Todd Vandermyde, the NRA’s guy in Springfield and the Field Marshal of our pro-civil rights armies in Springfield.

from Todd Vandermyde, NRA.

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Today, lawyers on behalf of Mary Shepard filed a answer to the AG’s request for en bancreview. I’m pleased with the way it addressed the issues and presented the case.

Illinois’ hippie Lt. Governor, Sheila Simon.

With all this talk about right to carry seems more and more people are trying to get into the act. Lt. Gov Simon has decided to form some sort of working group on concealed carry.  As a Southern Illinois Democrat, she hopes to bring people together.

Not gonna happen.  Simon has never met a gun control bill she didn’t like.  So I don’t see what she brings to the table other than another anti-gun view she gained from a liberal college setting in Southern Illinois.

Of course, I will sit here with bated breath awaiting my invitation to here little group.

Which brings us to where we are today:

We know the anti-gunners have been meeting with the governor’s office for a couple of months on a carry bill.  We know they have a wish list that you just wouldn’t believe.

We know they figure they will deal some of this stuff away.

And we know they must not be taking their meds because they think they can pass some version of a “may issue”, highly restrictive bill without preemption for Chicago and other home rule cities across Illinois.

The fact is they can’t pass anything like this if we do our job.

We had 65 votes on the last carry bill in the House in 2011.  The court ruling has, from my perspective, broken the back of the opposition.

Now they are trying to seek some sort of compromise.  Well, for two years [Editor:  decades, actually], they didn’t want to talk.

So now they can talk to the hand.

We know that there are moves being made within Illinois State Police to prepare for a carry law.

It seems that the anti-gunners think they know how to actually pass a bill, but I’m kinda at a loss to remember the last one they wrote and passed.  There seems to be a group in the Governor’s inner circle that seems to feel they are actually in control on this issue.

The bill we’re going to push was sent to the drafting bureau a couple of weeks ago and we are awaiting it arrival so we can introduce it. We think it will make it in this week.

We should retain our votes for the bill and with that, the ability to shutdown any bad bill.

After all the work we have done on this, I really don’t see our supporters walking away with half a loaf or less.

Taking it all in, I smell desperation on the part of the anti-gunners. In the middle of what should be their hay day with the Newton shooting, they failed to get enough support for a magazine ban or semi-auto ban.

And now they think they can dictate the terms of a carry bill?

I don’t think so.

Matter of fact, I know they can’t.

Hang on, it’s gonna get really interesting in the next couple of weeks.

15 thoughts on “Illinois Concealed Carry Update: That’s desperation you smell from the other side”
    1. I agree. Nothing has to pass, just block any bill and your FOID card becomes your carry card. Open or Concealed.

  1. I have to say I’m so happy to see the citizens of Illinois standing up for their right to defend themselves. This battle is well worth fighting and I admire you guys tremendously for standing up. God speed.

  2. The 180 day stay is ticking away. I’m hoping the AG’s app for the rehearing is denied but I’m wondering what will happen if she appeals to scotus? Considering too, the app already made in the 2nd district from NY’s “may issue” case, scotus might think they can kill two birds with one stone? I’ll be montitoring for news, and ready to start the calls and emails regardless. Great article.

  3. FYI Folks — NOTICE: The latest outrageous, absolutely egregious, concocted liberal lie being circulated is, “the Second Amendment was for the purpose of preventing slave rebellions”. These people have no HONOR, non whatsoever and will stoop to any low to advance their anti-human rights agenda. This proves beyond all doubt that liberalism is indeed a mental disorder. They may use this to attack CC as well

  4. Then there are a-holes like this that make it difficult for responsible gun owners to justify IL CC.

    Man Pulls Gun on Fellow Bar Patron
    Cody D. Anderson, 67, of Tinley Park, was charged with felony unlawful use of a weapon and misdemeanor aggravated assault after police say he pulled a gun on another patron at Cuzin’s Bar, Tuesday, Jan. 9.
    By Jeff Graveline
    January 24, 2013
    A Tinley Park man faces a felony charge of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and one misdemeanor charge of aggravated assault after pulling a gun on another man at Cuzin’s Tavern, 17740 Oak Park Avenue around 9 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 22.

    Cody D. Anderson, 67, of the 18200 block of S. 66th Avenue, was charged after a victim contacted police and stated that Anderson pulled a small handgun on him at Cuzin’s Tavern, placing the gun against his ribcage while the two were seated at the bar.
    Read at:

  5. Eyes up! Everyone needs to stay frosty. Desperate people have the propensity to do desperate and dangerous things.

  6. I have been in contact with the Illinois NRA and both sides of State Legislation, the CC idea sounds very promising from all the responses I have been getting back. I have no problem if they mandate training before getting your CC, but honestly I kinda think we should go like Wisconsin, open carry and conceal carry. I think if you do open carry you should be needed more training or something but its about time. I was at the point I was going to leave this state because of this, as soon as I heard about the ruling of it being unconstitutional. It made me interested and I have been signing A LOT of petitions and going to organized rallies to protest and doing my part by calling our state representatives!!

  7. There is a link on to send a letter to your senators and reps that you don’t support a gun ban. It’s really easy. Just put in you name and address and they will send it for you. Also you can do this daily. Flood their mail boxes.

  8. Looking at the full text of HB0997, under Section 24-1. Unlawful Use of Weapons, (a)(4) appears to require transported weapons to be broken down, not immediately accessible, or unloaded and enclosed. Shouldn’t this language and other similar be revised to reflect lawful concealed carry?

  9. Be wary of Rahm Emmanuel & the moneyed Jewish lobby. They know whose pockets to line. His presence in Chicago is no accident. Their biggest fear is concealed carry & the resultant drop in the city’s murder rate. This will reinforce what common sense people already know, guns save lives.

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