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If you want to learn more about the proven benefits of firearms ownership, and how you can avoid becoming a victim of violent crime, we invite you to attend our Chicagoland Guns Save Life meeting this Sunday, June 28th.

Oak Lawn VFW
Johnson – Phelps
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5220
9514 S 52nd Ave
Oak Lawn, IL 60453

Dinner and conversation begin around 4pm.
Meeting business at 5:30pm.

Our main speaker will be Gretchen Fritz.  Gretchen is a firearms instructor, She’ll be speaking about firearm safety and more importantly, avoiding lethal force confrontations.   She will be delighted to take questions.

Tech time will be presented by Rocco Wlodorek, one of the finest civilian firearms instructors and instructor trainers in Illinois.  We’re sure he’ll bring some appropriate hardware to check out – along with some very sage advice and recommendations to include not only guns and gear, but mindset as well.

We’ll be giving away a social shotgun – perfect for repelling goblins.

10 thoughts on “GUNS ARE WELCOME: GSL Chicago grassroots gun rights meeting this Sunday! All are welcome!”
    1. Absolutely! Kids, wives and Moms attend other locations all the time. My children are regulars and so is their mother. Bring ’em.

  1. You do not have to be a member to attend meetings. Meetings are free, there is a charge for dinner if you would like to eat there. Food was pretty good last time!

  2. We endeavor to make the meetings family friendly. Everyone is welcome. It truly is an open tent for those who believe in the civil right of self-defense. We actively avoid other social or religious topics. We have die-hard Democrats and all manner of people that bigots would never believe would come to attend a gun rights meeting with other gun owners.

    If I didn’t make it clear enough already, we’re not a bunch of overall-wearing, tobacco chewing, inbred hillbillies that couldn’t come up with a full set of teeth among us all if we had to as some anti-gun types might have you believe.

    You’ll find intelligent, passionate, and honorable people at our meetings from a wide cross section of society. You’ll meet business owners, professionals, public safety professionals, lawyers, judges, laborers, retirees and young people.

    Come regularly and you’ll make new friends. Friends that are high-quality people. How good of friends? The kind of friends who will help you move.

    We bring in good speakers to share their knowledge, experiences and/or enthusiasm with the audience.

    It’s a fun, upbeat and wonderful time of food, firearms and fellowship.

    Come ready to smile, learn, and have a good time celebrating freedom.


  3. Dang, can’t make this meeting. Was hoping to attend. Would love to see an event like this somewhere on the Northwest side!

    1. The last meeting was great! Good food, great company, and the ability to network with like minded individuals in the area. Given the fact that my training partner Rocco Wlodarek of Black Flag will be speaking, it will be an interesting night indeed!

      It was great to see some friendly faces, and become friends with more. GSL is taking over, and I’m proud to support such a great down to earth, LITERALLY grassroots group fighting for our rights!

      If you’re on the fence, come. You won’t regret it! Plus, you’ll get to meet celeb Rd ivies like Rockdiver and myself! BE STRONG AND CARRY ON!

    2. We are working on getting other locations in place. If you are interested in helping, contact John Boch or Bear St Pierre and they can hook you up with the information!

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