Photo by NEMO Arms, Inc. from Facebook.

The gun companies boycotting New York State law enforcement and government agencies is now about seventy as of this morning and we’re predicting it will be over 100 by the end of the week.

Two sites monitoring the current total (with more free time than us to keep up with the rapid additions) are The Police Loophole and An NC Gun Blog.

We want the big dogs to make the same pledge.

Call them and ask that they join this boycott, after all, defending your rights is not a spectator sport.

We’d also suggest you hold off on purchases until they do join this boycott.  And if you’re doing just that, let them know.

One thought on “Call Glock, S&W and SIG and ask them to join the boycott”
  1. We supported them all these years.
    Now we need their support of “We the people”.
    That is not to much to ask for.
    Without us they will no longer be in business.

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