So, guys:  Do you think you can shoot?

Can you out-shoot a 13-year-old girl?





Hat tips to Breach Bang Clear and Gun Free Zone.

5 thoughts on “An amazing 13-year-old girl”
  1. Why couldn’t she be 35!? Or 45? Does she have a mom? Heck, her mom’s probably too young for me!

    What a woman!


    No. Wait.

    She’s here to help PREVENT the Brain-Washers from setting up their little paradises HERE, that other people are so desperately trying to escape. To come HERE.

  3. Wow, I’d love to introduce her to my nephew….

    I am willing to bet a girl like that has a daddy who is a big part of her life.

    Wait till her school sees this and offers her “therapy “

  4. AWESOME girl. We need more kids like this. Responsible and safe.
    Wishing her and her family the best. Keep it up.

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