Guns Save Life faced a rash of vandalism of our pro-gun highway signs some years ago. Membership monies paid for the materials and volunteer labor put up a “double decker” set of signs. The new slogan, posted below the vandalized signs, stated:
The vandalism ceased immediately.
But this “in your face” aggressive pro-gun activism is too “aggressive” for some critics like Matt B.

One of our members sent us a link from a critic.

Matt B wrote at

GSL, huh. While I appreciate what that organization is trying to do I’ve found their approach to be a little to aggressive for my tastes.

That said, the campaign they have for Naomi Jakkobson is not current. If you visit her site and look at her list of important issues, there is absolutely nothing about gun control. Now that is not to say she’s not for more gun control because she is but it’s not at the forefront of her agenda.

I always bear in mind that all pro-gun organizations are always looking for more members to not only champion their cause but also to generate more revenue from membership fees.


Clearly, we can’t please everyone.

Yes, we have an aggressive approach.  Our founders were tired of seeing meek and mild gun groups, loaded with FUDDs, who did precious little aside from griping on the sidelines about gains of the gun grabbers.

Matt also says he bears in mind that we are constantly working to generate membership fees.

Yes, Matt, you’re right.  Guilty as charged.

It’s membership fees that pay, in part, for GunNews Magazine, circulation 14,500.

It’s membership fees that allow us to buy ammunition for 100+ kids to use to learn basic firearm safety and the safe and effective use of firearms at the annual NRA Youth Shooting Camp in Bloomington at Darnall’s.

Those monies are what we use to support the Pheasants Forever Young Guns program which reaches a thousand or more kids each year…  And the Cross Trail Outfitters program mentoring scores of at-risk young boys and men…

Membership fees allow us to erect and maintain those highway signs seen by about 600,000 people each day while travelling highways and Interstates in Illinois.

Membership fees are what pay for GSL’s web presence, seen by an average of about 3,000 people each day even though we’ve only had our revamped website for about two months and change.

They pay for members services and the legal defense fund we have for members.

Membership fees pay for our range development fund which goes to develop ranges (and save ranges that have been closed or are on the verge of closure).

Membership fees do not pay folks here at Guns Save Life.  Everyone from the President down to the guy helping out by stuffing envelopes or providing the sound equipment at meetings shares one thing in common:  we’re all volunteers.

Membership monies also don’t pay our volunteers for going up to Chicago to trade worthless rusted junk for gun grabber cash that we later use to fund an NRA Youth Shooting Camp and other youth shooting programs.

Matt B., whoever you are, we would welcome your face into our family.

But if you feel taking it to opponents of your civil rights is too aggressive, then we’re sorry.  Perhaps a group like American Hunters and Shooters Association might better suit your style.  They aren’t very aggressive.  Then again, they’re not doing so well.

Either way, you won’t find meek and mild at Guns Save Life.

And we’re darn proud of that.