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UPDATE: Intermediate Personal Protection Handgun Oct 3/4… Urban Rifle cancelled.

August 26, 2020

The recent unrest, looting and riots got you a little worried?  Want to learn more about the justifiable use of deadly force in case you have to defend your home or business from “peaceful protesters” on the rampage?

Have your carry license, but you want to better learn situational awareness, de-escalation techniques, low-light shooting, tactical treatment of gunshot wounds, and a whole lot more?  As in Intermediate Personal Protection with a handgun?  We have a course for you.

Having options beats relying on luck to avoid violent criminals.  Or following Joe Biden’s advice and winding up in jail.

And we have seen how criminals aren’t practicing social distancing or staying at home during this COVID-19 pandemic of sorts.

And that was before the rioting and looting.

A gun in your pocket beats a safe full of guns at home when the bad guy picks you as their next victim.

Training to Live and Win

We’re back!  After a six-year hiatus, GSL Defense Training’s Intermediate Personal Protection: Training to Live and Win course returns with fresh, new material.

This is an intermediate-level defensive handgun class is geared towards the concealed carry license holder or anyone serious about prudently approaching the use of deadly force in self-defense.

Additionally, many of the topics and skills will carry over for the serious competitive shooter as well.

“Training to Live and Win” builds upon the fundamental defensive skill sets.

We teach you how to recognize and avoid potential confrontations.  Then we’ll teach you how to de-escalate a situation, safely and effectively without the use of force.

If things go poorly at avoidance and de-escalation, we’ll teach you how to better *fight* with your personal defense handgun.  Instruction will include proper draw and presentation of your sidearm, minimizing and eliminating wasted movement, and optimizing speed of draw.

Students will also learn smoother and faster reloading, engaging close-range threats,  malfunction clearing, shooting around barricades/cover, proper turns and movement and shooting while moving.

From there, students will learn decision making in high-stress situations and how to articulate dangerous circumstances in explaining their reactions to potentially crippling or lethal threats in post-shooting interrogations.   This training will include “shoot – don’t shoot” scenarios on a shooting simulator, including critique.

We will shoot in low-light environments, giving students a chance to experience night-time shooting.  Instead of doing it indoors in a tight indoor range, we’ll do it outdoors in the real world.

Training to Live and Win also features a tactical treatment of gunshot wounds until professional EMTs arrive, including practical exercises treating mock wounds.

Other topics will including mindset considerations and weapon-retention strategies.

The “graduation” exercise is to handle a complex active shooter incident with reactive targets that just like real-life bad guys don’t always go down on the first hit.  The exercise will require teamwork, good tactics, rapid decision-making and life-saving skills in a complex, confusing and chaotic environment with pyrotechnics and other excitement.

This class isn’t high-speed, low-drag Special Ops training, but it will provide you a very solid foundation to improve your weapon-handling abilities and how to respond to potentially lethal threats.  As an added bonus, if you’re a competitive shooter, you’ll be a better after this class with some of the time-saving and accuracy building techniques we’ll share.

Registration includes course materials, drinks, range fees, safety equipment (as needed) and more.

Minimum age:  16 years.

Course date and location:

October 3 & 4, 2020
DeWitt County Sportsman’s Club
Near Clinton, IL

Saturday 9a – 9:30pm.  Dinner provided.
Sunday 9a – 4pm

Students will need 500 rounds of ammunition (caliber restriction:  mimimum .380, maximum .45).  No micro-pocket pistols or rimfires (e.g. Kel-Tec P3AT is a no-go, Glock 26 is perfectly acceptable). Please no magnum ammo.  You’ll also need eye and ear protection, belt holster, at least two spare magazines / speedloaders and belt carrier(s), tactical flashlight (with spare batteries) and brimmed hat (keeps hot brass from behind your glasses).

Tuition:  $250  (Buy one, get one half-price  2 for $375:  So bring your significant other…)