time how the communists (both kind) used the domestic gangs within their countries as the first wave of attacking us, when the communists then won, these gangs were quietly exterminated, and it might surprise a certain segment of our society that when these communists won they also exterminated their own law enforcers–such as when Hitler killed off the gangs he used and then he killed off the brown shirts–the law enforcement at that time……thanks

  6. You guys are “THANKING” these people for rewriting the Second Ammendment? It just goes to show you that if you starve a man long enough, you can feed him manure instead of beef and he’ll be thanking you for the rest of his life! All of you need to read Plato’s Republic and have someone explain it to you!

    1. …no, I’m thanking them for getting a crumb of it back and setting in motion the mechanism for eventually getting all of it back. Just like Arizona did.

      I’m also thanking them for all the hard, actually, physical, involved, non-stop work against a political machine that ALWAYS gets it’s way, while so many of us stayed at home making whining posts about IL gun laws on the internet.

      If you don’t like it, change it. Simple as that.

    2. My dear Frank:
      If you have not noticed…THIS is not Arizona. Get used to it , you have been sold out. One does not give up an inalienable right in the hope of retrieving it “sometime” in the future! In the meantime, return to your cave and watch the shadows dance on the wall, in the “New Republic”.

  7. Poor Frank:
    This is the best debate that you can offer? It is comments, such as the one above that place firearm owners in a Very BAD Light! Now, go play with your shadows.

    1. Debate? There is no debate. You don’t like the new law, yet you offer no solution, just bitching. There’s nothing that can be said to you that will change your mind, or GET YOU INVOLVED in any meaningful way. You’re much more interested in explaining to strangers on the internet how inferior they are to you.

      So, blow me.

      And, you’re welcome to call me and explain to me how wrong I am, and how superior you are to me. My number is very easy to find. …in fact, I’ll make it even easier for you: 708-522-8060.

  8. Frank,
    I stand with you Sir. Those that have put much time and effort into defending our rights indeed do need to be thanked. The way that I see it, you have the right to exercise your 1st Amendment rights as well as your 2nd. Sometimes “blow me” fits the bill just fine.

    1. Dearest Jim:
      Please see above note to poor Frank. With this verbage, it is quite clear why we firearm owners are held in a low regard.

    2. Oh, I do beg your pardon. I’m obviously a bit vulgar for this forum.

      Let me elevate the verbiage to a more lofty and proper state!

      Feel free to perform conceptual fellatio, or if such notions are not of your liking, you may engage in an act of self-rectal copulation.

      I wish you a good day, kind sir, and I hope to see you at the regatta!

      PS – are you planning on applying for an IL CCW permit? I certainly hope a man of your moral character would refuse to lower yourself to engage in such an uncouth endeavor!

  9. Phil,
    I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Sharpe and I can assure you that he is as strong as a defender of 2nd Amendment rights as they come. Additionally, Frank spends quite a bit of his spare time educating people in proper and responsible gun ownership.
    I do indeed agree with you Phil that these rights were given to us long ago, but somehow they had been taken from us. Many people have been making personal sacrifices to regain some of these lost rights (even if he have yet to get them all back). It is these people who I believe Frank and others were thanking. I feel that it would be a discredit for us to try and suppress the thanks being offered to these individuals.

    1. Phil,
      I need to amend my previous statement. I hadn’t “Franks” confused. As it turns out, I have never met Frank (thought he was someone else). However, I stand my the 2nd paragraph of my posting.
      Be well.

  10. i elicited the word “thanks” for all those who have helped pro gun forces keeping their foot in the door of concealed carry…this was not easy, i was not saying all they did was “for show” this is still an uphill battle in some ways yet an overwhelming assessment of just how powerful we have become across the board over the antigun douche bags in other ways as well…we cannot yet sit back and put our feet on the desk just yet….

  11. Some folks like Phil would rather have no loaf than a part of a loaf.

    That’s fine. I can respect his position even if I don’t agree with it.

    I wonder though: Does Phil have a FOID card? Will he get a carry license?

    If he’s got a FOID card he’s a sad hypocrite. Too bad he doesn’t use that time and energy of his to influence squishy legislators instead of attacking those of us who are defending our rights, which are very much under serious attack.

    You know what you are, Phil?

    You’re an absolutist, and that’s okay. The only problem with it is that you’ve marginalized yourself into a position where nobody of significance will be influenced by you. You can chose to remain on that isolated island or you can join the vast majority of us and work with what we have to make things better.

    Or not.


    1. Lions,tigers & jboch, oh my! I simply stated TRUTH and FACT. As to you and your group members’ name calling, I refuse to continue in this juvenile banter any further. Name calling and stereotyping were fear response favorites of the Nazis and of the Klan. Didn’t GSL run an article or two on just this very tactic a few months ago? John, you obviously do not know me at all. I did more than my part in contacting my legislature–to no avail! Before HB-183 passed, we had an unadulterated Second Ammendment, and now we have a mess. Once again, I will reiterate: “One does not give up an inalienable right in the hope of retrieving it ‘sometime’ in the future”! John, I’m sure that you will make lots of money with your “gun classes” — WIN or LOSE the 2nd. Ammendment — you win…..

  12. Now that we have CC, Will the supporters of this site work to repeal the FOID card law?

    1. Well, yeah.

      At the same time, we need to push back some of the silliness in -183.

    2. Thank You John.

      i know it may sound silly to some but I have often wondered how many Illinois gun owners realize the FOID is bad law and an infringement to a God given Right

  13. There are many folks on here and throughout the state that do deserve our THANKS! Many of these people give of their time, knowledge, and in some cases education for free to fight for these rights. We all know this is far from a perfect bill. However, as has been stated, it’s a start. I would ask you Mr. Phil, how many phone calls have you taken or made when you should have been having dinner with your family? How many weekends have you given up to teach others gun safety? How many children have you taught gun safety to? How many days have you taken off work to attend such events such as IGOLD? Have you donated to any organizations to aid the efforts? If you have done none of the above, then you do not deserve our thanks. For anyone that did any of the above, they all deserve our thanks. I know for a fact that John Boch and Frank Sharpe work tirelessly to get us back our rights that we deserve. Is it a perfect world with a perfect bill for Illinois? No. No one has said that. But to demean the work that John, Frank, Todd, Valinda and others have done does nothing but make people angry. Is the name calling appropriate no, but some feel ok with this since it is “just” an online post. It’s people with your mentality that hurt the cause. While we are all entitled to our opinions your lack of thanks and negative comments speak louder than anything else you may say that could be relevant. The bill we have today is better than what we had on Monday! Remember you must crawl before you walk and walk before you run.

    That is all

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