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Karolina Obrycka takes a reporter’s questions after a jury awarded her $850,000 in compensatory damages as a result of a 2007 beating she took from former Chicago police officer Anthony Abbate, Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012, in Chicago. Caption & Photo by Chicago Tribune.

Mayor Rahm “The Ballerina” Emanuel, sometimes nicknamed the Godfather, moved this week to buy out a jury’s verdict in the case of an off-duty Chicago cop drunkenly beating the hell out of a young, female bartender.

Why the sudden interest in the case by Rahm?

Well, it’s long been alleged that “clouted” people get a free pass for misdeeds in Chicago.

Take the case of the late Mayor Richard Daley’s grandson Richard J. “R.J.” Vanecko only this week getting indicted in the 2004 murder of David Koschman  – but only after a former US Attorney was named special prosecutor.

The jury in the Abbate / Obrycka case found this “Code of Silence” does indeed exist and Mayor Rahm doesn’t want other plaintiffs to use this established and recognized code in their respective cases.

Here’s the story:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration asked a federal judge Monday to set aside a jury verdict in the infamous videotaped beating of a female bartender by an off-duty Chicago police officer — essentially agreeing to pay the woman $850,000 now in return for erasing the jury’s finding that a police “code of silence” protected the cop.

The unusual request is an attempt to prevent last month’s damaging verdict from being cited by lawyers in other lawsuits against the Police Department. The former bartender filed the motion jointly with the city; she stands to quickly collect the jury award she won without risking the chance of losing on appeal or having the trial judge reduce the amount.




2 thoughts on “RAHM: Buying a “Code of Silence” in Chicago”
  1. With this prominent attitude in Chicago, given many recent articles, it’s no wonder this state is in the fix it is in. If not completely run by crookedness and cronyism it is certainly being steered to failure. IL will not come out of this black hole if that black hole cannot be cleaned up.

  2. Porter:

    If you had any idea how bad it is, you’d either laugh or cry.

    You can’t swing a cat inside City Hall in Chicago and not hit at least a half-dozen corrupt individuals involved in a dozen different potential scandals.

    There were three or four scandalous things from Chicago just yesterday that if we were a “North of I-80” blog (instead of a civil rights blog) would have made our readers irritable!


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