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Join the NRA. And Guns Save Life.

February 28, 2018

NRAimage1Join the NRA.  Given the huge push by America’s Left to strip us of our natural, civil and Constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms, this stands as a timely message.  At the same time, the phrase “Join the NRA” irritates plenty of people, too.

Gun owners across America are facing the most serious attacks on our gun rights since Sandy Hook.  Here in Illinois, we at Guns Save Life (and those at the Illinois State Rifle Association) have warned since late 2016 that we are under assault at the state level.  Despite challenges, we have worked tirelessly to combat the complacency we've seen among an unusually large majority of gun owners in the Prairie State. 

Sure enough, with the hysteria following the failure of government to stop a would-be mass killer in a Florida school, a slew of gun control passed the Illinois General Assembly, in some cases with more than a dozen votes to spare.

Without a doubt, the NRA gets proven results just as Guns Save Life does.  The difference between the two is that Guns Save Life is poised to issue member #5,000.  The NRA, on the other hand, has five MILLION plus members. 

For years, the NRA has stood as the primary obstacle to passage of gun control.  This year, the hysteria overcame the best efforts of the NRA, GSL, ISRA and everyone else working in Springfield – along with thousands of engaged gun owners.

Of course, we need a bigger gorilla in the room.  As the NRA grows bigger, so does its influence.  Especially when members respond to action alerts.  The Left hates the NRA with a burning passion because the nation’s oldest civil rights org gets results like no other.

The NRA not only fights gun grabber schemes at the national level, they also work tirelessly doing the same in statehouses across America.  After all, gun control advocates see greater likelihood for success in the states after 2016’s election results.

And sure enough, they came to Illinois in a big way.  We face just-introduced bills to ban guns, magazines, bump stocks – even body armor for everyday good guys.  All within the past 48 hours.  Long-time House Speaker Michael Madigan declared Wednesday, March 1st, as “gun day” in the Illinois General Assembly and a bunch of bills passed, including the dreaded gun dealer licensing scheme.  That bill not only licenses dealers, but rations private citizens to nine firearm transfers per year.  Oh yeah, and it's the end of private firearm transfers.  Also passed through one chamber or another:  lethal violence restraining orders, a bump stock ban and a ban on 18-20-year-olds purchasing or possessing black rifles.

We are still fighting.  And it’s the NRA-ILA leading the Prairie State gun groups in Springfield, IL to stop this runaway gun control freight train.

Given the desperate hour – and the nationwide attacks upon America's oldest civil rights organization, I encourage everyone to join the National Rifle Association.

While no organization has a perfect history, the NRA stands as the big dog on the block when it comes to gun rights.  I saw it first-hand in Illinois, even before I became Guns Save Life’s executive director.  Now, working with NRA staff professionally, I see even more good things from the NRA’s work behind the scenes.

Nothing commands respect among politicians, friend and foe, than having the NRA org at your back.  The good guys appreciate the support and the bad actors know how well the NRA delivers consequences for pols voting against gun rights.


Some gun owners say they don’t join because of the junk mail.  A simple call to NRA will fix that.

Others claim the NRA has become too political.  Really?

Other POTG upset about past NRA endorsements or stances on bills.  The NRA endorses incumbents with a proven track record over a challenger, no matter how much better the challenger sounds on gun rights.  And political party does not matter.  As far as endorsing bills, Waples Mill tries to play the long game.

No, the NRA has never been perfect.  Then again, only one man has ever walked on water.

Do you have let a beef with the NRA or its leadership that keeps you from joining?  The time has come to ask yourself if that beef is more important than supporting the 800-pound gorilla fighting for your rights like the third monkey on the ramp to Noah’s Ark.  And brother, if you haven’t noticed, the rain has started!

Join the NRA.

In addition to joining the National Rifle Association, take out a membership in a state-level group where you live.  If you live in Illinois, join Guns Save Life.  Also for Illinois residents:  while the Illinois State Rifle Association has yet to urge folks to join GSL, I'll say it here…  you should become a member of ISRA just as I am.  Both Guns Save Life and ISRA work relentlessly and tirelessly to safeguard your rights in your state house while you live life.

What’s more, you as an individual can also help influence these state and local groups.  I don’t have Wayne LaPierre or Chris Cox’s cell phone numbers in my phone.  You probably don’t have them either.  By comparison, contacting the leadership team of state-level groups like GSL and ISRA comes quite easy.  And if you want to volunteer, they will probably have a place where you can make a difference getting proven results for gun folks across your state and beyond.

Do not sit on the sidelines.  Complacency is gun owners’ greatest enemy.  Get active and make a difference.  Do it not only for you and your family, but for your children and their children!

Lastly, some have asked why they have not seen the NRA-ILA's Illinois liaison at the committee hearings.  Rest assured, John Weber has worn the leather off the soles of his shoes these past few days.  By depriving hard-left Democrats of an opportunity to beat up on the NRA on TV in a committee hearing, he denied them commercial gold.  Especially when the die had already been cast on those votes, courtesy of Democrat Michael Madigan.

6 Responses to Join the NRA. And Guns Save Life.

  1. GSL & NRA 4 Life on February 28, 2018 at 9:07 pm


    My question is how long will it take these cesspool democrats to recruit the next lunatic to shoot up another school?

    • Dennis on March 1, 2018 at 2:19 am

      Probably allready in the works… and the sheep are too stupid to realize they are being played. 🙁


  2. Bryan on March 2, 2018 at 2:27 am

    If you want to join a no-compromise group with big numbers (1.5 million plus), join Gun Owners of America (http://www.gunowners.org/). For $20 they regularly send you postcards that you can send to your reps in Congress. They don't compromise and don't just cave in on bump stocks. In New Mexico where I am from (like the article said) they chose Martin Heinrich over a strong A-rated challenger. The thing they forgot (or not) is that a vote for Heinrich was a vote for Nancy Pelosi. 

    If you have money to join both, join NRA and GOA. If you only have money for one, join GOA. My 2 cents.

    • jboch on March 3, 2018 at 9:07 am

      Name a single piece of legislation the GOA has worked through the legislative process into law?

      And then tell me about a single piece of legislation in Illinois that GOA has been instrumental in blocking.

      I'll be waiting.

      GOA is a great organization and has its niche.  It's not making a difference on the front lines though.

    • Elizabeth Fitzmaurice on March 24, 2018 at 8:31 am

      I'm totally turned off by their advertisements, their website.  I'm an NRA member and am looking for an Illinois group to join…..It won't the the GOA. 

  3. Phil on March 27, 2018 at 7:07 am

    Became a Lifetime G.O.A., after a "Lifetime" of making excuses for N.R.A. chicanery! Why legislate "gun law", when we have the 2nd Ammendment???  More legislation equals more $$…money… $$ for J.Boch & friends!