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We’ve got a gem for you to start the week with.

It’s from a 52-year-old physician from Tennessee, pictured above.


From Bobby G…

Subject:  Jesus

I watched a video of one of your training sessions. It is Sunday morning. I read today’s church readings. I cannot help but be ashamed for you who have fallen so far from the teachings of all major religions. Training specifically to kill another human being has to be the furthest thing from Christian behavior I can think of. I am appalled. There are only 21% of Americans who own guns. You are a very dangerous fringe group and you really should be stopped. There can be no love within you, only hate. Dear God, this country is doomed as long as we think people like you have answers. Stop living in fear. See the goodness of the Lord. Practice acceptance and stop spreading fear and hate. Know how many mass shooting there have been in Australia since they bought back guns and required proof of need to obtain a replacement? ZERO.

God bless you to find His light and His peace in your life.

Bobby G….



Mr. Naese wrote a rebuttal, which is more than I would have done on my day off.


Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not the enemy here.

I am, in fact, a Christian, a regular church goer, and a regular Bible reader.

Jesus told his disciples to sell their cloak if they had to to buy a sword.

Jesus made a whip of cords and used violence to eject the moneychangers from the temple.

Peter cut off the ear of one of the people who came to arrest Jesus.  Jesus stopped him, not because defense was wrong, but because he knew he had to be arrested to fulfill his saving purpose.

The Roman centurion was converted to Christianity, and all his family.  Nowhere in that story does it say that he then gave up being a centurion; and the job of a centurion was… to train to kill other human beings, and do so when commanded or required.

And let’s not forget all God’s people who did His will in the Old Testament.

Samson killed 300 Phillistines with the jawbone of an ass.

Elijah ordered that 450 prophets of Baal be slaughtered, and they were.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the killing, by God’s servants, doing the will of God, in the Old Testament.

Speaking of killing other human beings, I take it from your message that you don’t believe any of our police or soldiers are Christians?  Are they not “Training specifically to kill another human being”?  I know in the case of the military that’s exactly what they are training for.

In the case of the police, they train with weapons to save their lives and the lives of innocents.

Just like we do.

Your number of 21 percent of Americans that own guns is wrong; the low estimate is double that.

Whatever the percentage, it’s definitely not a “fringe” thing.  It’s a mainstream thing.

“You are a very dangerous fringe group and you really should be stopped.”  Stopped by who, Bobby?  By the government?  By people with guns?

For someone who doesn’t believe in the use of force, you’re perfectly willing that others should force us to stop teaching about the usefulness of guns and the meaning of the Second Amendment.

But I guess that only the First Amendment is important to you.  No, wait, that can’t be right either.  Let’s see, I suppose you would be okay with freedom of religion.  But the rest of that pesky First Amendment, I guess we’re not entitled to that, either.  Freedom of speech?  As long as we don’t claim that self defense is okay and that guns save many more lives in this country than they take.  Freedom of the press?  I’m guessing from your missive that that would be a non-starter as well, being as we use a website and a newspaper to advocate our views.  While you’re at it, better get rid of “right of the people peaceably to assemble”.  Guns Save Life has been assembling peacefully for 18 years or so, and GSL Defense Training for about 14 years.  Not one incident of violence against another person has ever been recorded at either of these venues (although a lot of paper has been perforated at GSL Defense Training classes).

“Stop living in fear.” Bobby, I don’t live in fear.  I live in confidence that I can defend myself, my family, and other innocents if need be.  Disarmed people live in fear.  They have to depend on the goodness and Christian charity of others.  The criminals, by definition, offer neither.

The police and soldiers who defend you, including your Constitutionally protected right to the free exercise of religion, defend you despite your apparent opinion that they are heathen bastards (remember, you’re the one who said that “Training specifically to kill another human being has to be the furthest thing from Christian behavior I can think of”).

Check the violent crime rate in Australia since the gun bans.  It has gone through the roof.

“God bless you to find His light and His peace in your life.”  I appreciate that sentiment, and in fact, God has blessed me abundantly, and I have found His light and His peace.  I’m relatively healthy, gainfully employed, and have a wonderful family and many wonderful friends.  God has blessed me with the ability to teach, and given me the tools and opportunities to teach others to defend their lives from those who would do evil to them.  Hundreds, perhaps thousands of people no longer live in fear because of the opportunities I have had, along with many other fine instructors, to teach them the legal, moral, and ethical use of force.

Bobby, instead of watching a 3 minute video and making wild claims that we should be stopped, why don’t you come to a Guns Save Life meeting?  You have three opportunities, in three different cities, every month.

Or better yet, attend one of GSL Defense Training’s classes. 

What you’ll find are some of the finest people that you will ever meet (and a lot of them, I’ll wager, are Christians to boot!).

I’d write more, but it’s Sunday night; I worked 12 hours today, and I have to get ready for next week, when I get to teach another 40 students that…

Guns Save Life.


John Naese




22 thoughts on “HATE MAIL from a medical doctor: “Jesus””
  1. Kind of Ironic position… Since Physicians kill more people each year than guns do.

    1. LOL! True!

      I looked up his ratings and he’s a couple of standard deviations below the national average… Got himself “one star” out of five at one of those ‘ratings’ sites.


  2. I was a Christian once, I was pretty serious about it, I worked as a missionary, planned on making it a career. One thing I’ve noticed is that many Christians seem to love to oppose any “sin” that’s not something that they themselves are interested in, but if it comes to one of their own failings, it’s swept under the rug. Like many of the “Christians” that I’ve seen on the personals, they won’t have anything to do with someone who doesn’t believe, but you find in their questionnaire answers that they’re fine with (most often) premarital sex. It’s the same with all people in a democracy, if someone else practices a right that they’re not enthused about, they have no problem with taking it away, but if it’s something they indulge in, it’s hands off! The part that kills me is when the person has the temerity to point their finger and look down their noses at others. It’s an age old problem, you’d think more people would have grown up enough to see it in themselves and realize how ridiculous it is.

  3. So wait, does he believe that the Founders were Christian and that our nation was founded on Christian principles like many American Christians do? So that would mean that they wrote the Second Amendment in sin? Whether his interpretation is for individual rights or for the militia, either way it institutionalizes training for violence. Sounds to me like he’s in the wrong country.

  4. Josh,

    You’re trying to use reason with an irrational person.

    Give up. It’s like resisting the Borg.


  5. I worked with physicians for nearly 20 years in the area of Subspecialty Society management. Trust me, this guy is not a “real” doctor. There is NO WAY. He probably couldn’t even play one on TV. Oh, wait! Maybe he stayed at a Holiday Inn last night?!?!?

    Obviously, a troll sitting around in his mom’s basement, prowling Al Gore’s invention of the internet for key phrases that cause the left to want to set their hair on fire, then, instead, firing off a meaningless missive while hiding under a false professional identity we’re supposed to take seriously.

    This makes for some great laughs. But there is no way he’s a physician……I would suggest, however, that he see one who specializes in dillusional behavior.

    Can’t wait for class this weekend!!!!

  6. We’re not plagues sent by god himself upon pharaoh a form of defensive aggression intended to stop the criminal abuse of innocents?

    No religion is a suicide pact eliminating the right to defend ones self.
    We do not practice and go armed to kill human beings. We prepare to defend against and destroy evil perpetrated against us so that we may live another blessed day.

    Those who refuse to fight back will be forever enslaved to their own fear of defending the greatest gift god gave us- our own lives. Dying for a cause is one thing, dying willingly for the fear of defending ones self is obtuse. Either is an exercise in free will so long as its an individual decision rather than a collectivist imposition. However, one celebrates gods greatest gift while the other sacrifices it to stand greatest tool- fearful self hatred.

    Centuries of corrupt religious leaders have led many to their deaths serving only to embolden Santana armies and his power. True god fearing men would never abuse the gift for they would realize that they will one day pay the price of their deceit. Only those working on Santana behalf would be comfortable knowing their eternal fate.

    This is not a god fearing man. He is a man fearing man for he fears those who seek no more than to defend their own life. That can only mean he works for those who a to take it.

    Shame on you and may your eternal damnation assault your soulless spirit- you have earned it with your own corrupt choices. Repent now, while time to do so, the choice to do so, remains.

  7. Ashrak,
    As a Christian, I would prefer that you capitolize ‘God’ in referance to the Almighty, and I suppose you mean “satan’s army” instead of “santana army”. Your first word “We’re …” is a contraction meaning “We are …”, I suppose you meant “Were not plagues…”, but I might be mistaken, perhaps you really did mean “We are not plagues …”, which we are not. Otherwise, I am in agreement with your views, just wish you were a little better versed in the written language to better portray your intended meanings.

    John N.
    Great retort to the bigot Bobby G.! Thank you for your tireless instruction in defensive use of arms and Appleseed, your crews are definately “top notch”! I greatly enjoyed the defense training I took with my brother several years ago as well as the day at Appleseed a few years back! Thank you for your defense of our God-given, Constitutionally protected Rights as well. May God continue to bless you in your efforts!


    1. Thanks, DLM. I’m glad to do it. But it’s a team effort. Spread the word so others may learn. JN

  8. Spam Free WordPress could not retrieve the password from the server. It may be necessary to do one, or all, of the following. Turn on the Old Password Fields option, turn off Nonce Security, or to turn on Generate Comment Form.

    See what happens when I take the time to make a post all nice and mistake free?

    1. DLM, you know, I used to worry a great deal about perfection in writing on forums. I used to correct every little tiny mistake I found. However, I realized one day that when we speak we don’t get a mulligan. Do overs are for folks more worried about appearance than substance. Additionally, taking time to make it all perfect only to see a post eliminated seemed a waste of time. I just write what I’m thinking and if it has mistakes then it has mistakes. I know this much, I’ve written several nice posts for this site only to get a notice about password retrieval some such. Length maybe? Locked threads maybe? Who knows. Wasted effort is the outcome regardless

      Fair enough, auto correct nails me badly sometimes and it would be a great deal easier to do this on a computer but I am not fortunate enough to have one. So tapping on a phone it is for now.

      As for capitalization. Take that god thing up with apple. Here, GOD! Happy now? I prefer a .45, so does that mean you must also? Of course not. When Jews wrote g-d or even G-d does that irk you too? How about when some write Allah translates to mean god? Oops God….? That’s trifling, partner.

      My purpose In participation is to foment thinking. In some ways what some folks view as headache inducing mistakes actually serves that purpose. Look at your response. You found yourself thinking about what I was trying to say. I don’t aim to preach or win people over. I aim to induce thought that leads people to their own chosen conclusions about angles they may not have previously considered. If my quirky ways accomplish that, where’s the harm?

      Could I do a better job sometimes? Sure.
      Could others be more honest In substance?
      You betcha!
      So which is more important? Process or substance?
      That’s for each of us to decide, huh?

    2. Gee, Ashrak, such a looooong reply to a short statement, too bad you didn’t get “Spam freed” again. I get that too, highlight and copy then you can quickly repost. duuuuuh. Just thought you would want to show a little (very little?) RESPECT to Christians, I see you just don’t care.


    3. To put it pithily, you, Ashrak, are just an arrogant jerk, eh? It is all about you and how “hard” it is for you to use proper spelling and grammar, boo hoo fer you, dimwit. Stick yer phone where thesun don’t shine, and begone.

    4. Um.. You did get the part about his using a phone? Grammer nazi’s just irritate the hell out of me. oh.. god…

  9. Walpurgis,
    What?, another dim-wit, you didn’t see the last sentance of my previous post? “stick yer PHONE where the sun don’t shine” and begone!? In Ashrak’s reply he had no apparent difficulty in capitalizing “God, GOD, Allah, G-d, and Oops” so don’t tell me it is not possible, wheather he is on a phone or otherwise. He is just lazy and inconsiderate, when refering to the Almighty it is always proper to capitalize “God”, your referance at the end of your post is also a referance to the Almighty, so you are just being an inconsiderate a$$, yourself, as you also capitalized “Uh, and Grammar” as well as your “handle/name”, so don’t tell me it is not possible, you are just deliberately being an a$$, sooooo, begone to you too, you don’t have to read my posts if you are so irritable (and irritating). Here’s hoping I irritated you even more than you were previously! haha!


  10. Ok we’ll ill try this again. I too am tapping on my phone. ( I love it ). I am a grateful member of. G S L. And a born again Christian. And as we are allowed to protect. Ourselves. And anxiously. Awaiting concealed carry here in Illinois Mr. Masses. Comment that Jesus told his. Deciple to sell his. Coat ang go buy a sword is proof enough that He wants us to be able to defend ourselves. Sooooo with that settled. —- may I encourage. Everyone. Who. Have not yet accepted. Jesus Christ. As their personal. Savior to do it right now. Thank you. God Bless. , Jackie.

  11. Doctors may or may not kill more people than guns, depends on a lot of definitions. But, sorry, as much as a complete gun and Second Amendment person as I am, I cannot be quiet. The 12,000 people who are murdered with guns each year have been acted on with deliberate violence. Doctors do not intentionally kill their patients, there is a HUGE difference here.
    Now abortion doctors….may they rot in a very warm furnace.

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