Thursday night update:

A compromise supposedly has been reached, according to Kwame Raoul in an AP news story.

(AP) – Raoul told The Associated Press that lawmakers are “still tightening up details” but the package has reached common ground on key issues. Those compromises include preserving local gun ordinances and prohibiting weapons from being carried in places including schools and public parks, and tightening penalties.


Sources are telling us tonight that it’s a mixed bag.

The big one is the sweeping pre-emption on gun laws has been thrown out.  Frankly, it was really the only carrot in the bill as we saw it.

The language isn’t available, and best guess is that both sides are going to be up late tonight negotiating the final details.

We’ll withhold castigation until we’ve seen the language.

The good news is that the mag ban bill is dead for procedural reasons.

That’s the latest tonight.



As of early this morning:


Extra: Illinois Conceal Carry Deal Struck

Springfield (Illinois Observer) – Extra: Illinois lawmakers have struck a conceal carry deal.

A top source tells The Illinois Observer that lawmakers have an agreement that will preempt home rule only on firearms transportation and future conceal carry laws.

The legislators, State Senators Kwame Raoul (D-Chicago) and Tim Bivins (R-Dixon), State Reps. Mike Bost (R- Murphysboro), Ed Sullivan (R-Mundelein), Brandon Phelps (D-Harrisburg), Frank Mautino (D-Spring Valley) and Dennis Reboletti (R-Elmhurst) meeting House Speaker Michael Madigan’s conference room on Thursday afternoon, have also agreed that all existing assault weapons bans will remain in place.

However, the lawmakers, who excluded the governor’s Illinois State Police representatives from the negotiations, have agreed that any new assault weapon bans must be adopted by home rule communities within 10 days of the law taking effect. In reality, the new conceal carry law will ban any further [local] assault weapons bans.

Additionally, the bill will abolish Chicago’s gun registry.

The source says the legislation, which is now being drafted, should hit the Illinois Senate floor on Thursday night.

It’s not up as of 0530 this morning, at least on HB183.


7 thoughts on “Compromised Reached. UPDATE: HERE IT IS!”
  1. The only reason to give room on things like prohibited places, penalties, fees, training, and what have you was the idea of One State – One Law.
    Without pre-emption nothing less than the original 997 would be acceptable to me in terms of the other items other than One State-One Law.
    If we are going to have a patchwork of laws covering possession of ammo, long guns, and so on even if the state permit is legal state wide, I would rather go over the cliff.
    I guess that is not even a possibility now.
    If we get something as bad as it appears to be, I hope our guys vote NO just on principle.

    1. Agreed, I wonder if the anti-CC morons gave in on the removal of the local gun bans and restrictions in the house bill knowing that it would get ripped out in the Senate.
      Makes me feel liked we compromised on the guts of the CC bill to get rid of Chicago’s problems only to have them re-instated right before the finish line.

  2. Even if they end up passing something like this, that does not mean the court will consider it in compliance, or that Quinnocchio would sign it.
    It would still have to go back to the house to be voted on again, not? Since it is not the bill that the house approved, they would have to vote again. The “compromise” is between only a few people. Maybe the full house won’t agree to the crap that has been changed, and vote it down.

  3. Everything is conjecture right now, but I am hearing that the tightening of the penalties are applicable to carrying while intoxicated. At this point who knows, but the more I know the less I like it. It seems that we are passing it to know what is in it on the last day of the session. It looks like we will go into overtime maybe.

  4. Ironically, I can live with most of the bill, but without preemption, this one barely goes in the Win tally. I say we go for “One State, One Law” or nothing. Let them squirm. We can delay just as well as they can.

  5. Only in Illinois can the legislature understand the importance of one state, one law for in car cell phone use but not for cc!

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