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CALL YOUR SENATOR, *NOW*! Rauner announces veto of Gun Dealer Licensing scheme; Over-ride attempt likely on Wednesday

March 13, 2018

Photo via Sun-Times.   

Governor Bruce Rauner has quietly told some pro-gun folks of his opposition to the Gun Dealer Licensing scheme for months now.  Not even a couple of weeks ago, at a fundraiser event in Southern Illinois, Rauner told an attendee of his intentions to veto the bill.  Now, the Chicago Sun-Times reports on Rauner's public statement to veto the bill

Despite Democratic pressure from Mayor Rahm Emanuel and gubernatorial rivals just days before the primary election, Gov. Bruce Rauner on Tuesday said he plans to veto a gun measure that would have required the state to license gun dealers.

In an interview with WJPF radio station in southern Illinois, Rauner said he’ll veto the measure, while also calling on the four legislative leaders to appoint members to a public safety commission to talk about mental health and school safety, according to the governor’s office.

The governor’s office said Rauner will veto the bill later Tuesday.

And minutes ago, ABC7 broadcast news of the veto.

As I've had it explained to me, Bruce Rauner has begun to feel the pinch of Jeanne Ives' primary challenge.  Why?  Many Republicans are moving behind Ives conservative message, both politicians and the rank-and-file.  Bruce Rauner needs to look like a conservative to ensure he pulls out a victory in the primary.  What better way to toss out some red meat to the conservative base than a very public veto of an anti-gun bill, right?

It goes without saying that when Rauner whacks SB-1657 with his veto stamp, gun owners will need to immediately contact their State Senators and urge them to vote "NO" on the over-ride.

According the the rules, the Illinois General Assembly has 15 calendar days to over-ride a veto.  While the Illinois House has adjourned for four weeks, the Illinois Senate is in session.  If the Senate upholds a Rauner veto (and boy, will it be close!), the bill is dead for this session.

If the Senate over-rides, the House will be called back into special session to vote on the over-ride.

We need to make sure that downstate Democrat senators and Chicagoland Republicans stand with Illinois' law-abiding gun owners against this gun control scheme.  

DO you have a downstate Democrat Senator?  Or a suburban Republican Senator?  They need to hear from you, right now.


Don't have the contact info for your State Senator?  No problem.  Click on the search engine link below.




You need some reasons why you should make that call to your State Senator TODAY?

First off, the other side is urging their people to call the senators and urge them to over-ride the veto.  They're mobilizing gun control advocates from all 50 states to make the calls!

Also, this bill will impact you DIRECTLY.  The bill would ration you to NINE firearm transfers per year.  That's it.  And ALL transfers must go through a dealer.  Yes, it's Universal Background Checks.  Expect prices to rise sharply as gun stores pass along these new regulatory costs to their customers.  Before they go out of business, that is, leaving behind the big box stores who have been exempted from this bill.  Oh yeah, and Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms whose IFMA lobbying organization traded an exemption for them in exchange for dropping their opposition to the bill last Spring.

For a run-down on many of the bill's flaws, visit 357's post at Illinois Carry.  He did a magnificent job analyzing the bill.

Here's a sample:

"Section 10.
(e) A person who violates any provision of this Section is
guilty of a Class A misdemeanor for a first violation, and a
Class 4 felony for a second or subsequent violation."

While a straw purchaser gets probation.


"(f) In addition to any other penalty provided by law, any person or entity who violates any provision of this Section shall pay a civil penalty to the Department in an amount not to exceed $10,000 for each offense as determined by the Department."

It's clear by the steep fines that they want them to go out of business.

"Section 20.
(5) Conduct hearings on proceedings to refuse to issue
or renew licenses or to revoke, suspend, place on probation, reprimand, or take any other disciplinary or non-disciplinary action against licenses issued under this Act."

They can refuse to issue or renew licenses concerning a constitutional right and can conduct hearings on themselves.

"(11) Authorize examinations to ascertain the qualifications and fitness of applicants for licensing as a dealer and pass upon the qualifications of applicants for

Have to go to school to exercise a constitutional right. Qualifications and fitness of applicants?

"Section 25. The Gun Dealer Licensing Board.
(a) The Gun Dealer Licensing Board shall consist of 5 members to be appointed by the Secretary."

The board members to be appointed by the Secretary of state Jesse White and not the governor?

"(f) A majority of Board members constitutes a quorum. A
majority vote of the members is required for a decision."

Real easy to manipulate.

"(The expiration date, renewal period, and conditions for renewal and restoration of each license shall be set by rule."

License can be denied by rule and there's no limits to the conditions imposed. …

"If an applicant fails to pass the examination within 3 years after filing an application, the application shall be denied. An applicant may make a new application after the 3-year period."

Denied for failing an exam.

"Section 40. Continuing education. The Department may adopt rules of continuing education for persons licensed under this Act."

Again more hoops to jump or get shut down and need to go to school to operate a business.

"Section 50. Qualifications for licensure as a dealer.
(4) has a minimum of one year of experience, with a minimum of 100 hours per year, during the 5 years immediately preceding the application: (i) as a dealership agent under this Act; or (ii) as a federal firearms dealer licensed under Section 923 of the federal Gun Control Act of 1968 (18 U.S.C. 923) or an employee of the business who had access to firearms; (5) has paid the fees required by this Act; and (6) has passed an examination authorized by the Department."

No new licensees since one year experience needed. No employees either since 100 hours a year for the previous 5 years experience needed.

"(The Department may request a personal interview of an
applicant before the Board to further evaluate his or her
qualifications for a license."

Need to be interviewed too to get a license so people can exercise their constitutional rights.

"Section 55. Qualifications for licensure as a dealership.
(7) From the sheriff of the county in which the business address is located written confirmation stating that, to the best of the sheriff's knowledge, the applicant
is in compliance with applicable federal, State, and local
laws. A sheriff that refuses to provide this confirmation
within 30 days after the date of the application shall
instead submit an objection in writing to the Department
and the license applicant based upon a reasonable suspicion
that the applicant is not in compliance with applicable
federal, State, and local laws. If no written confirmation
or objection is made under this paragraph within 30
days after the date of the application, the Department
shall proceed as if the sheriff had provided confirmation."

The sheriff can object too based on a "reasonable suspicion" whatever that means and his confirmation is needed to get a license. Same as with concealed carry license objections, good luck to the dealers in Cook county.

"A municipality or county may impose additional
requirements for the operation of gun dealers and
dealerships beyond the requirements of this Act and
consistent with the United States Constitution and the
Constitution of the State of Illinois, including local
license requirements."

A municipality or county may impose additional requirements and licenses and can make dealers go out of business.

"It shall be the duty of local
authorities to investigate and enforce any failure of a
dealer or dealership to meet these requirements and to
notify the Department of these investigations and enforcement actions."

Local authorities can harass dealers too.

"This paragraph supersedes Section 13.1 of the Firearm Owners Identification Card Act and Section 90 of the Firearm Concealed Carry Act as applied to
the local regulation of dealers and dealerships."

Looks like the antis are changing the concealed carry law too?

"No dealer may be the licensee-in-charge for more than
one dealership."

Their desire to have no dealers is clear.

"Section 70. Requirements; prohibitions.
(h) A licensee shall post in a conspicuous position on the
premises where the licensee conducts business a sign that
contains the following warning in block letters not less than
one inch in height: "With few exceptions, it is unlawful for you to store or leave an unsecured firearm in a place where a child can obtain access to it, sell or transfer your firearm to someone else without receiving approval for the transfer from the Department of State Police, or fail to report the loss or theft of your firearm to local law enforcement within 72 hours."

With few exceptions? The antis are passing 3 additional laws with this one, child access, failure to report and registration?

"A licensee shall post any additional warnings or provide any other information regarding firearms laws and the safe storage of firearms to consumers as required by the Department by rule."

More regulations by rule to come.

There are plenty of other reasons, including legislating people out of jobs in a state that desperately needs jobs, not more regulation.