Photo provided by Sgt. Jeremy Todd
U.S. Troops armed, on patrol.
Photo by Sgt. Jeremy Todd.

U.S. troops have long been tasked with fighting with one hand tied behind their backs with silly, politically correct rules of engagement.

You know, things like, “we can’t target enemy combatants because they’ve run into a building that might be a mosque or might have “innocent” civilians inside.”  That’s not how we successfully prosecuted World War II, but it is how we prolong conflicts today…

In any event, U.S. troops are now being ordered to carry loaded weapons at all times in Afghanistan, in what would seem to most folks as imposition of common sense in a war zone, especially in one where your “allies” can’t be trusted.

What’s next?  Fighting to kill the enemy instead of “capturing” them so our “allies” can release them at a later date?


Coalition troops now armed at all times on Afghan bases in wake of ‘insider’ shootings

(FoxNews) – U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan are being ordered to carry loaded weapons at all times while on base, in response to a rash of Afghan soldiers and policemen turning their weapons on coalition forces.

The directive, confirmed by Fox News, was issued by International Security Assistance Force Commander Gen. John Allen. It says that troops should no longer simply keep ammunition magazines close by — instead, those magazines should be loaded in the weapons.