Hey hey hey.

Looks like Red Jacket Firearms is in need of some new help to contribute to their abortion work at their shop.

Maybe their last gunsmith ran off with the boss guy’s daughter or maybe he just got fired.

But if you’re really good, and can impress the show’s casting producer with your capacity for drama, carnival-like appearance and your ability to turn Nintendo joysticks into Space Shuttle door gunner controllers, then they have a spot for you.

AR15.com has a rather entertaining thread with a particularly amusing post by metalsaber (with some redactions):

I watched about 4 episodes last night and have come to the conclusion that these inbred SOBs are an insult to gun owners.

Episode 1: Hey guys, lets build a gun that folds up into a metal box (ala Magpuls light gun). They go off about how no ones attempted this before and we should do it. They go on and on again about how awesome this would be to have if you were walking your dog down the street or on camping trips. News flash you inbred ***holes, a pistol would be a far more effective system than your [poo]box. So that was episode 1 of lets be f’in stupid and put it on TV.

Episode 2: Overweight Mexican Security Dude got a major contract for naval protection and needs a non lethal weapon to defend the ship against pirates. So douche nozzle mcimbred decides to create a Russian katyusha rocket system. So they go build this elaborate ghey ass rocket setup that probably cost about $100 and end up charging the guy $5000. They make “home made” bottle rockets and are super awesome yo. These rockets don’t fly straight at all and fly all over the place. News flash mall ninja, instead of building hand make bottle rockets, you could have walked down to the fireworks store and bought them for $15. Yeah real innovation you turd burglers. Then homie mcillegal is amazed at how wonderful this is at whopping $5k.

Episode 3: Some semi ok looking woman (about a 6….6 beers) walks into the store with her [bleep bleep] liberal boyfriend/fiance/cover story to buy a 9mm. So owner douche mcfly instead of helping get these people into the shooting world/gun ownership he sends them on their way out of the store. Way to go douche. Now the 6 doesn’t have a gun to protect herself and her [bleep bleep] boyfriend is going out with the “guys” on the weekend now.

Episode 4: Hey great news. Lets take a historic Tommy Gun and complete Tapco the f[ork] out of it. You know why? Because no ones ever done it before. News flash hill billy jim. Theres a reason people never did it before. Because it’s a [f’in] classic. Where is the ATF when you need a no knock search.

Episode 5: Overweight security dude from #2 is back and helping train the local yokels (I mean swat) and they need a ghey ass door breaching gun. But not just any shotgun. They need it mounted onto an AR because the fat entry dude is too fat to get the [fork] out of the way for the rest of the team, they need it on the AR so he can just go straight in. Here a pro tip fatty, just bust through the wall like you were the Kool Aid man.

Episode 6: Top Dog McGee Trainer needs a lightweight carbine that his customers are looking to buy. Final price? $1800. Pro Tip slick, how about buy a standard AR without all the whiz bang [stuff, ahem] on it for under 1/2 price.

Overall impressions: Owner – for the love of all thats sacred, buy your daughter a set of braces or a trip to the orthodontist to get her grill fixed.  If she’s going to be on TV, the grill shouldn’t look like a commercial for Chiclets. Head welder guy – seriously if you had as much talent as you said you have, you’d have moved onto place that wasn’t producing 3rd world quality [ahem, stuff]. Other guys – you’ve obviously don’t amount to anything since I can’t think of anything to say.


So, are you ready to join the Red Jacket Team?

Here’s your chance.

 H/t The Firearm Blog

To Whom It May Concern:

Hello! My name is Amberlee Mucha and I am a Casting Producer with FSAEntertainment and Red Jacket Firearms

I am currently looking for a new on camera gunsmith to join the team at Red Jacket Firearms. We are scouring the nation for the very best gunsmith to become part of our show.

I am writing you in hopes that you can pass this opportunity on to any of your alumni/students/staff/clientele who may be interested in the show. For more information please feel free to contact me and please see job posting below:

Red Jacket Firearms is currently looking for a new on camera gunsmith to join the team at Red Jacket Firearms. We are scouring the nation for the very best gunsmith to become part of our show. Position is paid.

Are you an expert Gunsmith? Do your repairs and designs leave your customers in awe? Are you unmatched in your craftsmanship?

Applicants Must Be at Least 21 years old and have experience as a professional gunsmith.

To Apply Please Contact Us At redjacketfirearmscasting@gmail.com Please Include the Following:

Your Name, Age, Location and Contact info

  • A description of your gun expertise and a copy of your resume
  • Your experience and training as a gunsmith
  • Tell us why you’re the best choice for the RJF team and our show.

Thank You,
Amberlee S. M. Mucha
Casting Producer
FSA Entertainment