First of all, how does consulting with your physician end up costing you your Second Amendment rights without a court hearing?

It does in New York State, following the passage of the SAFE Act.

Second of all, what happens now when all gun owners know that talking to your physician about anything mentally-related will cost them your guns will result in a lot of completely untreated mental issues.  Is that what we, as a nation, want?


Gun permit suspended over medication

AMHERST, N.Y. (WIVB) – The NYS SAFE Act is billed as a necessary law to protect the public and keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people.

But Hamburg attorney Jim Tresmond says his client was notified by letter that his gun permit was suspended upon the recommendation of State Police, who learned the man is on anti-anxiety medication.

“Claiming that he had taken some psychotropic medications, and that he no longer could be eligible for the pistol permit,” Tresmond said.

The permit holder lives in Amherst and Tresmond accompanied the man as he turned in his seven handguns used for target-shooting to Amherst Police.

“A law-abiding, honest, hard working professional, who never had one wit of scandal associated with him, criminal or otherwise. And they took his guns away,” Tresmond said.

16 thoughts on “So it begins in New York: Gunowner forced to surrender guns over anxiety Rx”
  1. This will happen to EVERY civilian and veteran who has ever gone to a doctor for a minor issue or the VA for a mental health condition. This is the one way gun confiscation will start nation wide. This will also be where no gun owner will ever talk to their doctors again about any sort of mental health issue.

    1. Lets not forget those police people who have received such meds from THEIR doctor and,in police business, there are many who have received or on taking such meds right now. What about THEM, Albany??????

    2. I ask you,citizens of NYS, how do you feel about gun carrying police who have taken prohibited medications and are enforcing the laws of NYS????

  2. Where in the heck is the due process of law? So they are convicting people without any proof the person is a danger. Here comes the thought police and now anyone can loose their rights over what is perceived they might do. I pity all the people that have used drugs like anti-depressants to prevent migraine headaches.

    If we really do move to where people are tossed in prison and denied rights before they really commit a crime this country can never be called free.

  3. Just as your cell phone is a favorite trigger for terrorists and hence “BOMB MAKING EQUIPMENT!” when you are arrested, even warm milk is anti-anxiety…

  4. Said this all along, veterans who served this nation will be disarmed no matter what the Constitution says. Combat veterans from all wars will be harrassed and persected by the goverment which they proudly served while the majority of those who do the harrassment never served a day of military service and had no intention of serving only taking. PTSD and other catch phrases are convient for the anti-gunners to disarm American citizens even though they have committed no offense other than owning a firearm. Going to the VA to receive help in coping will now be reported to authorities and you will be disarmed so who in the hell do you think will seek help from them?

    1. Just spoke with our good US Senator Mark Kirks Washington office. His staffer named Alex stated the Senator will work with Harry Reid on getting a Universal Background Check passed by the senate. Fortunately Congressman Davis staff member stated there will be NO matching House bill offered by the Republican leadership.

    2. Wait a minute ! Whether or not there’s a “matching” bill offered up in the House is IRRELEVANT.


      Look what our RINO’s are doing just today!

  5. There was a psychiatrist who called into Glenn Beck’s show today who said even BENADRYL could be classified as anti-anxiety medication under this “class of medication” they are using in NY.

    We’re in deep trouble, folks. WTH is the medical HIPPA privacy requirement when it comes to protecting the PATIENT’S privacy. It’s been a carefully designed setup going back years!

  6. Hey, let’s get a shall issue where we are forced, voluntarily, to give up HIPPA protections as part if the permission slip allowance. That’s better than chancing home rule hodgepodge.
    Right? That’s what we’ve been told, right?


    Oppose the permission slip structure folks for this right here is where it goes the instant you bow to them. Stand up! Stand up and OPPOSE carry permission slips. If we don’t let them have them they cannot take them away with avenues like this.
    Stand FIRM! No permission slips!


  7. Diazepam (Valium) is commonly prescribed for anxiety. It is also used for muscle spasms. Numerous medications to treat depression and other mental health problems are also used for chronic pain (Cymbalta). So will the Nazi Robots be conducting SWAT raid on people whose transgression is trying to deal with being in pain all the time?

  8. If I ever have to turn my guns in they will be un-operable because
    a 40lb. sledge hammer will make sure.
    This whole matter of unreasonable confiscation of ones guns because
    of anxiety pills is a infringment violation of our 2nd. amendment and
    this act on U.S. citizens will go all the way to the supreme court.You cannot pass laws that infringe on Constitutional Amendments and expect that they will be ok with our Supreme court body decision.Oh yes, a person that
    may drive drunk and kill somebody keeps his license to kill.Anytime you drive by a boozeing oasis and see the cars of the guys inside getting impaired to kill when they leave the bar thats ok they keep their license and this is allowed by our laws.Same as anxiety pills wouldn,t you say. Yet it,s the same just ruling, the chance is when they leave that oasis they could kill somebody.This is like the NRA keeps screaming about total gun confiscation is the plan. No doubt.


    1. Yeah and Gunwalker was “botched” too.
      And I suppose that the carry permit holder list in Missouri going to the Feds was an ooopsie also. Oh and in New Jersey it was just a mistake to hammer that poor man over a Facebook post and the fella who’s ten year old said somwthing at school and the poptart eating and the newspaper interactive map of permit holders and and and…..

      How many times are we supposed to be fed the “mistake” line when the grabbers are exposed doing what they do? Enough is enough. There aren’t any mistakes here, just examples of being caught and folks having the courage to fight back !

  10. I know that there are cops on these anti depressants,will they surrender their weapons without a gripe,I doubt it ,they are exempt.This whole thing is a testbed for the other states that are primarily liberal.If the ny govt continues on this quest,they will loose as there is a lawsuit with 42500 some odd people as plantiffs.We need to recall the govenor and hold a special election now.

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