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KELEHER: 637 Chicago Funerals… And Counting. Where is the public outrage?

December 5, 2017

Tribune photo

by Michael Keleher 

In November of 2017, the murder statistics in Chicago finally surpassed 600 homicides this year. The moment in time passed with little notice in the local press and outside Chicago there is no notice at all or mention of the casualty rate in the national media.

It is well known among law enforcement the high percentage of shooters, and a similar percentage of the shooting victims, all have prior violent criminal convictions. Some of the abject horror of 600 murders in eleven months gets written off to “bad guys killing other bad guys.”But seriously, 600 murders? When did that ever become “the norm” or allowable?

What about 600 families who had to endure the deaths and funerals? That number of people would run well into thousands of people affected. They suffer loss like you and I suffer loss, and Chicago – aka Murder City USA – is now the U.S. home of such tragic events and grieving.

The numbers surrounding the 600 actual homicides are staggering. Marksmanship has never been a premium quality for street thugs,and in 2017 from January to November, 3,278 human beings have been shot in Rahm's City by the Lake – but they survived. Where is the public outcry?  Where is the political rage to change things on the street or bring more assets to bear to prevent such tragedies?


Oh that’s right, the Mayor is a Democratic political darling and former Obama White House Chief of Staff, and there is no publicity of such obvious problems in his realm. That emperor has beautiful clothes.


Someone is shot every 2:22 minutes in Chicago and someone is murdered every 12 hrs and 33 minutes.  Those numbers don’t give pause, consider this: there are more murders in Chicago than in New York City and Los Angeles combined.  Let’s repeat that, Chicago has more murders than the two largest cities in the U.S. added together. Stunning statistics to the casual observer-but very few people are actually watching.

The violence rate just keeps growing. When is an emergency declared? In 2015 there were 450 homicides. In a huge increase, the following year Chicago ended 2016 with 719 and is now entering the holiday stretch from 637… and counting.

If the Windy City closes out the year less than last year’s 719 there will be momentary mention in the press about violent crime numbers down from last year and the police department will claim some headlines that drop off a day later. There will still have been over 600 families that were forced to attend over 600 funerals which will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

To be well armed with credible information on the topic, check out www.heyjackass.com for a daily collection of Chicago crime statistics. You won’t see it reported on the national news.


2 Responses to KELEHER: 637 Chicago Funerals… And Counting. Where is the public outrage?

  1. JM on December 6, 2017 at 2:29 pm

    "Rahm's City by the Lake",  I like that name.  It sounds so much better than "Murder Capital USA".

    There must be a solution to this problem.  But, it won't be found until the people along with those in power starts looking for it… and the rulers of "Rahm's City by the Lake" sure aren't looking for a real solution.



  2. Patrick Peterson on December 6, 2017 at 2:59 pm

    Are those in power really looking for a solution?  I am concerned that the body count is considered simply acceptable collateral damage to maintain the drumbeat showing the need for more gun control (re: lawabiding persons disarmament).