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Interesting:  In today’s NY Times, they print an article advising everyday Americans to fight an active attack by a glory killer instead of remaining passive and waiting for help.

(New York Times) – The speed and deadliness of recent high-profile shootings have prompted police departments to recommend fleeing, hiding or fighting in the event of a mass attack, instead of remaining passive and waiting for help.

The shift represents a “sea change,” said Chuck Wexler, executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum, which recently held a meeting in Washington to discuss shootings like those in Newtown, Conn., and Aurora, Colo.

Oh my, it must have hurt worse than holy water on a demonically possessed person for the dedicated leftists at the NYTimes to acknowledge that the police and big government can’t save you, and that you’ll need to depend on yourself in the face of a glory killer attack.

We’ve been teaching this for a long time in our GSL Defense Training courses, and writing about it in GunNews.

For instance:

Real Americans don’t cower

October 26, 2012

Alex Wagner, a journalist and political commentator for MSNBC, recently offered her analysis of a recent school violence rampage in Ohio with, “Cowering under a desk is indeed the only recourse for people facing life threatening situations in a school.”

Now, Miss Wagner favors the abolition of the Second Amendment.

It would seem that gun aficionados are cut from a different cloth than those like Miss Wagner who would ban all guns.

Cower in the face of life-threatening attack?

Only neutered and feminized Americans would do such a, well, cowardly thing.

If there is a credible threat of an active shooter or terrorist attack, children (and adults alike) might well be better advised to seek the nearest exit and escape to safety.  If fleeing is not an option, teach your children how to find an improvised weapon and to mount a counter-attack.  This, particularly for adolescent children and adults, is far more useful and noble than cowering under one’s desk waiting for a murderer to come around and add to the body count.

Teaching our children to cower in the face of an attack is teaching future adults to be sheep in the face of slaughter.

Maybe that’s what Miss Wagner was taught as a child and young adult.

It’s not what real Americans teach their children.

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3 thoughts on “Better late than never: Mainstream media advises ‘assertive response’ to glory killer attacks”
  1. When DAs and other leagle beagles are being told to arm up because they are being openly targeted (as regular Civilians have endured over the decades of failed gun control) it gets very very hard to continue the “stand down” and “don’t fight back” dogma.

    I submit that this is a turning point in media and more surprises are to come. Make no mistake – the liberal establishment is going to try to take credit for society arming up-as if it was its idea. Gun control is dead and they know it. Now, establusemt media has to create a picture as if hasn’t supported the disarming of Americans. It seeks to avoid responsibility for what it has done. Next thing you know it’s going to have Barry be responsible for it all and “his” actions being the reason gun rights have been restored. Note that it will then say this makes him worthy of being on mt Rushmore. Just watch – its coming.

  2. Glad people are catching on…. I’ve said at every SARC Instructor Development Course in the last few months (www.schoolattackerresponse.com) that by changing the way we teach kids (and teachers) to approach this problem, we will change the way our society thinks about the right and responsibility of personal defense. This will not only prepare schools to deal with the very very rate mass attackers, but also Bullying, Sexual Assault and interpersonal violence at all levels.

    -Rob Pincus

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