This morning’s disgruntled lunatic after application of some lead therapy from NYPD.
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This morning’s shooting at the Empire State Building was a tragedy in many ways.

Most of all, for the victims.

The raging lunatic who committed this atrocity was clearly unbalanced and shot his former boss immediately after his termination.

The rub comes in the fact that the shooter, who’s name we will not publish to offer him one iota of infamy or publicity, only had eight rounds in his firearm.  He shot his (former) boss three times, leaving him with five rounds according to my pre-outcome-based education from some decades ago.

Nine or ten others were shot and wounded, aside from the former employer who was mortally wounded.

Mayor Nanny-state Michael Bloomberg acknowledged that New York’s Finest may indeed have shot some of those wounded.  Bless his heart for acknowledging the obvious.

Well, no kidding.  Water is wet, too.

It is gun control activists like Bloomberg and others who bear some responsibility for those civilians unintentionally wounded by police gunfire and I’ll tell you why:  NYPD issues their police officers with a Glock handgun that has been modified to include a heavier trigger.

A stock Glock handgun comes with a “factory” trigger that requires about eight pounds of pull to discharge the firearm.

The NYPD handguns are issued with what we, in the firearms community, affectionately refer to as a “New York Trigger” which requires about 12 pounds of pressure to discharge the gun.

The reason for this is back when New York looked to replace their old tried and true revolvers with semi-automatic pistols, it was believed by the anti-gun bureaucrats that a heavier trigger would prevent unintended discharges.

In reality, it makes the handgun more difficult to shoot accurate, especially while under the stress of someone shooting at you, trying to kill you.

So, obviously in the heated, extreme stress of this morning’s gunbattle, innocents were accidentally shot by police officers.  That happens.  Police officers are only human and only ignorant, untrained individuals would castigate the police officers for executing their duties to the best of their abilities.

Surviving gunbattles are difficult enough, even with training and discipline.

What we don’t need are anti-gun bureaucrats throwing up additional hurdles for the good guys like these officers this morning.

It’s akin to forcing Michael Phelps to swim with a life-vest on so he doesn’t accidentally drown.  It’s going to slow him down and make his job tougher.

These heavier triggers on these guns doesn’t make swimming more difficult – it makes stopping bad people more difficult and the side effect of that is innocent people needless get shot and / or killed.

There’s a good chance those innocent civilians might not have been accidentally wounded by police had officers been issued standard Glock sidearms, and not the modified guns.

We’ll almost assuredly hear more about this down the road, and the attorneys who represent those people accidentally shot by police will probably use this obscure nugget of knowledge to increase the compensation paid to the victims.

After all, they didn’t have to get shot today!

And if it weren’t for the lunacy prattled by Bloomberg and his ilk, they might not have been.

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