Lonnie the rocket surgeon would-be robber, “allegedly”.

Just because you see an elderly driver doesn’t mean they are of diminished mental capacity, in addition to an age-related physical disadvantage to the young.

If police reports have this one right, one punk, Lonnie Lorenza Hollingsworth Jr., 28, found this out the hard way when he followed an old man in a truck for the better part of twenty minutes, thinking the old man was going to just drive into his garage and Lonnie Lorenza could just stick him up and take his money.

After all, working a j-o-b is for suckas, right?

You probably won’t be surprised that little Lonnie is no stranger to wearing silver bracelets courtesy of the local gendarmes, right?

Well, the old man pulled into a field when he recognized that some guy was following him.

Lonnie culminated his near-fatal error in the victim selection process when he hopped out of his Hyundai and approached the old man, announcing a stick up, telling the old man to “give me everything you’ve got.”

The 81-year-old man had already armed himself with a good, old-fashioned .38 special and he followed the young hoodlum’s demand.  The old feller proceeded to perforate Lonnie in the gut, leaving Lonnie in the lurch, gurgling on the ground.

Lucky for Lonnie a charitable cop gave him CPR, saving his life so the good people of Florida can pay to incarcerate him for a few years before he “turns his life around”.



Suspected robber well-shot by elderly man

OCALA, Fla. (Ocala Star-Banner) — James Stevens said he knew something wasn’t right when he noticed a 2010 Kia following his vehicle Sunday night for about 20 minutes.

Stevens, 81, wasn’t going to lead the man to his home, so he pulled over in a field in the 5500 block of Northwest Second Place. When the Kia also stopped, Stevens armed himself with a .38 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver and got out of his truck, according to Marion County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Stevens told investigators that the driver of the Kia – later identified as Lonnie Lorenza Hollingsworth Jr., 28 – got out of the vehicle, approached him and demanded “everything you got,” reports state.

“I didn’t want to shoot him, but I had to. I shot him,” Stevens told deputies as he pulled out the revolver from his pocket.

6 thoughts on “HAPPY ENDINGS: Suspected robber well-shot by elderly man”
  1. Though the Chicago media WILL try to make stories like this out to be supportive of their anti rights agenda, there is likely to be so many examples that such a track fails as badly as its gun control.

    There can be no doubt that Americans have had ENOUGH of being disarmed and defenseless. As Illinoisans figure out that they are no longer disarmed entirely hundreds if not thousands of example like this will take place. The thugs are about to find out that they no longer have a fish barrel provided by Chicago democrats.

    The days of good guys not being able to shoot back are almost over!!
    I wonder if the trib and sun are preparing a full page per day dedicated to self defense?

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