Graphic courtesy Endo.

Used with permission
by Fred Kubicek

Good Morning Everyone,

CNN anchor Piers Morgan is fond of asking pro 2nd Amendment guests if they can name a single instance wherein an AR-15 has been successfully used in a personal defense situation. Well, here are a few:

VP Biden suggests that as opposed to an AR-15, it would be better to have a double barrel shotgun for self defense . Now, aside from the fact that if you followed Joe’s advice you would probably be arrested, the question still remains – is the typical double barrel shotgun a better home defense weapon than an AR-15?  For many the answer appears to be a resounding ‘No.’  Why –

  • AR-15 is more easily adjustable for shooters of different sizes
  • AR-15 has far less recoil
  • AR-15 is more controllable shot-to-shot
  • AR-15 has larger magazine capacity
  • Ar-15 is faster to reload
  • AR-15 is as easy to aim, and depending on the sights and optics chosen, can actually be more intuitive
  • AR-15 has much longer practice range: 400 yards for an average shooter versus 40 yards
  • AR-15 using any round is less likely to under-penetrate than a double-barreled shotgun using birdshot. Dick Cheney shot his 78-year-old friend in the face at 30 yards and the gentleman was discharged from the hospital within the week
  • AR-15 using hollowpoint or frangible ammunition are less likely to over-penetrate than a double-barreled shotgun using buckshot or slugs

Gayle Trotter testifies before Senate as to the particular value an AR-15 has for women.

And don’t forget that recently DHS ordered 7000 fully automatic AR-15’s stating that they were suitable for personal defense. And after all, if you can’t trust the government, who can you trust?

While there are many points of view as to which weapon type is ‘best’ for personal defense there can be no doubt that for many people, the AR-15 is a top contender. However, as is true with which auto maker has the best cars, which weapon is best for you is a personal decision. And in this case, it is a constitutionally protected decision.


PS   If you would like to read a detailed account of what happens when the gun grabbers win, read Catastrophe When America’s Twin Gave Up Guns. You might also want to take a look at 1890 Federal gun confiscation results in 297 dead.