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They Came for our Guns – They Came for our Freedom
by William Lafferty

Book Review by David Pike

I recently finished a new book by author William Lafferty.  Lafferty is an established author who has completed a series of books revolving around hypothetical crimes.  This time he takes on the BATF and the Presidential administration in “They Came For Our Guns, They Came For Our Freedom”.

The book examines what happens when our government goes outside the Constitution in an effort to usurp the Second Amendment rights of individuals.    Lafferty, who worked as a lawyer and judge for many years, examines the possibilities of a true grass roots uprising in the US and details how such an event could be catalyzed.  As the plot develops we find that it isn’t the Tea Parties, campus youth, or marches on Washington that make a difference.  In this book, making a difference falls to those who take matters into their own hands; a few individuals with experienced perspectives and unquestionable character.

While the book only follows one possible plan to address an insidious and deliberate attack on our firearm rights, it does get the reader to thinking about the moral imperatives of actions required by true patriots.  What would you do if someone came to take away your guns?  What is your tipping point?  When would you pull the trigger?

In this book, the author does pull the trigger, and many times.  If books were rated similar to movies I imagine this one would get an R (restricted) for violence.  Plenty of guns, plenty of shooting, and a fair amount of innovative use of hardware.  This is an author who has definitely been to the range a few times and knows whereof he speaks.  But that is not why I would recommend you read his book.  The real jewel in the reading comes from an examination of ourselves and our commitment to the Constitution. Do we know where freedom ends and oppression begins, and what would we do about it if we recognized it?

Without giving too much away, I can tell you it has corrupt politicians, sleazy judges, and prosecutors with an agenda.  (Thankfully nothing like what we find in our daily news, right?)    It has a decent plot and is an easy weekend read.  I recommend it.  Find it on Amazon.com

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  1. Thanks for review on this new book…Ive got to order one. Something to consider is which way the military and police will jump if conditions get so bad. They may side with the Patriots..which is probably why the bamster has His Own Army…..

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