The Illinois State Rifle Association commissioned a poll of real gun owners, and asked a few questions of them.

What are the survey results of the 4500 gun owners polled over two days?

  • “No less than 99%” oppose banning America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15.
  • 98% oppose arbitrary magazine limits.
  • 99% oppose ammunition rationing.
  • 95% opposed gun owner licensing
  • 98% opposed mandatory liability insurance
  • 98% opposed gun registration
  • 8% feel gun control reduces crime
  • <20% believe gun control groups are acting in good faith
  • 80% believe they could be a victim of violent crime
  • about half feel unsafe in their neighborhoods.
  • 90% believe anti-gun politicians are acting for political purposes


Read the whole press release from ISRA.




2 thoughts on “Poll: Gun owners don’t support gun restrictions; don’t trust politicians”
  1. 95 percent of responding gun owners, a great many members or supporters of the ISRA, oppose licensing.

    Will the ISRA leadership listen and adjust legislative support for licensing accordingly?
    Will it now oppose the creation of new licensing to reflect the clear will of gun owners as its own poll demonstrates?

    Or will it just ignore such a staggering rejection of licensing and push through something they now know the folks it claims to represent clearly do NOT want?
    What’s it going to be ISRA? Deals with gun rights grabbing democrats or the will of your own membership and supporters? Choose wisely, for destroying what has been built rests on your decision. Are you going to be a gun control group or a gun RIGHTS advocacy group ? Times up. You have to choose one or the other.

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