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TALK IS CHEAP: “Kill the NRA” Billboard in Kentucky

February 20, 2018

Kill the NRA

"Kill the NRA": That's the message that a sign company says vandals put up on I-65 in Louisville this past weekend.  

Courtesy the Courier-Journal

A vandalized billboard along a major interstate in Louisville is calling out the National Rifle Association following the recent school shootings in Kentucky and Florida.

The sign along Interstate 65 northbound near the Fern Valley Road exit reads "Kill the NRA." The billboard is also tagged with "Resist 45," a group that opposes President Donald Trump. 

Here's my message to Resist45.  Feel free to forward it to them where you find them.

Dear "Resist45" and all who agree with the "Kill the NRA" message:

Talk is cheap.  What the hell are you waiting for, Resist45?  A written invitation to kill me and the other five-plus million men, women and children who are members of the NRA?  Don't vandalize a billboard in the middle of the night like teenage bully.  The next time I walk to my car with my NRA sticker on the window, take me out.  


Stop whining on social media.  Stop complaining at the Daily Kos and Democratic Underground.   Put your bag of Cheetos down, come out of your parent's basement and man up.

Get on it.

Stop talking and do it.  Don't half-ass it.  Put on your big girl panties.  Be a real man and walk the walk.

After all, in your mind America's five-million plus gun owner members of the NRA might as well as put that rifle in that lunatic's hands.  Nevermind that the cops came out to his place dozens of times.  Who cares the FBI ignored multiple tips that this scumbag announced his intentions to the who world?  Nevermind that I was fifteen or twenty hours away from the site of his horrific tragedy when it happened.

But I'm the NRA and I vote.  And I must be killed.

Well, cupcake, quit talking.  Instead, why don't you take your best shot like a real man.  Off you go now.  Carry out your threat with force.  Real force.  Deadly force.

Let's quit talking and do this thing.  Do you need directions to my house?  I can type real slow for you.

Or, as we all suspect, are you really just a coward?



And they wonder why we cling to our guns, God and our country!


8 Responses to TALK IS CHEAP: “Kill the NRA” Billboard in Kentucky

  1. Alpha Co. on February 20, 2018 at 1:23 pm

    Why wait for them?! When are Patriots going to arm up, draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough! I'm seeing all these reports on how Trump and other politicians on the Republican side are considering new laws/changes. Even suggesting that the Federal background check system has been flawed. How exactly?!? Are you telling me that for all these years people have been going through those checks and it wasn't good enough?! And now they are looking at raising the age to purchase a rifle to 21!!! Why?!?! So are they going to change the age to join the military to 21?!? Or what about driving? Let's move that to 25! Since you can't rent a car until that age. 

    This is all crap! I'm tired of legal gun owners being blamed for the sins of the few! I'm surprised they don't blame us for all the thug shootings! Oh, wait….

    Look, law enforcement failed these kids, the Feds failed these kids, the school failed these kids, fellow classmates failed these kids and dead adults! And even parents failed them. But the NRA, you and I did not! 

    I don't want any new gun laws or restrictions! Period! Trump needs to stand strong and say that existing procedures and policy were not executed correctly. 

    In regards to these clowns, I'll look forward to their "attack"! But in the meantime, what are we, America's gun owners and Patriots going to do to combat this? The left has mobilized. They are scheduling protest and all kinds of stuff. Why aren't we mobilizing?! Why isn't the NRA drawing a line?

    I truly believe we are past the point of no return and the only way this is going to be settled is through another Civil War. That's just my opinion. But am I really wrong? Crazy? Or both? 

    America is slipping through our fingers as are our rights! The only question I have left is……are we going to let it happen! Or is 2018 the year when the second shot is heard around the world?

  2. Lorene on February 20, 2018 at 2:49 pm


  3. JM on February 20, 2018 at 5:38 pm

    Yes Sir!  

    More and more people are getting fed up with this mess and I'm not very hopeful that we can ever recover from the swamp we've into which we've fallen (or been pushed).

    It's amazing how a very few paid propagandists can make themselves look so "popular" and swing so many uneducated opinions.  People need to relearn how to think for themselves.



  4. Morning Rush on February 20, 2018 at 9:34 pm

    Still waiting for Resist to get froggy in my neck of the woods.

  5. Moore on February 21, 2018 at 4:38 pm

    You low self-esteem pistol bandits are threatening your '''threatener" over the net just like they did you. You keep up these fights then hide behind your guns. Wow! Big shot!  The people you claim to be protecting yourself against change with the wind. First it's the Gov that's crooked, then it's thugd (who are the thugs?), Then it's home defense. You're protecting yourself against the same people you're selling guns to. Duh…. Mass shooters (AR-15), school shooting (AR-15), movie theater ( AR-15/shotgun). So now, your, our kids have to live in fear like kids in Iraq and Afghanistan because you guys are  1. Afraid in your homes, 2. Are money, power, and blood hungry, and 3. Still think the Confederate will rise again.

    You want someone to take you out so you finally become valid in life and become this "HERO" of nothing!

    Grow up and grow some human sense.

    • Hank on February 21, 2018 at 5:15 pm


    • Morning Rush on February 22, 2018 at 9:53 pm

      Reading comprehension isn’t for everyone.

  6. johnjohn on February 25, 2018 at 4:20 pm

    We probably are beyond the point of no return as a nation in many ways, but it all boils down to one thing to make things get real ugly real quick…..we are just 9 meals away from anarchy and  that interruption in our food supply  could be brought upon us by internal or external forces beyond our control….as long as we are getting up to go to work everyday or you  are sitting by your mailbox waiting for that entitlement check to put food on the table and there is ample food and fresh  available….we will just keep  going on about our business as usual .Sure we will keep on bitching about the weather, or about the politics of the day or the propaganda the lib"tards" keep spewing out, but there is basically not much motivation at this time to take up arms and  form up militias and march against our biggest cities to take out their  liberal strongholds….this isn't the days of the "old west" where you can just  clean up the streets with a gun… even though that is exactly what is needed…..remember we have more guns than they have and on that day when the SHTF they will be coming after us for scarce resources…..SI VIS PACEM PARA BELLEM.