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NO THANKS: Kathy Salvi now running for US Senate after her husband Al Salvi SOLD OUT gun owners following his 1996 Senate run

June 17, 2022

Kathy Salvi is running for the Republican nomination for the US Senate seat currently held by Tammy Duckworth.  Caveat emptor.  If the Salvi name sounds familiar, you are right.  It should sound familiar.

See, back in 1996, her husband Al Salvi ran for the US Senate seat.  He won the Republican primary, thanks in large part to the help of gun rights activists who welcomed his refreshing support of gun rights.  Salvi took a lot of heat for embracing gun rights for good guys and he ran a good campaign.  He lost at the election time to Dick Durbin who had a mountain of name recognition thanks to his time as Secretary of State.

Then, after the election, Al Salvi penned a piece in the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper entitled, “Why I was wrong on guns.”

In it, he blamed his position supporting gun rights for the little people with costing him the election.  He threw his gun rights friends under the bus in the worst way.  

Check out this piece from the Heartland Institute:

Last October, The Heartland Institute presented its Heartland Liberty Prize to Al Salvi for his outstanding efforts to promote individual liberty. We were impressed by the young U.S. Senate candidate’s call for “less government and more freedom,” and for his insistence that government’s role be limited even on such tough issues as gun ownership.

You can imagine our disappointment, then, when Salvi reversed his position on gun ownership in an essay published on August 15 by the Chicago Sun-Times.

In his essay, titled “Why I Was Wrong About Guns,” Salvi blames his election defeat on his support of gun rights. “Forget the intellectual arguments about the role of the federal government,” he wrote. “Voters were right, I was wrong.” He goes on to endorse the Brady Bill and a ban on “assault weapons” and to oppose laws that would allow some people to legally carry concealed weapons.

That’s right:  Al Salvi, the staunch pro-gun conservative, blamed his gun rights position for his election loss.  And he wrote that he was wrong in his righteous pursuit of gun rights for the little people in Illinois.  Suddenly, he believed that denying the little people of the ability to protect their homes, families and selves in public was the right thing to do. 

What’s more, Salvi was still talking about taking another run for Senate.  

As you might imagine, that didn’t sit well with the people who helped Mr. Salvi win the Republican nomination in that 1996 election cycle, particularly gun rights folks like us.

Heartland continues…

Unlike Salvi, we cannot casually set aside “the intellectual arguments” about the pros and cons of gun control. We know, for example, that cities and states with gun control laws do not experience lower crime or murder rates than those without them. We know that the vast majority of criminals’ handguns — some 93 percent — are obtained from illegal sources, and therefore are not affected by waiting periods or outright bans. More gun control laws wouldn’t reduce violent crime.

We also know that every year, adults use guns to protect themselves about 2.5 million times. For every life lost due to a gun, as many as 65 lives are saved. Potential victims kill between 2,000 and 3,000 criminals and wound an additional 9,000 to 17,000 each year.

Handguns are a particularly valuable form of protection for women, who often are physically smaller than their attackers and less able to repel an attack using other kinds of weapons. Contrary to popular myth, criminals are able to take a gun away from an armed victim less than one percent of the time. Guns, in short, are needed for self-protection.

Preach it.

Oh, but Salvi’s essay got even better.

In his essay, Salvi says his support of gun rights was inconsistent with his support for “family values.” That is plausible only at the most superficial level. There is nothing “pro-family” about using gun laws to disarm single women and families, making them more likely to be victimized by urban predators. There is nothing “pro-family” about making our streets and neighborhoods less safe or by making criminals out of parents seeking to protect their families from thugs and gangs. By what logic do laws that violate our right to privacy and freedom from unreasonable searches and seizure become “pro-family”?

Gun rights isn’t a family value?  Really?  Guns protect children.  Guns protect families.  Guns save lives.

Salvi says he is considering making another run for the U.S. Senate. His essay makes clear that he is changing his public stance on gun laws in order to become more electable, not because he believes gun control is working where it has been tried, or that Second Amendment rights are no longer worthy of protection.

And that’s where that sign above came from.  More on that after the closing bit from Heartland…

It is sad testimony to the public’s lack of understanding of gun issues, and to mass media’s misrepresentation of gun facts, that an intelligent and idealistic candidate such as Al Salvi must abandon positions he knows to be right in order to be electable. If this is indeed the “real world” of politics, then is it any wonder why government so frequently fails to solve social and economic problems?

So, as Salvi campaign volunteers, we had a metric ton of Salvi signage after that 1996 race.  A hundred or more of them.  We kept them for a later Salvi run for Senate.

Then he sold us out.

And we had ourselves a mega bonfire one evening.  We sent a whole lot of black smoke into the night sky, burning those petroleum-laced plastics and recycling those dead dinosaurs into ashes.

After all, the Quisling Al Salvi wasn’t payin’ rent for us to store his campaign trash.

So now, Mrs. Al Salvi is running for the Republican nomination for US Senate.

Isn’t it a fair question to wonder just how deeply her pro-gun beliefs really are?  Are they as paper-thin as her husband’s?  Will she have a similar epiphany after this primary election?

That’s up to you to decide.

Fool us once, shame on you.  Fool us twice, shame on us!


3 Responses to NO THANKS: Kathy Salvi now running for US Senate after her husband Al Salvi SOLD OUT gun owners following his 1996 Senate run

  1. israelfirst on June 18, 2022 at 11:23 am

    I certainly do not want to vote for an ANTI-GUNNER !

    Problem is, I have been trying to research Candidates for various State and federal Offices.

    I can not find enough information about some of these candidates; SO I really dont know who to vote for in some of these races.

    Can anyone make a suggestion, even if its a personal choice?

    My personal Choice —
    Darren Bailey for Gov
    Mary Miller for Congress

  2. JEFFREY L SMITH on June 23, 2022 at 5:26 pm

    Peggy hubbard for us senate, was not aware of this . Disappointing salvi. But I am glad to support peggy
    Why is Jennie Ives supporting kathy? Judge clarence thomas rocks

  3. Repairman on June 27, 2022 at 11:43 am

    As Al Salvi is a politico himself, there’s no telling what influence he would have in his wife’s campaign and position in office. Personally, I don’t find the Salvis’ philosophical conservatism to be nearly as strong as their political ambitions. This is a tough race on the GOP side. It’s hard to separate the patriots from the politicians; however, I favor Dubiel or Piton. Of those two, only Piton has condemned the 2020 election fraud conducted by the Democrats. And yes, there IS plenty of video, cell phone, and surveillance evidence. The case is just being censored from prosecution. We must first acknowledge the fraud before we can prosecute those responsible and eliminate any future fraud.

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