We found a home-run op-ed piece by Caroline Carlson from the University of Maryland, published in the student newspaper The Diamondback.

She takes it to leftists who advocate for empowerment of women to do everything except defend themselves with effective weapons.

We’ll let you read the piece after leaving you with this tease:

I’m sorry, but don’t politicians and universities support female empowerment? I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t feel empowered to protect myself if I knew menstruation was my only weapon. And urinating may not even stop a sick, deranged rapist from assaulting me — but a bullet would.

As a woman, I feel offended that politicians expect me to use such impractical, hopeless methods to defend myself from someone who wants to take away my dignity. According to many universities, I’m just a young girl who should act insane to prevent rapists from violating me. As many feminists may say, “This is anti-choice.”

From my life experiences, empowerment never came in the form of urinating, menstruating or acting pregnant. It came in the form of shooting a Beretta DT10 for the first time.

Regardless of whether a woman wants to own a concealed-carry weapon on a college campus, politicians and institutions shouldn’t be making the decision for women nor telling them they can just pretend to menstruate and everything will be fine.