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OATH KEEPERS OPERATION HYPO: Leftist Violence Part of Cultural Civil War; More Violence to Come

February 2, 2017


The leftist violence seen in America on a nearly daily basis isn't random, nor is it "grassroots".  This violence has been orchestrated and funded by George Soros-funded groups.  Oath Keepers went undercover in some of these groups since the election and has a fantastic after action report of their work inside some of the "Disrupt J20" groups.

The Oath Keepers found the most violent of these leftist "peaceful protesters" are the "anti-fascist" groups of anarchists, comprised primarily of un- or under-employed white males.  They are formed and organized like militias in many ways and frequently have training in security, logistics and martial arts and acts.  They are physically fit, military age males learning from former personnel.  They prefer violent "direct action" to passive protests. These are dangerous people and they see patriots and constitutionalists like us as their mortal enemy. 

The after action report from Oath Keepers reads like a thriller.  We aren't reading a fictional story though.  The hard-core left sees these violent "actions" as "the opening salvo of a revolution".  They know they've lost the election and their friends in Congress are helpless to stop Donald Trump and the Republicans from rolling back the "fundamental transformations" of America imposed upon America by the Obama regime.  They see violence as their best remaining options.  Real violence.  We've seen this, not only relentless violence at the Presidential Inauguration, but in a host of actions including in the past couple of days in Portland and at the UC Berkeley riots.

Photo via SF Chronicle

From "Navy Jack" at Oath Keepers:

The protesters on the ground see large crowds and continuous support from the MSM for their protests. They hear former President Obama telling them they need to keep going. They are energized and angry. The people in the middle, the organizers, don’t really know where this is going; they do believe that with all of these angry voices something has to give. The people at the top (Democracy Partners, Soros, globalist and NEOCON interest groups) know this is just the opening salvo of a revolution.

In Egypt all it took was a few hundred thousand protesters to drive out the President. Here that won’t happen. The people at the top know that violence is the only way forward. In the Ukraine they had to put a sniper up on a rooftop shooting in both directions (protesters and police) to start a civil war in order to force the President out. That is the formula that will be followed here if they can get the protests to grow over the next couple of weeks.

If what occurred in Portland last night were to happen again or if it were to happen in a state like Montana, Idaho or Texas, self-defense measures will eventually be used by citizens to defend themselves against the violent protesters. A few violent protesters get shot or seriously wounded by citizens exercising their right to self-defense is all it will take to build the outrage to a level where either the President steps down to save the nation from a civil war (like in the Ukraine) or the shooting starts. Either way, this is a bad situation.

With the MSM fueling the riots and protests, I am not sure how this can be turned off. The President is not being listened to by the left at all. They just don’t want to hear the truth about any of these issues. It is all AstroTurf, but it doesn’t matter. Don’t think for a minute that the President can go on national TV and calm everyone down. No matter what he says the situation will be made worse by the MSM and social media.

Our only real hope is that the protesters become exhausted and their violence starts to slow down before any of them get hurt or killed. Pray for that and prepare for the worst.

If the protests were to slow and the anger subsides, the globalists only have two cards left to play;
1. The Kennedy solution, or
2. Economic collapse.

Both are tough cards to play because you can only use them once. I don’t know the answer. If I had to guess, I think they will attempt #1 because the President has shown ZERO willingness to compromise on his campaign promises. If they fail and the President continues to unwind the United States from the control of the globalists for even another year, they will play card #2. The alternative would be that there would be no way for them to ever regain control. I do not think they will let that happen.

The Kennedy solution, of course, is assassination of the president.  Thankfully, our nation's Secret Service provides extraordinary levels of security for the President and First Family.

There is some good news.  Some of those charged as a result of the Oath Keepers undercover work (with the help of Project Veritas) have begun cooperating with police as they face 10-year or greater federal prison terms.  The days of violent hooligans getting released with a $100 fine by the Obama administration have gone the way of the Cuckoo bird.

Update 01/31/2017 – We are working to confirm specifics, but it does appear that several of the defendants charged with felony rioting during the Presidential Inauguration are now cooperating with prosecutors. Their assistance identifying additional individuals that were responsible for the injury of police officers and damage to buildings could warrant a reduction in charges. We will update this article when more information becomes available.

Look for more of this tough response from our law and order president.  However it won't be enough.

President Trump can't mandate local departments take action.  Take the UC Berkeley and surrounding police agencies who stood back and gave violent leftists "room" to destroy things last night.   Washington DC police, according to the Oath Keepers, effectively allowed much of the hooliganism at the Inauguration to happen.

Here's some of the Oath Keepers Project HYPO after action:



Photo via Oath Keepers


NavyJack – Operation HYPO After Action Report: Infiltrating Violent Protest Organizations

Oath Keepers 

As many of you know, Oath Keepers initiated Operation HYPO in response to the increasingly violent protests that broke out across the country following the election. We had some members already in a position to quickly infiltrate the protest organizations that were active in support of Operation Sabot. I myself assumed an identity of an individual from another state with all of the necessary elements to ensure success of my assigned responsibilities. Working during the day, I would travel by night to meetings and protests in various cities. Most weekends were consumed with assimilating reports from other operatives, grooming equipment and planning our activities. Our entire team had immense support from Oath Keepers senior leadership.

In my case, it took quite a while to become accepted into the groups that I was responsible for observing. I think a lot of this was because I am a little bit older than our other operatives. I dyed my hair and bought clothing appropriate for the assignment. By actually participating in a large number of protest activities, I was eventually “recruited” into a series of organizations with increasing levels of responsibility. It took a month of steady involvement before any of the really hard-core group leaders would even talk to me. My military and post-active duty DoD experience was extremely valuable. I learned to behave as they behave and to “trigger” on appropriate issues. I also learned that the brain-washing that moves people into these organizations is mostly external to the organizations themselves. The people joining are brain-washed by numerous sources before they even participate in their first protest or direct action. The MSM, our colleges and universitiessocial media and leftist alternative news organizations are the primary sources of the initial brain-washing that is taking place. The radicalization process is unique to each person, but generally follows a pattern of being very rapid for those with little or no responsibilities in their daily life to long and laborious for those with a real life outside of the movement. Young, under-employed single white males are the vanguard of these movements.

In order to gain trust, we found that the best thing to do was to be aloof and skeptical with regard to the plans and activities of the groups and to be independent and outspoken when plans were being discussed in our presence. Most of the details associated with “direct actions” were not discussed with anyone other than the group of individuals assigned to carry out the specific task. In the groups that I was assigned to penetrate, there were plenty of blowhards thumping their chest about something they had done that demonstrated their skill and ability to participate or lead. Most of this was hyperbole, but the newer members would eat it up like young soldiers listening to the inflated heroics of a platoon member that had only been with the unit a month longer than them.  We all know the type.

While most of our operatives started and stayed with one specific group, I was unable to initially penetrate the group I was responsible for infiltrating. I had to work my way up the ladder, moving from one group to another in order to achieve my objective. In my migration from group to group, I found that political ideology was a significant factor in the determination of what types of activities the groups would sponsor; ranging from sit-ins to marches to direct action. I can broadly classify these ideologies as liberal socialists, communists and anarchists.

The liberal socialists are primarily coming out of our higher education system. They are comprised of professors, students and under-employed graduates. They are primarily white with a roughly equal split between male/female. They are not militant. They are willing to conduct blockades, marches and sit-ins.

The communists are a much broader spectrum of society with a strong leaning towards immigration issues. The communists actively recruit from a wide pool of candidates, including liberal socialists, the LBGT community, the environmental activists and the anti-white racist groups (Black Lives Matter, La Raza, Islamic Fundamentalists, etc.). They have a significant number of minorities in their ranks and they are militant in their operations and planning. The communists encourage independent action of their members to assimilate members from groups like Black Lives Matter, La Raza and other less militant organizations like ANSWER Coalition. They have no ethical boundaries. To communists, the ends always justify the means. They will do everything that the liberal socialist do in order to protest an issue and always take it one step further. They are not inclined to conduct direct actions.

The anarchists are by far the most dangerous of these groups. They are organized like militias. They actively train and practice their operations. They have discipline and zero tolerance for weakness. They have a number of former military personnel providing expertise to enhance security, logistics and martial arts capabilities. The majority are physical fit, military age males. They are primarily white with few minority members. Their leadership tends to be either former military, a proven leader from the occupy movement or a highly educated alpha-male. They are far more capable than their recent activities would demonstrate. They have formed community defense organizations and are idolized for their willingness to take action from the other groups discussed above. They are however anarchists that despise communism as much as they despise capitalism. They see patriots and constitutionalists as their primary enemy. To them, everyone is a NAZI or a fascist unless they are an anarchist. There is no debate allowed on these issues, ever. They operate under various names, but the vast majority identify with the anti-fascist movement. With the election of President Trump, their membership has increased exponentially. There are at least 50,000 nationwide. They have been able to assimilate much of the “occupy” and “black-bloc” movements. Most of what these organizations accomplish are classified as direct actions. They will participate in a protest or a march, but they are not big fans of passive resistance.

For those of you that are not familiar with the term “direct action”, these are very precise coordinated operations conducted by small groups (4-6 members) that have very specific unit and overall goals. The planned smoke bombing of an Inauguration Ball is a good example of a direct action. Our team foiled this operation. We informed the DC Police Department, the National Press Club and the Inauguration Ball security team leaders of these plans on January 9th, 2017. Direct targeting of individuals and businesses are common direct action activities for the Anti-Fascists. Destruction of property (burning your car, damaging your house, busting the windows out where you work, etc.) are standard direct actions against targeted individuals of these groups. Ask James O’Keefe from Project Veritas or Milo Yiannopoulos from Breitbart News.  They are both now having to deal with this.  The following video was recorded at Portland International Airport last night. The PDX Black-bloc initiated “direct action” to assault individuals who they believed were supporters of the President. You can watch a longer version of this event, now being characterized as a riot, here.

…To put this into perspective, if you were caught trying to film a liberal socialist meeting, you would be encouraged to join their movement repeatedly before being asked to leave. If you got caught trying to film a planning meeting of the Revolutionary Communist Party or one of the other militant communist groups, you would be roughed up on your way out the door and there is a good chance you would lose your recording equipment. If you got caught trying to film one of the larger anti-fascist organization meetings, you would see a security protocol employed that would cause the meeting to come to a quick end. You would then be asked to turn over your recording equipment, be blacklisted and scheduled for direct action.

Of the major police departments we have worked with, Cleveland, Philadelphiaand New York City were by far the most responsive. These departments appreciated the information we provided and took affirmative action to prevent property damage and violence. The Police Departments in cities including Portland, Seattle, San Diego, Chicago and Cincinnati were receptive to our reports but faced political pressure that may have undermined the overall effectiveness of our efforts. The police departments of Baltimore and Washington DC were severe disappointments. In every case except for one where we reported plans that could result in damage or injury, these departments took no preemptive or preparatory actions.

(emphasis added)

…As of today, our operatives are still engaged with four of the largest anti-fascist/anarchist organizations. It is almost as difficult and dangerous to pull our people out of these groups as it was to get them in. Recent arrests in Philadelphia, Washington DC and other locations have caused the groups that we are still involved with to become paranoid, so we are using the prominence of our remaining operatives over the next several weeks to bring in replacements.

Oath Keepers story can be found here.  Read the whole thing including more videos, etc. at this link.

Another bit of good news from Navy Jack:

Working with DisruptJ20 was the worst thing the anti-fascist and occupy groups could have done. Because of the bravado of the DisruptJ20 leadership in the media, nearly every one of the participants in the DC riots, wherever they came from, has now been cataloged by the Feds. Most of them were carrying cell phones.

Just like following the initial arrests in Portland, several of the defendants charged with felony rioting during the Presidential Inauguration are now cooperating with prosecutors. It’s pretty clear that additional warrants are going to be forthcoming; many are from outside the DC area.

They have convinced themselves that they are anonymous, but they are not. There really isn’t much about these groups in New York City and Philadelphia that the special crimes units are not already on top of. NYC had undercover officers in there well before these groups appeared on our radar. Philadelphia also has relatively tight surveillance. Because of the multi-state coordination leading up to the inauguration, the FBI has a new mission.

9 Responses to OATH KEEPERS OPERATION HYPO: Leftist Violence Part of Cultural Civil War; More Violence to Come

  1. Sam Whittemore on February 2, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    We have seen it before in Ferguson and other places:  When American law enforcement won't step up and keep order (because of political bosses holding them back), America's gun owners will step in and maintain order.

    Berkeley might be a radical-friendly environment.  Other cities in "flyover" parts of America, maybe not so much.

  2. Parabellum on February 2, 2017 at 4:59 pm

    They want war?  Ha ha.  That's laughable.

    They will have a short, but lively existence outside of the big cities if they really want this to go hot.

  3. ken on February 2, 2017 at 5:16 pm

    Just like the panzies who're rolling over to save serious prison terms, the rest of 'em will collapse like wet cardboard if we ever get to a firing war (as opposed to the cold war we're now in).


    THey're PUSSIES, just like all the socialists, when they're NOT en masse. 

  4. duh duh on February 2, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    crossbows up . . . . .  crossbows at the ready  . . . . .

  5. James on February 2, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    I have to disagree with whomever at Oathkeepers that Trump would step down if another night of violence happened as did in Portland… I do not see any possibility of Trump stepping down no matter how bad things became, nor do I believe the people or the military want him to step down if shooting were to erupt… Until his cabinet is in place it is going to be difficult to get the situation corrected – Jeff Sessions will start the ball rolling with the DOJ… no one in DOJ is going to go after SOROS and the evil ilk behind these ANTIFA (anti First Amendment) and other communist groups until Sessions gets there and cleans house.  

  6. Dyspeptic Skeptic on February 2, 2017 at 10:25 pm

    Let's hope we see action against Soros.

    It is long overdue.

  7. johnjohn on February 3, 2017 at 11:32 pm


  8. anon on February 4, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    Open #PizzaGate and go after the CF, these people are just usefull idiots, Trump has to take down the men behind the curtain before they have a chance at option #1 or #2.

  9. Ethan on February 22, 2017 at 11:26 pm

    Paramilitary asshats.  No evidence, no proof.  This is a bullshit article.