A photo from the Type A Training Group website of one of their training classes.  The website has since been abandoned.


Nick Rabenau, the head of Type A Training Group from the Galesburg area, was arrested Monday on a host of charges, including a dozen counts of forgery, for signing off on Illinois concealed carry training certificates when he was not properly certified as an instructor.

State: Instructor not concealed carry certified

GALESBURG (Register-Mail) — A Galesburg man appeared Tuesday in Knox County Circuit Court on multiple forgery and theft charges for illegally instructing concealed carry firearm classes.

Nicholas J. Rabenau, 36, was arrested Monday on 12 felony counts of forgery — six of which placed him as the perpetrator and six alleging either Rabenau or someone he was legally responsible for committed the act — and three misdemeanor counts of theft. A grand jury indictment was filed in November of last year.

According to court documents, Rabenau knowingly made Illinois State Police Concealed Carry Firearm Training Certificates for at least three people despite the fact he was not certified as a concealed carry instructor.

In addition, he collected $250 payments from a number of people who believed Rabenau to be a certified instructor in exchange for what they believed to be valid certificates.

…Rabenau remains in the Knox County jail on $100,000 bond.


Rabenau first made it onto our radar when last fall, he was interviewed by a local newspaper and had some rather disparaging things to say about NRA instructors.


As Jan. 5 nears, a few steps remain to conceal and carry

(McDonough Voice) – Applications for concealed carry can be submitted to the Illinois State Police on Jan. 5, but local residents can start preparing themselves to apply today.

…“We’ve ran just over 200 people through in the past three weeks,” said Nick Rabenau, director of Type-A Training Group, which has begun instruction in the region. “The type of people that are coming through are people that want concealed carry … they’ve experienced it before and they want it here.”

Rabenau stresses that the qualifications necessary to receive instructor approval aren’t strict enough and suggests people research their instructors.

“Be careful on who you pick as a training provider,” Rabenau said. “They opened it up to NRA instructors, which could be you, a school teacher, or a farmer … at the end of a two day course you’re an instructor.”

Illinois state certified instructor Michael Maddalozzo said that, because the program is new, that people are coming out of the woodwork, handing out fake certificates and overcharging. He, too, stresses only using certified instructors off of the ISP website and to be wary of scams.


Oh, the sweet irony that Rabenau – Mr. High Speed / Low Drag – was arrested on allegations of making fake certificates and scamming students a year later.


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  1. A true genius !!!, how could anyone think that the ISP doesn’t check to make sure the instructor is the real deal when processing an application ? what a friggin’ bone head. this is right up there with the wizards who alter a losing multi million dollar power ball ticket and try to cash it in. this dummy is going to prison.

  2. Yeah, farmers and teachers can’t be good instructors. Right-o.

    I need to go to a former Green Beret to get my “Operator” training so I can “operate” “operationally” only to have the ISP tell me it’s no good?

    Professor David Bordua once taught my young skull full of mush about just desserts.

    Rabenau’s about to get his.

  3. Hahahahahahaha. Same D-bag that came on here and personally replied to every critical post about his ninja warrior tacti-cool training outfit. Had a whole bunch of trash to talk here. Accused me of being on John’s payroll because “I choose farmers” for training. Legend in his own mine, that one.

    Wonder how that’s going to go over with the guys over in Gen-pop.

  4. I have met him before. Real smooth talker. Real smooth. He will charm anyone. Rumor has it he drove a girlfriend to suicide a few years ago. She [killed herself using] one of his ar15s. This was after she was expressing suicidal ideations.

    Not exactly storing his guns so they are inaccessible to unauthoized people.

    Nicky has been arrested a bunch of times for domestic battery as well. There has been a

    [Edited by jboch. The family is right. That was in very poor taste.]

    1. Why would you bring an ex’s suicide into this? These charges have nothing to do with a woman killing herself, it’s really annoying that you would throw one situation into another when A)you don’t know what happened with the suicide and B) He’s obviously going to get his so there is absolutely no need to go all personal and crap on here.

    2. As a family member of the girlfriend who …, I think you could use a different choice of words for ending her precious life!

      [Edited by jboch: It’s been deleted from his post and I wanted to delete mention of it altogether. It was in very poor taste, agreed.]

  5. Every once in a while things do work out the way they should. I’m sure he’ll be writing from prison to tell us how he was the better instructor and we’re worse off for not taking his “training”.

  6. Couldn’t of happened to a nicer guy! He should of been behind bars years ago for the things he’s done and the people he has hurt. I know one girl smiling down on this deal.

  7. Karma where my last words to this man 2 years ago after my domestic battery with him on my children and I.
    I have stayed in background to keep my precious angels and I safe for two years knowing God is Good and karma always comes back.
    Max, I only pray for the max 25+ years time. Shannon, her family, myself and family and all the other battered women will be safe now! Amen!!!

  8. I am acquainted with Nick and his family and have to say that there are some facts which should be kept in mind. He is a veteran of numerous tours in the Middle East both in our armed forces as well as a private contractor. He has experienced some very troubling incidents and like many veterans exhibits difficulty as a consequence. This does not condone or justify the issues which he currently has but I would encourage everyone to be careful and hesitant in personally vilifying him. For all of us instructors this is a useful object lesson. There is no justification in circumventing the state CCW regulations.

    1. SED-
      Are you sure Nick is a combat veteran???
      I thought he only went to Columbia, got scared, about went AWOL, had the opportunity to report back to duty, got out of the Army ASAP, couldn’t find a job, and then went into CIVILIAN private contracting. Hmmm, I could be mistaken, but I wouldn’t believe anything that pathological liar spouted from his mouth. I also don’t understand how he could even obtain Government contracting work, considering his multiple domestic battery charges???
      “Daily Review Atlas
      Posted Jan. 19, 2012 @ 12:01 am
      Nicholas J. Rabenau, 33, Monmouth — Jan. 18 at 4:33 p.m. — Warren County warrant: body attachment” http://www.reviewatlas.com/article/20120119/News/301199951

      I don’t think these people on here are trying to “personally vilify” him, I think they are probably ecstatic to think that he may finally pay for something illegal he has done. I’m sure they all want Justice for what pain he has caused them and if it is done publicly, so be it!

    2. I do know he went to Afghanistan once. (For a fact) but everything else is a pure lie! Everyone that has come in contact with this man only wants some sort of justice. I will be sitting in the back of that court room with a huge smile on my face. Too bad he has 2 very beautiful children he is leaving behind! Thank God they have their mother!

    3. Was I with him overseas? No but I was the one taking care of his child at the time he was gone. I watched him get on the plane with the rest of the group so yes I do know. As for everything else he deserves everything he gets. I believe there is much more that he deserves but that isn’t up to you or me.

    4. He was. It in the army when he went to Afghanistan. He was contracted through a company called blackhawk. They paid him to fight. And he was amazing at it. Did many contracts.army for 4 years. Special forces 5 years. Then triple canopy for a few years.innocent until proven guilty

    5. SED, I agree with you one thousand percent. Veterans still deserve some sort of respect. No he didn’t do the right thing in the past but hey, justice is now coming into play. And how dare any of you bring Shannon into this when none of you knew her. And victim? Your wrist was grabbed or at least that’s what you’re claiming??? You probably should’ve left instead of getting engaged to him. Anyway, I said my peace, if personally don’t know Nick, you shouldn’t judge. Plus Who are you people to judge anyway? Before you start judging make sure your closets aren’t hiding skeletons!
      SED-I respect you for at least coming on here and being the voice of reason. Maybe just maybe a few of these knuckleheads will listen. Have a nice day sir.

    6. I did know shannon! He’s a piece of shit lets get that straight right off the get go! He might not of pulled the trigger but he sure as hell drove her to it. His track record with women speaks for itself…like i said earlier he should of been in jail along time ago for his actions… he’ll get his in prison…he’ll be somebodys bitch.

    7. KK-

      I don’t think people are judging, Nick. I think they have probably all had contact with him in one way or another, that is why it seems so personal–their lives WERE personally affected, that is probably why they are posting on here.

      It’s called the “Court of Public Opinion.”

      And just because you wear/wore the uniform, doesn’t make you a hero!!!
      So, if “veteran’s deserve some sort of respect,” What about, Nidal Hasan, does he deserve our respect??? He IS a veteran, after all.

      We all have our own opionions, who is to say who is right and who is wrong–we all live our own truth.

    8. MB, you really need to find god because all you sound like to me is a whiny lil biatch that is sticking their nose in somewhere they don’t belong. And I’m sure you are already someone’s bitch.

  9. i think that we should probably leave Shannon out of this. She was a wonderful woman and doesn’t need brought into this. What is funny is dear Nicky poo was kicked out of the special forces for going awall! (Spelling) there are things about this man that needs brought out to the public eye!! I hope he gets what he deserves!!!

  10. At least he warned everyone to check with ISP before hiring an instructor. May be a crook but he was playing Kosher.

  11. Let’s not forget that Nick has children that may read this post. They are already suffering enough having their father in jail. How about stop the unnecessary bashing and let the courts handle it. We can all sit here and judge but the truth is none of us know what goes on behind closed doors, and their are always 2 sides to every story. So how does what he has been arrested for have anything to do with any of his past relationships? Nick definitely made a lot of wrong choices in his businesses but one thing I know is that he loves his children and family! They should not have to sit here and read the bashing of their loved one. Please have some respect!!!!!!!

    1. You know, my daddy never got arrested.

      I’ve never gotten arrested.

      My kids never got arrested.

      People don’t usually get arrested if they behave themselves.

      And while I don’t know this Nick guy personally, he surely seems to be getting himself arrested a lot if he’s a truly innocent man.


    2. I’m not saying that he didn’t do anything wrong. If he did what he was arrested for then he does deserve to do his time. All I’m saying it that if he was guilty of all the domestic abuse then he would have been charged for that! Let’s not forget what he is in trouble for. No where are there ANY charged for domestic abuse. So why are these people posting all the bs on here about it. I have know Nick for 15+ years, during his miltary career and after. Yes, maybe he hasn’t made the best decisions in relationships but who hasn’t? Blaming him for a suicide is fair. The thing about suicide is that they take “their own life” no one but them is responsible for that! I am very sorry for the families loss no one should ever have to deal with the pain of losing a child but where were they when this was all going on. If nick was such a bad guy why weren’t they getting her away from him. Seems maybe they are just as responsible as he was! If it wasy child I would he doing everything to get her out of the situation before she did something so selfish.

  12. I agree….3 sides to every story….his side her side and the truth…here’s his side….he sent this to me weeks ago…in his words…(copy & paste word doc)
    I am a former US Army Special Forces Green Beret, combat veteran, and a current government security contractor working in high threat countries. I have worked for 7 contracting companies and participated in 31 contracts from 2004 thru 2014. I have over 15 years experience in conducting military special operations missions and government contracting with both Department of Defense and Department of State.
    I had a former girlfriend by the name of Shannon Jansen. We lived in Monmouth, Illinois and we were together for approximately two years. She was suicidal and was taking a lot of medication for bipolar issues and anger. She attended weekly psychiatric counseling sessions and she has had these issues since she was a teenager. Shannon was previously married two times and she had a pattern of suicide attempts during both of her prior marriages. Shannon committed suicide on July 24, 2011 due to a self inflicted gun shot wound (stated on her Illinois death certificate). Once Shannon Jansen passed away, her mother and step father, Bill and Donna Baker immediately started slandering my name and my company name, stating that I was involved in the death of their daughter. They mailed out over 1500 packets filled with lies and bogus allegations to surrounding residents and businesses within 5 counties of my home. They contacted every contracting company along with the Department of Defense where my government security clearance originated.
    Bill and Donna Baker continued to slander me by befriending Elise Tanner from the Knox County States Attorney’s Office in Galesburg, Illinois. Elise Tanner and John Pepmeyer, Knox County States Attorney, have filed three sets of charges against me within the last 3 years. The first charge was a misdemeanor domestic battery with Amy Mattix of Galesburg, Illinois. Amy and I were in a relationship and were together for a year before we split up on October 31, 2012. Amy waited 62 days to file a charge of domestic battery for allegedly grabbing her wrist. Diring this 62 day winfow, i received over 762 text messages and 41 calls from Amy Mattix. She also was pursued an order of protection. Elise Tanner did not conduct an investigation of the case and I was never questioned by the police. Elise Tanner conducted prosecutory misconduct. Once the court hearings started, Amy did not show up to the order of protection hearing so it was vacated. The assistant States Attorney, Elise Tanner, offered me a plea to the domestic battery with stipulations that were the exact same as if I plead guilty with the maximum jail time and fines, along with numerous other stipulations. Since we did not accept the plea and we demanded a jury trial, she then added 3 more charges including a felony which, were criminal damage to property (cell phone) misdemeanor, criminal damage to property (cell phone) felony, and impeding a 911 call.
    When we attended the jury trial, I had two police officers as witnesses. Amy lied two times to the jury and the case concluded with a not guilty verdict on all charges after the jury met in the jury room for 14 minutes. The case was expunged from local and state police records.
    On February 24, 2014, I was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery in Warren County. My girlfriend after Amy, Heather Tracy, alleged that I grabbed her wrist after she chased me while I left the house on February 20, 2014. The assistant States Attorney of Knox County requested that she take over the case from Warren County States Attorney, Chip Algren. Chip Algren agreed and he removed himself from the case. Elise Tanner attended one of the hearings within the case and requested that Amy Mattix, from the first court case that was expunged, be able to testify on a motion of limene in the second court case. She stated that it shows a pattern of domestic violence and the judge granted her request. On Dec. 7, 2014, I will be attending a jury trial where Amy Mattix will be testifying in reference to a court case that I was found not guilty on and this will be in front of the jury that will hear Heather provide her statement also. I will essentially be tried for two cases in one. Come to find out, Amy Mattix and Elise Tanner are good friends.
    The step father and mother, Bill and Donna Baker, of the deceased Shannon Jansen, have been quietly working with the States Attorney, Elise Tanner and the two alleged victims. A lot of evidence is being collected that contain phone records, emails, and facebook messages between Elise Tanner, the two alleged victims, and Bill and Donna Baker from the time the alleged incidents took place to current. The two victims were allegedly paid thousands of dollars, from Bill and Donna Baker, to press charges against me and file an order of protection. We have received information from another female that has stated that she has been contacted by Bill and Donna Baker and they offered her money to have me arrested for domestic battery and an order of protection. The physical evidence for this is still being collected and we expect more women to come forward with this same type of information.
    Bill and Donna Baker have sent out numerous letters to people within the community stating that they are trying to do everything that they can to shut down my company and put me in prison. Since I own a firearms training company, they know that if I am convicted of one of these charges, I will no longer be able to operate my company. They feel that I am to blame for their daughter’s suicide. They lived 6 miles from Shannon and I and they didn’t visit one time or offer us to come to their house. They wanted nothing to do with Shannon and this really affected her. Shannon would call and text her mother for weeks without hearing anything from her. This was the main topic of discussion between Shannon and her counselor. Once Shannon passed, they decided to be facebook heroes and pretend they cared all along.
    I own a security firm called Strategic Security Services, Inc. and a firearms and tactics training company called Type A Training Group that I have had to shut down due to the slander and reduction in business from this family and the alleged charges.
    On October 31, 2014, I found out that I have an outstanding warrant from Elise Tanner of the Knox County States Attorney’s Office, for an alleged charge of Forgery which is a class 3 felony. Again, there was no investigation conducted and I was not questioned before the States Attorney’s office issued a warrant for my arrest. My company does not have a store front nor did I reside in Knox County when this alleged incident occurred. Elsie Tanner took it upon herself and had the case transferred from Warren County to Knox County I am currently working as a government contractor in high threat countries. Since this recent alleged charge is a felony, it is an all state warrant and I will be flagged when I pass through an airport of a country trying to get back to Illinois. I will be locked down and detained in a foreign country.
    I feel that I am being targeted due to the suicide of Shannon Jansen and also due to me being a military combat veteran. While in the court room for the first case, Elise Tanner kept pointing out that I am a military veteran and I have been in combat. She also stated that I have the experience to be violent and my military career supports this. She was very condescending while she questioned me in front of the jury.
    I feel I am a victim of female-initiated domestic abuse. To date more than 830,000 men fall victim to domestic violence every year, most are verbal and emotional threats and intimidation.
    In most cases of female-initiated domestic abuse it appears that all a female has to do is cry wolf and the man is automatically arrested, injunction’s are automatically set in place and even if he is able to prove his innocence in the courtroom, he has lost months of his life, not to mention the attorney costs involved. Public defenders assume they are guilty and therefore do only the bare necessities to be their legal voice. I believe I am the victim here. Because of these allegations I have been forced to close two businesses, resulting in loss of income. I believe the Baker’s as well as the other women involved have misused the law in a vindictive and cunning way. If something is not done to prevent these people who would lie about being a victim of domestic violence from continuing to do so, our prisons will be overrun with innocent men and our streets will be controlled by the women who sent them there. I am stereotyped as a person who committed domestic violence because of my size, gender, strength and my military background. It is insulting to the US Military to make the assumption that because I have military background that I am stereo-typed as one to commit domestic violence.
    I ask that law enforcement officers, public attorneys, and judges be forced to recognize that the accused is innocent until proven guilty.

    1. Seriously you don’t buy that crap, conspiracy really, the charges are about Nick falsifying his creditials. Those women didn’t make that up. Apparently there was enough to arrest him.

    2. His (credentials) we’re approved threw ISP….and so are his instructors…they are still approved as of today…ISP does thorough background checks on everybody…I’m sure they’ve seen his (Alleged) charges…which was thrown out and they still approved him…which means???? they saw no need to suspend, null, or void his licenses, his FOID card, or his CCL….(he still has all of those)..with how many FBI background checks???….just saying…:)

    3. True…I told him that…if you line it all up (his letter)…it does look like a pattern…it looks like he beat up every chick he was with…but the man has zero charges…and zero domestics and zero felonies on his record…ytd…..I’m just saying…3 sides…we should all just wait and see before bashing him….:)I do agree with you tho..:)something don’t add up….

    4. Just curious, was his specialty in the teams psyops?

      Cause if he wrote that above, he sounds like a bullshit artist.


  13. Nick is not a CCL Instructor….never has been….he’s just the guy in the background who has a place for the classroom and the outdoor range…he uses 2 retired cops for (INSTRUCTORS)..They are both on the (approved) instructors list on ISP (bottom line)..I’m looking at my certificate….Nick’s name is no where to be found…cuz he’s not an (INSTRUCTOR)…these people found 3 people to say “he signed mines”…really??? really???…out of 1,000 something people….only 3…stop it…stop it…..let the courts sort it out….it’s none of your business or place to say anything..and you (D) for sure wouldn’t say it in his face (the bashing)….period…..

    1. So which is it? In one post you say his creds were approved by ISP and in this one you say he never was.

      I just checked the roster, capt’n, and he ain’t on it.

    1. I had to…cuz people will bash you to death…guilty till proven innocent…and we wonder why people from overseas laugh at us and they hate us…I’m a Marine Corps Vet..(0300)..I’ve been overseas twice…I’ve talked to Nick and we’ve shared pics from overseas…(for the person who questioned his Vet’ness)….people are so touch on the Internet….GRAB A GUN LIKE WE DID AND GO DEFEND YOUR COUNTRY….(touch guys)…period…..

    2. *(Tough Guys)* typing fast cuz I’m mad…just think about it…all they want is for him to (CATCH) a felony…any gun guy/woman knows we can’t have (Domestics) or (Felonies)…common sense…people act like Nick doesn’t know that…news flash he does…and so do these women…and due to his size and training…that’s the only way they can hurt him…hit him where it hurts…because they’re hurt (death of daughter)…it’s a lose lose situation…I feel bad for him cuz their not going to stop till they finally find him guilty and take everything away from him…their mad, upset, and hurt….I understand their pain…(I’d probably still be mad at him to)…but 2 wrongs don’t make a right…..

    3. You know nothing about their loss. Yes he had some responsibility when he knew she had issues and yesterday he egged her on and provided the weapon. They went after him to bring her justice and peace. They also tried to protect all the other women he was involved with before they shared the same fate. Shannon was not even in her resting place before he was moving in on the next victim. And it’s far more than 2 wrongs

    1. This reply is for (fed up)…I thought suicide was the number 1 most selfish sin…if a person was going to kill themselves….their going to do it with anything they can get their hands on..(you can’t stop’em nobody can)…I don’t condone none of it…just for the record….this entire story is really (F)’d up…..:(

  14. This man has spent his life manipulating other people for his gain. He gets off destroying other people’s lives. Everything that was in that packet was truth and sworn testimony. You really believe that all these people are “out to get him” you are as delusional as he is. He needed to be stopped he is a pathological lier. Nothing he says is truthful. He is a disgrace to the military and to all the honest veterans. Every business he has opened every overseas job he has never paid taxes he does not live in our world. any person who reads his statement is an idiot if they buy his conspiracy. It’s time he pays for all the harm he has done to others.

  15. Request his military records under the Freedom of Information Act. Just fill out a SF-180 and drop it in the mail. Google Request for DD-214 or SF-180.

    1. He is for sure, also worked on contracts overseas with him. He may have made a few fuckups, but before you cast stones make sure your closet is as clean as how you actually portray yourself , because I guarantee it’s not. For all you individuals that question his service,by the way you talk, you haven’t served and especially been in austere environments. You don’t”Almost go AWOL..and people of our nature don’t get scared…that’s why there is a two year training process before you even get on a team, and ” he got scared and left”. You don’t just leave a deployment and “get out ASAP”….I’m not knocking your judgement, because we are afforded that by means of the constitution which is upheld by the military, but don’t be a douchenozzle and through stupid remarks about shit you have no personal experience with..and the ones that have served that aren’t pogs…really???

  16. I grew up in Galesburg from the age of 5 till I was a freshman in high school, it doesnt surprise me one bit some hack tried to pass himself off as a certified instructor! What a fu–I.g waste of space to the firearms community! Semper Fidelis!


    He IS for sure a “Decorated Combat Veteran???” Just because he told you that doesn’t make it true. Working on overseas contracts is civilian work that is very courageous and you get compensated EXTREMELY well due to the dangerous nature of that job that you chose to do. So, thank you and congratulations!!!!

    Now let me clarify for you, this is true, but you will believe what you want to believe.
    Nick did not return to base when he was supposed to after a leave/vacation when he was in the Army, he was then contacted by the Army and if he did not return by a new specific date then he would of in fact been considered AWOL. As a consequence to his actions, he was demoted from the Green Berets. So, in my book, this is what I would call, “almost going AWOL.” If that is not correct terminology, I apologize, Mr. Dontbeafuckstick. What do you call it??? And remember at that time he was pretty young, and don’t act like men in the military don’t/can’t get scared when they are walking around treacherous countries where people do not like you and they are carrying guns like a fashion accessory. I don’t care how much training you’ve had! And he did get out of the Army at the first chance he could after he went back after that incident, isn’t that what you would call, ASAP???

    This is not what I would consider “throwing stones,” this is bringing into light that this man is not who he portrays himself to be. He is a con-artist. Don’t feel bad, he has fooled a lot of people!!!

    And by the way, Dontbeafuckstick, I am sure YOU are a stand up: American, man, and contractor. But not all are. And I would “check my closet,” but I’m not the one going to be on trial. When that day comes, I assure you, I WILL check my closet!!!

  18. He’s total trash I had a run in with him a few years back . he deliberately had me set up to be escorted from a rock venue just so he could schmooze up to my gal. Of Course I didn’t want to leave without a valid reason . Nick held a gun to my head . he’s not a nice person . guaranteed.

  19. I grew up with Nick, and you should never judge someone until you know his true story. For of us that know, we know what he went through! Innocent until proven guilty!

  20. Haha Oy vey.
    I met him when he was in canada in the summer. Made all these promises to me about coming back up here to visit, all of which fell through thank god!
    He sent me numerous emails about the domestic abuse stuff… guess I wasn’t the only one to get that email that was posted up top. He even sent me an audio of an ex of his acting all crazy. And to think I thought he was a decent guy…. oops!

    1. I dated Nick…let’s just say we did not fdate for very long before I realized what a liar he was. He dated several other women while dating to me and lied ababout it. I had my suspicions, so I broke it off. Then I ran into one of his exes and she told me how long they had been dating for and that he was seeing someone else during that time. Sure enoufh, the dates added up. He is a liar, manipulative and an all around bad person. I laughed when I saw that he had been arrested. What foes around comes around. I juat feel bad for his kids. Watxhing their dad parade several women into their lives, when they were only objects for him to have his fun with.

    2. you heard the saying “if their lips are moving their lieing” in his case if he’s breathing he’s lieing, he even lies under oath and don’t think twice about it.

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