Chicago Cops at the Democrat National Convention in Charlotte, NC. Photo courtesy of ABC News.


UPDATED Sept 4.  Chicago’s crime wave continues unabated, but Mayor Rahm “The Godfather” Emanuel finds a way to send fifty of Chicago’s finest to Charlotte, N.C. to babysit Democrats at their convention.

How typical.

Despite Crime Wave, 50 Chicago Police Sent to Dem Convention

Only days after Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel asked for federal agents and U.S. Marshals to help combat the city’s wave of violence, about 50 Chicago police officers have arrived in Charlotte to work perimeter security details for a week at the Democratic National Convention.

The Chicago officers, in their distinctive uniforms and checkerboard-brimmed hats, said they had been instructed not to talk with reporters about their out-of-town assignment.

A Charlotte police department spokesperson confirmed that “roughly 50 officers from Chicago” were on duty at the convention.


Chicago cops aren’t impressed.

Our friends at Second City Cop had this to say today:

Rahm has to handle a few softball questions, then gets this at the end of his interview on Meet the Press:

  • GREGORY: Mayor, before you go, I want to ask you about a huge crisis in your own city, and that is of course the murder rate, it’s up 31 percent from a year ago. Forty shootings just last weekend, nine left dead. A couple of people shot, even near the President’s home on the south side. What are you doing to address this?MR. EMANUEL: First, we put more police on the street. Getting kids, guns and drugs off the street. Our crime rate is down 10 percent. And our, in fact, our shootings have declined from what was basically we lost the early part of the first quarter of the year, and we brought them dramatically down. We have a– a gang issue on parts of the city. Overall, overall crime down 10 percent. And we’re making efforts actually to reduce the gang conflicts because it’s gang-on-gang issues. It does not affect the whole city. But anywhere it happens we’re going to be dealing with it.

    …No, we’re containing it …

    GREGORY: Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago, thank you as always. We will see you down in Charlotte this week.

Let’s just point out the lies:

  1. More police on the street? Bullshit – there are less than ever. Taking 500 cops out of their street units and putting them “back on the streets” isn’t “more police.” But the media treats this like gospel. The retirements haven’t abated either;
  2. Crime rate is down 10%? Do we really have to go through this again? Murder, shootings, bank robberies and auto theft are all up. Not to mention the lowest number of officers on the street during the past two decades. The only thing that would remotely bring the crime rate down is a massive influx of people to Chicago – maybe that’s the reasoning? Sanctuary City and all?
  3. Containing it? We aren’t containing it and the “boxes” aren’t working. We’re lucky we aren’t digging trenches, closing roads and raising the bridges to keep it where it’s at. “Containing it” is about as humorous as “treading water.”
So, how bad is the violence in Chicago, you ask?
Since Wednesday night, shootings in Chicago have left at least 42 people wounded, including those who have been killed. Since last Thursday, at least 103 people have been wounded, which includes those dead, in Chicago from gun violence.
2 thoughts on “UPDATED: Chicago’s crime wave out of control, but Rahm sends 50 Chicago cops to Democrat National Convention”
  1. Gee, I know this sounds ridiculous, but WHY NOT CALL THE CITIZEN’S MILITIA TO DUTY? You know, the one that Illinois in general, and Chicago in particular, have been working VERY hard to disarm for decades? After all, PUBLIC SAFETY IS THEIR DUTY.

  2. What do you expect from a two faced hypocrit. As for crime stats, yeah their down because Chicago is using the mayor bloomingidiots method of downrating complaints so it just looks like it’s better. Someone needs to ask King Ramses, “If it so safe in Chicago, put your money where your mouth is, loose the bodyguards, take public transportation, if you get mugged call 911 and wait like everyone else.

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