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Mayor Rahm reacts to GunNews cover, pleads for ‘snitches’

August 28, 2012

The Godfather Emanuel got his hands on the latest issue of GunNews and look what happened:


After bloody weekend, Chicago mayor pleads for help: ‘You’re not a snitch’

By Lisa Balde, NBCChicago.com

After another violent weekend in his city, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a message for anyone involved in the shootings that left nine people killed and 37 injured: Stop the culture of silence.

“I’d like to remind everybody that it also requires a community to step up,” Emanuel said Monday at an unrelated press conference. “You’re not a snitch, you have a role in community policing.”

The “s” word is a particularly powerful one in Chicago.

Last year a Chicago mother was arrested after she allegedly drove her son and an accomplice to shoot a person they believed was a snitch. The year before, a dying 17-year-old took the name of his killer to the grave.

“I know,” Robert Tate reportedly said when asked if he knew who shot him in the chest, “but I ain’t telling you.”