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THEY’RE GONNA NEED MORE PRISONS: New York State has 81,000 new Felons today.

February 1, 2018

NY Daily News photo

While the gun rights team in Illinois has successfully defeated or held off rabidly anti-gun legislation this past year, other states have not fared so well in recent times.  In New York State, many already registered gun owners ignored a new law that would require them to re-register all of their firearms – and themselves – with the Empire State government before February 1, 2018.  81,000 chose not to jump through this new hoop, and as of 12:01 am today, became felons.

Yes, while some view the Prairie State as backwards on gun rights, it could be worse.  We could be New York State. 

Thankfully, Illinois gun owners have mobilized to such an extent that we've had better luck pushing back big gun control, funding by Soros, Bloomberg, et al.  Working tirelessly, the National Rifle Association – Institute for Legislative Action, along with Guns Save Life, the Illinois State Rifle Association and other groups have successfully held the line in Illinois. 

Fortunately for us.

New York State's authorities say they aren't pressing forward with enforcement action, yet.  But wait.  They will.  Frankly, the biggest obstacle to immediate enforcement is the fact that the Empire State's prisons currently only hold 51,000 inmates.  Imagine trying to stuff an additional 81,000 new convicts inside those prison walls!

Of course, how many cops, prison guards, firefighters and other public safety professionals – and politicians – are now felons?


Of course, Governor Cuomo will surely pay them a visit after they are incarcerated for failing to register their guns.

2 Responses to THEY’RE GONNA NEED MORE PRISONS: New York State has 81,000 new Felons today.

  1. Eric on February 3, 2018 at 9:08 pm

    Seems to be that they are forgetting the part “SHALL NOT be infringed….at what point do we start class action lawsuits against these lawmakers who aren’t standing behind their vow to up hold the constitution. Because this is how you get a resistance. 

    Remember people YOU are the resistance. It’s half past time to push back

  2. Chris on February 20, 2018 at 1:12 am

    Perhaps you forgot the part “A WELL REGULATED MILITIA” do some history research and what the founders meant at the time this was written. You may not like what you find out.